What about cuckolding or the idea of cuckolding turns you on the most?

What about cuckolding or the idea of cuckolding turns you on the most?

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chastity, and foot teasing is the best

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Silly rabbit. I only get hard for money.

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Never done it irl, but my wife and I role play her fucking black guys all the time. She has a black real dildo she fucks herself with and really turns up the whole raceplay act. I cum buckets

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For me it's the jealousy or destruction of something beautiful. A lot of cuck shit focuses on the nigger or 'chad' - which ruins the experience.

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>my wife and I role play her fucking black guys all the time
spoken like a true american

I'm just here to fuck sluts and nut inside them. I don't care whos slut it is.


you guys ever watch BLACKED together user?

Kek Canadian actually

lmao implying there is any difference between canada and usa at all

Yes, but she prefers amateur stuff. She gets into real detail about she imagines herself in the hotwifes place

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Spoken like a true american

Bump for stories

The idea that a random person could acquire your wife or girlfriend and mate with them turns you on because you've succumb to a vice. There's literally a religious rule: Don't have sex before marriage just so that the couple can pair bond effectively after they have courted one another.

Having sex plummets your mind into an abyss of delusion and perversion that is almost incomprehensible to porn addicts simply because these sexually promiscuous people don't sit down and reflect upon their depravity. They are stuck in pleasure.

the humiliation part, I think.

I just like it for the porn. Seeing a chick get all dressed up just to be ravaged and plowed, all the while screaming and moaning is very appealing to me.

when a cuck is in chastity watch "his" former girl get fucked when he isn't allowed to have an erection

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For me it's the idea of railing some guys gf/wife and then busting inside of her that does it for me.

why do almost all women who do chastity porn look exact the same? it's either the typical young girl with a perfect skinny body and small tits or the overweight wife who never shows her face ever on cam.

>this is supposedly a fetish
>it's actually at least 4 distinct fetishes

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>typical young girl
Just in it to make money
>overweight wife
Usually an old boring marriage, and an attempt to spice it up

explain please

you're not wrong

a lot of older couples use it to actually increase their sex. the male mostly faps so when she takes his penis away, he finally wants to use it in her again and she gets to tease and be treated like a young cute girl like she was when she got married

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Knowing that every faggot into cuckoldry will inevitably ruin their life. The only sex they'll ever know is pity sex.

None because I'm not a beta bitch or a victim of jews.

By my count it's

>closet gays fucking other men by proxy
>guys who want to imagine being their wives being fucked
>dudes who genuinely like being humiliated
>guys who feel like they're degrading the woman and getting off on that
>guys making cash by commoditizing their girlfriend's ass

These are totally different things all in the same space wearing the same mask.

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it kinda turns me on in a way that pussy worshippers and cucks who accept every shit women do to them (especially married men), get punished for their pathetic behaviour

i love seeing a cuck's chastity release get canceled, and he cries and the cuckoldress adds another 2 months

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the humiliation for sure.

Nothing. In all truth, the very idea of someone porking my missus genuinely makes me angry. I'd lose it big time. I suppose I'm not modern enough.

>What about cuckolding or the idea of cuckolding turns you on the most?

sleeping with a woman, not drunk, drugged or willingly, that's my fantasy

yep chastity is kinda hot, but only when she's teasing you. going to work with a chastity seems retarded. i only like the mindgames.

Ex wife..she loved me watching her fucking....younger guys and loved deep penetration...she'd ask me to get up close and watch his penis moving in and out...she'd ask me if it looked as good as it felt...loved me to fuck her then when he'd finished...a filthy fuck....

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In a world where you can easily get cheated, you don't want to pretend it will never happen to you and then break when it does. Instead, you make it happen by yourself, and you enjoy the depravity of it.

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Seeing my slutty wife let go and become the filthy gangbang whore shes always wanted

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any more of the slutty wife?

Could you guys use a side income?

In that outfit she’d have no problem

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>Ex wife
Do you see why you're an idiot?

Why, how much you think she could make?

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Depends on how much you're willing to let her work.

