We're sorry for committing the horrible crime of slavery on you...

We're sorry for committing the horrible crime of slavery on you. We're sorry for putting you through a hundred years of Jim Crow. We're sorry that you have to endure police brutality and institutionalized racism to this day.

On behalf of all decent white people, we're sorry. I know it's not enough reparation, but you will always be free to fuck our white women.

They are yours, now and forever.

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we ain't sorry for shit


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maybe after the election/ I must vote for socialism

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Nah I'm not sorry for shit. I didnt do any of that.

so many triggered white bois here, it's almost a Trump rally


Shut Up, Kike. When you will you apologize for the Slave Ships?

White people owned and operated the slave trade

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It's some Chinese incel that posts this to rile up the magafags.

Looks like the bait still works

Black Man Exposes Jewish Merchants Behind the Slave-ships On the Montel Williams Show

>it's russians
>it's the jews
>it's the chinese
make up your mind bro

>this one guy on that one show one time said something about a jew involved in the slave trade

Naw, that was the same people who brought opium to China. The fucking jews.

Only thing I'm sorry about is the south didn't win

Ashkenazi have stolen the very identity they hide under. They've stolen what it is to be a jew. They're not jews, they're turkish rats that deserve to have their own company and only their own company.


How many people do you want to say it, discord tranny?

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I'd also like to offer my boipucci to any black men to help make up for slavery against your noble ancestors.

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it's those damn fucking niggers

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this is some next level cuck-ness

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im not really sorry
>dont care much about what happens to the niggers

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It's nice, but we don't really need your permission, you know. It's a free country now.

OP is a nigga don't trust him

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my fellow white men...

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Didn't u listen u retarde his fat whores are not his to fuck, Terry Cruz has that job.

Not sorry, few of any modern niggers experienced any of those things. Dindus have a problem with their culture and taking responsibility for anything

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Hey dude, you can do better than this.

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jew apologizing?... wtf is happening, is the world ending?

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