Your son becomes a White Pride supporter

>Your son becomes a White Pride supporter
How do you react to finding this about your son?

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proud of him, tell him to hide his power level in public

Better than him being one of those interracial porn obessed black dick obsessed retards you see on here

better than gay or tranny, so whatever

It's ok to be white and proud of it.

I'd feel like I've failed him as a parent, so try to repair the damage before he winds up in jail.

But after a certain point, I'd have to disown him

if black pride is ok
if latino pride is ok
then white pride is ok

i think pride in anything you had no control over is pretty gay, though

Hug him. He made me proud

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Beat the shit out of him.
I've taught him to hate everyone, equally!

Realize that I've failed as a parent. Decide I no longer wish to be white trash, and further my education and get a real job. Hope that by leading by example I can save my son from a failed ideology. He can be proud to be a german-american, his true heritage, but when it's tied to just a skin color that's trash negating his history.

Show him these cringey faggots and hopefully he reconsiders.

I’m black and cool. Call me (320) 444-7429

Nah I'm good

tell him to clean up his room like his sister and keep trigger discipline at all times

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I have a son?

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No thanks
Kind Dragon sends his regards

>Better than him being one of those interracial porn obessed black dick obsessed retards

look at those arms. what trash.

kick his ass.

is that you in the tree ?

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Don't confuse white trash with nationalists

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Buy him some guns and go shooting with him while we listen to Johnny Rebel.


nationalists stay at home and dont feel the need to invade other counties

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boomers cannot be choosers

wtf, i love jews now

Exactly. Nationalists don't pressure other people in other countries to change their laws and values. Nationalists just want to preserve their.

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I tell him I'm proud of him
I get him to listen to good music

I teach him well ... proud of him

Checked for truth.

I'd ask him when he got addicted to meth then I'd send him to a rehab.

Euthanize him. You've failed as a parent.

>implying they aren't the same exact group

samefag much

Call him a fucking dumbass considering he's only half white...

Murder him in his sleep

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>Fuck off and die alone edition

That’s my boy

The proud boys they are :)


Hug him, then show him my AB and white pride tattoos.


Nazi gatherings are the biggest sausagefest on the planet. You'll see less meat at the slaughterhouse. 100% incel losers blaming brown people because no girls will fuck them.

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t. redditor

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lmao Nazis are more into cuck porn than anyone else

I'd be glad.

Kill him like I should have done my daughter.


reroute the router for any data requests to would be sent to blacked or blacksonblondes or interracialpass

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If black pride is encouraged so should white pride

>White Pride supporter
What does that even mean? Like an outlaw biker, dealing meth on hot summer nights and having bar fights? I'm okay with it.

last time we did that we accidentally made the world a better place

yeah im gon second this

huwhite man bad

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What's wrong with wanting to continue your culture, race and civilization?

Be confused.

Why would my wife's and her bf's son be in the KKK?
He's half Blasian half white




>i think pride in anything you had no control over is pretty gay, though

It's not an accident to be born in a civilization, user.
It took all your ancestor's successes, strife, hard work and love to birth you.
Calling that a total accident is unbelievably nihilistic and unappreciative.


>be cricket
>bird eats you, just another breakfast
>be black

Wonder how and why some chick took a sample from my jizz towel.

But seriously. WPWW is 80% tards. Not taken seriously. What’s the average income for a member? $42k/year?

>What’s the average income for a member? $42k/year?
That's actually pretty impressive

You do realize that's above average for American income right?

for non-whites.
If you're a white making that you probably failed at life

Smack him across his stupid face, throw him and his shit out of the house, and change the locks.

Get him into boxing and or martial Arts he'll need it

Don't get mad. Get sage

Nope. Accident, all of it. Where and when you're born, who your parents are, what kind of person you'll be, all complete random chance.

Realizing you're nothing special is the beginning of wisdom.

"I was going to tell you but I see you've figured it out on your own. Welcome to the family, son"

>Hide your power level
>The world will hate you
>(Pass him Hate Facts Database)
>Be careful.

When you are the real cringe bro

Such white - much Aryan

I tell my daughter to put her dress back on and get back in the kitchen. No daughter of mine is allowed to have an opinion even if she dresses like a boy.