My driving test is tomorrow morning

my driving test is tomorrow morning
give me all your positive energy anons

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I hope you hit the pylons idiot

i have my test in the end of april!

good luck sir!

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May the intersections of the blind remind you to slow to a safe speed you can see, but not completely stop unless you "see" no other way.

If you can take it in a car you brung, make a tic mark on the bottom of the back window where you know the curb is aligned and start cutting the wheel, it helps if pp already makes you nervous which will only be worse with DMV boomer farting in your passenger seat with his faggoty clipboard.

Know your car lengths, and by that mean know how to guesstimate how many car lengths you have in front of you. I wanna say a car length is 10 feet but fuck all if I know for sure. The clipboarder can do this like second nature, and when he makes his little tic marks and you glance over to look at wtf he thought you did he'll boomer mumble eyes on the road or some shit and pulling over and beating him is frowned upon.

Expect blind intersections, parallel parking and probably a little freeway time to make sure you aren't a merge pussy. Remember to use turn signals far enough out, and for stop signs, behind the limit one-stop. Like all the way. "And 1 and 2" should be good provided you have right of way, you want all forward motion expended before you tap gas to go. And yield to the right. Of fuck, and blind people. If you see a tard with a blind cane and the blues brothers shades slow the fuck down and yield or blow bang him off or wtfever the rule is. Dissing the blind is I believe a pretty much fail so be cool to them.

I'm a boomer and that's all I can remember to share right now. If i think of more I'll add. Good luck

did the course on a peugeot 108 but prefer my dad's opel omega (europoor if you couldnt guess by now)
regardless i've mastered the manual transmission and i'm ready to roll

Gay and faggot-pilled

You're already winning the game if you learned on stick. You likely have experience points for juggling a hill and all that, good on you. It should be mandatory to learn on stick imo, I did not because I was 17 and stupid and had a choice.

You're going to be fine user.

Remember, one foot on the brake pedal and the other on the accelerator pedal. Keep one hand on the wheel and the other out the window to give other drivers the bird. You'll be fine.

Oh try to guess boomers weight when he plops in your passenger seat and let him know the deal was 1 adult weighing x with a clipboard.

you can actually control everything in the car by just hitting the horn. you have to spell what you want it to do in morse code. you will impress the driving tester by not starting the car and just hitting the horn a lot and smiling at him.

You give other drivers the bird out the window and that will land you in an anger management program. What you want is the sign on a stick system so they know what a dildo they are low key. You can also invest in "backwards edition" so dildos in front of you are aware as well.

Take a video, post to a rekt thread

Eat lots of eggs and beans tonight so your farts are rancid, and put the child lock on so he can't open his window. He'll pass you just to get out of the gas chamber.



>US driving test
My toddler nefew could do those bwahaha
They are designed so even the most incompetent dumbshit can get them
In my country it takes more effort to get a anglers license

Lol you need some paddle shifters and a fake nitrous console. Fuck i am so glad I did not know how to fabricate shit when I had my driving because I am incredibly irresponsible and exercise poor judgement sometimes. To me, "Oil Slick" and "Smoke Screen" buttons, and a "EMP Charged" light are funny. Nice generic air tank labeled nitrous/JP-5, braided cables, led's, gauges-steampunk all that shit out. Yeah I'd never have driven if I knew how to do then what I do now thank God

I live in Florida. Anger management consists of a concealed carry permit because fuck Florida Man.

The testee may not operate the vehicle with accessories unless their a cripple, so no your toddler nephew could not in fact pass a driving test, unless he's very tall for his age. Your comment was stupid and you should feel stupid because you are stupid.

Plus Crockett and Tubbs

Florida looks like a uncut penis and there are too many two lane highways over the ocean. I like a breakdown lane in case I need to do some maneuvers or whatnot

>Florida looks like a uncut penis
See a doctor. Now.

Oh! When you get your picture taken, smile like ridiculously hard. I did and the picture makes them laugh. You dont get all the tickets you should if you can make em laugh trust me

>found the boomer who insists Florida is a pistol grip

You probably will not make it OP but that is ok.

some people just shouldnt drive anyways

I hope OP drives your mom to Orgasm Town

Serious advice : Drink today liquor, helped me at my teat

you will pass this test and celebrate wildly

What about a license for your butter knife?

she would like that, thank you

fail . get pissed off . rinse. repeat . do it 5-7 times .. then after 1 year of trying give up . start getting into electric bicycles


I failed a few times before I passed. The best advice I ever got was a simple mantra - keep it safe and legal. If you do those two things, which you should know how to do by now, then you'll pass.

Get some rest and wake up feeling ready.

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