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*****NOT A CHANCE*****

President of the United States of America

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See the post you replied to for answer.

As Ben Shapiro would say, the conservatives are scared to death lmaooo


Bernie 2020

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...of his local Rotary club maybe.


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>tells florida 'it's unfair to simply say everything is bad'
> florida filled with people who fled castro
> florida filled with people who lost 10's of 1000s of family in the revolution
> last 5 presidents needed florida to win
> bernie will not be president

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slashes every government department, including the Center for disease control - and yet federal debt number go way up

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sorry to burst your bubble, but i’m gay

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-And yet Cuba was a hard response to America trying to turn it into Casino land for the rich
-The only people who fled were the ones who sold out
-You won't win florida if felons vote

fuck I keep forgetting the felons, and the dead


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trips don't lie ... except when they do