Celeb Thread - /What to do when it comes out that you're a horrible FRAUD?/ edition. ; - ;

Celeb Thread - /What to do when it comes out that you're a horrible FRAUD?/ edition. ; - ;

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>horrible FRAUD?
We all know.

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I was genuinely happy for you and your cat :(


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Seppuku has NEVER been more enticing. (˘̩̩ ε ˘̩ƪ)

:< I've never had a pet of my own.

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so huge

Anybody got aany pics of Duffy?

shut up enon

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You ruined my day ):

you're a proud gay man

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evening ladies

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Please don't do this to me RN. :

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I-I-I know m-m-m-m-many m-m-m-m-m-men dream a-a-a-a-a-a-about having a-a w-woman like m-m-m-my Vics...

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Hi Hershey nips

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actually evening! Yaay

good day ^^
hows it going?

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Time to boil myself to death in my bathtub like a toad... I hope no one tries to stop me... 。゚(゚´ -`゚)゚。

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Another day, just made my second coffee.

Still busier than a whore on payday?

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It's going alright, hows your day going?

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who is this?

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Give me POPPY


yeah the busying picking up but its ok, I'll fail and die soon and it will all be over

thats good, doing ok haven't done as much work as I hoped but oh well

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can you read? lower right corner...

STOP, ALL OF YOU, this is my decision alone. I've made up my mind. Boiling is the only way I can cleanse myself of my sin. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE OF IT!


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I don't. I'm here, under my rock, and know nothing.

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Soon it will be over, and we be in the celeb thread in the clouds. Well you will be, I'll probably be stuck in hell where the thread is nothing but maisie and dick pics.

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I have a larger

That's how it goes sometimes.

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Picking up what?

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Hello little girl. I didn't see you there.

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milf with big ass


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Too often we don't know what we have until he's gone.

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I'm here if anyone wants to talk. :]

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*sloot sloot*

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Who's gone

I'm a huge fan of dark lipstick

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My old friend on IRC. I abused the shit out of him like I always do with my close friends and he had enough. I love him though. Too good for me. I'm not sad about it.

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that could backfire, plenty of weirdos that would think thats heaven

true, I just been doing it a lil too much lately :p

the pieces of my brain scattered across the room

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I've not seen Maisie in a long time now, don't jinx it.

How do you think she'd feel if I brought attention to her feet? Would she be shy? :]

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Sounds like you deserve it

the men were after Lil Ari's bum!

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You would get whiplash from my mood swings. You think I'm a cunt now, imagine me doing drugs, that's what he put up with. I was more fucked up than I've ever been. Poor guy. Best thing I can do for him is to stay away and I know it. He's basically a saint.

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So you're saying I can't even fail in going to hell?


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I'm sure you'll catch up, just don't work yourself too hard.

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Sry I know she's yours, I didn't mean to be intrusive. > u

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her hot wing interviews were interesting

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Lil Ari did not approve!

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there rumors about margot and will

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Tell us how you are.

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she shows off her ass

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u hav porn addiction lol

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Can I post someone for you user?

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big mommy ass

a cute

another cute!

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I like your pics, thank you. :]

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IKR???! ^ - ^"

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love her milkers

hi again :)

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Hello there :)

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Has the main office opened? @ . @

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in 20 minutes :p

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I just want a nice greek girl with big milks with a nice pudgy round face again who ACTUALLY loves her big juicy body.
So I can worship her beauty by ejaculating to her photos on the internet.

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*Fuk fuk*

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porn addicted.
go outside
go ride a bike
go down to your local swamp or something damn

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porn addicted.

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Literally starting to fill my bathtub with boiling hot water. Give me ONE good reason not dunk myself in there RN. - _ -"

The excitement is too much. :O

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haha :p will keep you updated! even though it might last 5 mins

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5 minutes is all it takes. :3

If you have more of her, I'd like to see more of her pls n thank you. O .O;

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well, guess i better get going

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^ - ^ GIT R' DONE

Too pretty for me. ; _________ ;

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Her outfit is so offensive to her body. She needs to show off her curves (and nipples)!

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God that's no lie, I wish she'd get her tits out.. or get leaked.

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I think I hate her now user. For not showing us her goodies.

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You look great darling. :]

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wouldn't quite go that far

Nice nigger dick mate!

New won't get deleted

it's already majority spam, good job idiot.

I can't control the mentally and socially challenged user.

you can by deleting the thread

the faggot will spam any new thread, just filter or ignore him

That faggot spamming is a mod isn't he?

Fine, the terrorist have won