Had some interesting replies last time

Had some interesting replies last time.

Did anyone here play a sport in HS or college? I know this site is for basement dwellers, but I'm just wondering.

>What sport did you play and was it fun?

>Was the training difficult?

>How much rivalry was there between teams/athletes?

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i boxed at a gym in hollywood but nothing for school

how could you afford to live in hollywood

I did water polo, swimming, and fencing in high school. But water polo the most.

I'd be out of shape by the end of summer when training began, so the first week of training was hell week. about 3 1/2 hours of just cardio. Not just normal swimming, but you train by doing other shit like carrying a chair above water swimming out of the water across the pool and back. Or doing dives in full pants and long sleeve shirts and then swimming to the surface over and over. Or resistance training with a tether strapped to waist trying to swim to the other side.

The team atmosphere was excellent. Since nobody else in the school gave a shit about it or even recognized its existence, we were our own supporters. We had "rivals" but were still friendly with most other teams as well.

I played goalie most of the time. Tough as fuck. A lot of fun. Shit's a hardcore sport. I had considered playing football, but after one practice I said fuck it, water polo was peak challenge.

water polo is brutal, very underrated sport
i dont like how prone to injuries it is tho with all the shit that goes on underwater

Never saw anyone get injured. I think that's one thing it had going for it vs. football. Can't move that fast in water so there's no collisions or head trauma (except as goalie getting pegged in the head by the ball every game).

Players will get dirty underwater (grab each other, maybe some knees to the groin), and everyone wears two swimsuits as standard though suits don't really get ripped off, the material is different from regular speedos. But if you get caught doing that shit, you get sent out and it's kind of like hockey, matches are usually low scoring and being a man down can really fuck the team. Some players, particularly in the center, will fake being drowned by the other team kind of like the bullshit they pull in soccer, or sometimes people really pull each other down. It''s hard for the ref to see. You can grab someone with your legs, wrap around them, and pull them under water. Then they are completely useless to the team while that's going on.

I heard the navy seals heavily recruite water polo players.

I played D-1 College Baseball

this was 13 years ago

Track ( mile and 2 mile) football also ran a marathon.

fucking chad, were you a star on campus?

>grab each other, maybe some knees to the groin
you ever had that shit or drowning done to you?

Lol Not at all.

I was a white kid who played on a SWAC team.
We were terrible. That's the only reason I made it as a walk-on.

I will tell you that being an athlete on campus makes college 10x easier.

I have credits for classes I don't remember ever attending and I never paid for a meal in the cafeteria.

Coincidentally I was in the Navy too. But never even considered being a SEAL. I'm not that hardcore.

Ironically being in the Navy can suck for being a swimmer. Stuck on a ship most of the year your only exercise options are a small gym, maybe run in a circle topside. Though Navy bases usually have pools. Also I did swim across Pensacola Bay in their annual race. The one cool swimming/Navy thing I ever did.

Not as goalie. Most of my suffering was stopping balls thrown at full speed by any body part available. I used to yell and curse every time, so often it would freak out the opposing team.

The fun part as goalie is, especially because my coaches encouraged it, was swimming out to a player and just pouncing on them. If there was ever a 1 on 1 situation and I was close I would just swim up to them and grab them and push them underwater until they gave up the ball. Got kicked out once for it, and my team cheered .

Is it as hard going from say, being able to run 20 miles to 26 miles, as it is going from being able to run 1 mile to 5 miles? I mean is the level of difficulty generally the same as you work your way up, or do you reach some kind of physical level where 26 miles isn't wildly different from 10 miles?

I ask because fuck me I've never been able to run more than 4-5 miles after spending weeks working my way up, and that had me dying.

Football in the fall and soccer in the spring competed in powerlifting in college

26 miles is always different than 10 miles. Hell a half and a full are very different.

what position in soccer and football? also which of the two was harder?

Sure it's more difficult, but what I'm asking is, is the level of difficulty consistent. Like if it's a bitch and a half to get to 5 miles, that's 3 bitches to 10, 6 to 20, 7.86 bitches per marathon?

Run 5km and 10km races fast before you waste time moving up. You'll save yourself a ton of slogging.

Marathons are pointless unless you're already fast. Do you want to be one of those idiots killing themselves out there for 4 or 5 hours? Fuck that. Get fast, then go long.

Tight end, d end in football
Midfield in soccer
Soccer was hard cause conditioning was brutal but it was a lot more fun

girls love soccer guys for some reason, hope you took advantage of that lol

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The marathon was horrible the last 6 miles are horrible. I am never do it again.

I was coming off of my track season that fall I ran the marathon. Ran 6 miles took a break ran another 6 miles took a break then ran another 6 miles total 18 miles 2 or 3 weeks once a week till the marathon.

Lacrosse for a minor school. It was fun for the most part. We got a new coach that is a total cock IMO, but I only played for him for a year.
Training was fucking brutal, but fun as a team. We all pushed each other to be better.
It depends on the team. We had a few teams that we were hard rivals against and the games were a lot of fun. A lot of shit talking in a league that was basically more organized than a beer league. I never understood it really. I just wanted to have fun playing a sport I loved.

When it cums to sucking cock I am ultra marathoner

Football. Yeah, pretty fun.
Swearing, middle fingers and sometimes punches happened.

Took me exactly 4 hours to do mine I just glad I did not stop.

what position?
>sometimes punches happened.
that's messed up

Left-wing defense.
Nah, a scrap after a match is always fun.

cross country, wrestling, and track.
Track was ass because everyone only cares for themselves.
XC was fun but we trained really hard.
Wrestling was amazing.

did the scraps usually happen against the same team?

Not really, sometimes you'd whack a cunt on the head and two weeks later have a coke after a match like nothing happened.

what weight were you in wrestling? amazing you managed to dedicate to two other sports while doing it, you must be a beast

By the time I got out of high school I’d probably had sex with 30-40 girls but it wasn’t cause of sports. I went to a catholic school and we all just drank a lot

Played volleyball in high school. Was pretty good, made all county team.

Unfortunately mens indoor volleyball is not a very wide played NCAA sport. Probably could have played at a small school but wasn't worth it to continue.

I'm naturally pretty athletic so not much training involved tbh.

nice man, volleyball is really difficult, the cardio you need is insane.

britfag here, i played cricket up to county level and almost got a place in the england youth squad before i tried to kill myself