Anyone ever get stomach acid or gas so bad it feels like you're getting heart palpitations ?

Anyone ever get stomach acid or gas so bad it feels like you're getting heart palpitations ?
Hate to kill a thread for this, but oh well

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I did. I take a generic Prilosec every day and I never get indigestion.

I do but only when I head home from work

So weird to see this in here, but I've been battling with this for the last 3 weeks. Omeprazol doesn't work. What should I do?

I have a hernia so ye. I found mostly plants cause me to get bloated so there´s that

Appreciate the responses. I'll change my diet then and cut out sodas. I know it's causing it.
Tried Prilosec for a week but it made my cummies feel weird as shit. Had no idea this was so common. Makes me freak out. Heart doc says my shit is kosher but some of these thumps are a real doozy.
Hiatal hernia ? I need to get an upper Endo but I'm a retard and scared of general anesthesia. Leafy vegetables do this to me the worst.

I was thinking of going in and getting tested for a hiatial hernia. Is a barium swallow the easiest way to verify? also did you opt for any surgery or treatment?

You need to be checked for Richard cranium disease.

You might be allergic to something new. It happened to me everytime I ate so I had an allergy test done. Turns out I developed a sensitivity to milk, wheat, gluten and yogurt. I used to love cereal and now I can't touch the stuff, so you can develop new allergies with time.

>Hate to kill a thread for this,
don’t. worst case scenario you knocked off a gay dick rate thread. this is why we need a good /med/ board.

yea, /fit/ used to be fitness and you either post there here or adv. Come on gookmoot

Your saying you farts are so bad it knocks your heart out of rhythm. DAMN.

>hate to kill a thread
Why? This board is full of garbage anyways.

Gas coming up from my stomach like a burp I mean and you probably understood.dosser.

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How old are you? Try jumping up and down.

Sounds like a homeless problem.

yes hiatia. I got an endoscopy, was pretty chill since they gave me some shit that made me not remember anything even though I was conscious. I was just sitting there feeling conscious waiting for it to start and they just were like "jep were done already"

I´m considering surgery since taking proton pump inhibitors is kinda shit long term.

So I cut off sodas a month ago. Only drink sparkling water or regular water and since then I've dropped 10 pounds and haven't had any stomach issues. Soda is actually fucking evil

>I´m considering surgery since taking proton pump inhibitors is kinda shit long term
Yea leads to magnesium deficnecies or some shit ? Or was it potassium? I forget.

B12 iirc but who knows what else that shit does. Problem is if I just skip one day of taking them I can´t even take a sip of water without feeling like I have a fucking volcano in the chest.

What causes this and why is it only at late evening? I suspect my strong wifi signal can it be? Or targeted individual?

GERD Gastric Esophogeal Reflux Disease.

Need an acid blocker. Try over the counter brands, if that doesn't work see a Doctor and ask for Tecta. I have a hiatus hernia and used to suffer horribly until I was prescribed the generic of Tecta called Pantraprazole. No problem for a couple decades as long as I take it every day but long term use can lead to shit like ostheoporosis so inquire about benefits and risks so you are fully informed

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Ty shill

Not a fucking pharma shill. Fat guy with hiatus hernia. Been taking this shit for like 20 years. Found out it was a hiatus hernia when I had a gastroscopy last fall. Surgeon said keep takin the pills. Didn't recommend surgery