U mad wyte boi

U mad wyte boi

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Im the hulk. Im always angry.


no she looks fat and my dick is bigger than yours? Id rather you have our white cows than the dark ones.

girl looks like a whore
also i've learned to cope with loneliness across the 18 years of my life

yo girl need a toothpick

sug min kuk. hun er heller ikke fin i det hele tatt fåvæ

No, she's mad she has to put up with a tiny little chink dick. Hope you both get coronavirus, you dirty fucking china man. Go get whooping cough in Beijing you fucking rat.

>ryte boi

Damn that pic sure triggered a lot of pigletdicks here

Ey bebe love ur pointy chin yeh?

lol no... no i'm not

Ya both infected with the virus now?

Nah, we just want Chinese people to start killing themselves already. They are just such filthy fucking people, ya know? Spreading shitty diseases all the time, paying off the corrupt health inspectors to overlook all the roaches in their buffets, coughing, sneezing, and hacking up loogies wherever they are. They are simply just human filth that need to be eradicated.

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found the cuck who lost his woman to a chink

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>"I want to thank Kevin sooo much for always being there for me, you're like a brother to me!"

mad over what? have fun with your coronavirus chink lovers

if only murica was a country with common sense.like the ones where people decided to stop globe trotting because they bring back their foreign shit holes diseases

No buddy, I just hate the filthy chinese and the germs they are spreading all over the world. I was a mechanic on commercial dishwashing machines and ive been in the kitchens of a lot of chinese restaurants.

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purpose g lul
Ok I guess.

Back alley of a Chinese restaurant. Anybody want some sun-dried coat hanger fish? Yummmm...

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not rly ur gf looks like a homunculus. u can have her

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Oh yummy! Undersink shrimp next to a garbage can in a Chinese kitchen!

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If that's the Li River, then yeah. I fuckin love the Li River.

Ever wonder what cockroach shit looks like? Just check out the dishwashing machine in a Chinese kitchen. Fucking subhuman, filthy scum

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