It's a good one for sure

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Could see her being gangbanged 2-4 times a month

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If its because she's now an ex...then no..ex for other reasons other than fucking other guys...

That's not much. If you were comfortable with part time she'd be knocking boots 3-5 times a week. Full time, well... let's just say it doesn't matter what job she has, she'd be making more.

She's pretty filthy and kinky too. Can deepthroat, ass to mouth, eats ass like a filthy whore. Will lick cum off her sweaty armpits and feet too.

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That was such a hot series when it came out.

Pics of her feet?

Eh, probably wouldn't be too interested in the money. Just making her as filthy and used as possible. She wouldn't be up for just fucking randoms single, only gangbangs.

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>closet gays fucking other men by proxy
Not surprising.
>guys who want to imagine being their wives being fucked
It's pretty much the same thing as closet gays. They're gay and can't come to terms with it.
>dudes who genuinely like being humiliated
Guys with a humiliation fetish generally like the girl to humiliate them, not another man. I would argue that cucks of this type are also closet gays.
>guys who feel like they're degrading the woman and getting off on that
Might as well put on clown makeup now....
>guys making cash by commoditizing their girlfriend's ass
Aka the pimp. Funny but the relationship is a joke.

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Fucking other guys led to whatever problems you had. It's a root problem.

Beautiful soles

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could it not be that they like feeling they made the right choice with a woman that is still sexually appealing to other guys?

Would you consider 2-3 at a time to be sufficient?

Thanks, she likes having them worshipped too

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My own total inferiority to my woman. It’s the ultimate way to express that she’s out of my league and BETTER than me.

That's some twisted ass logic. You can enjoy that guys agree your girl is attractive but you defeat the purpose sharing her.

does she ever put you in chastity?

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Wow, lucky guy. Would you enjoy seein another man massage and worship her feet, maybe put on stockings for him?

Yeah, 3-4 would be ideal. 2 is good too tho.

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none of it, it’s fucking gay. sage

Nah, more into the slutwife aspect tbh.

Yeah, I think she wants to find a sub guy so I can Dom him and her at the same time too. But would enjoy watching a guy worship her feet while she chokes on my cock for sure

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didn't say it was totally logical, just trying to think about why some might be into it

You're being dominated by a man when you let a guy fuck your wife. You're not saying you're lower than women, you're saying your less than human.

how would one go about finding men who are willing to pay for the GF experience with my gf with rules laid out by both her and I

no sex
only oral
can cum on her face

Hottttttttttt. Love the idea of totally surrendering control to her

You can set all the limits you want but she'll break them with the right guy.

Would you want to be present? Would a home movie suffice? Or would you be content just hearing from her about her fun times?

Dom black bull looking for cucks with unsatisfied gf, wife or daughter for me to own

Kik: Kink_BlackBull

Perfect. Think about how confident she must feel!

Cucks are simply weak faggots who can't pleasure their girls, so they pass them onto high T guys to finish the job

>this guy has no idea that his gf is going to get knocked

>this guy thinks a ho works the same way as stacy

I'd either join in or film, probably both. At least at first.

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I don’t care.

Love the ring. Moar pls.

>this guy thinks a ho works the same way as stacy
Women who engage in their husband/bf cuck fantasies aren't stacies.

I see, I see.

The minute she sucks and fucks for money it stops being about her cuck bf, who will shortly be replaced by an actual pimp. No, she won't give two fucks about some simp paying to play, tricks are nothing to a ho.

files are too big, cant downsize them atm

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>it stops being about her cuck bf
It's never about the cuck bf, I don't know why anyone would think this. Sex is a far more powerful driver for women than most young men realize.

I’d love to bull a wimpy cuck in front of his gf or wife.

>What about cuckolding or the idea of cuckolding turns you on the most?
Hope that all cucks die in slow painful death.

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Does she fuck bbc?

not me, thats silkysoles on reddit. and her bull is white huge, thick and uncut. her cuck is white tiny and circumcumcised

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Dump in vola. Would be epic if bbc was involved.

I just like really fat dildos for my wife, it involves me and I get to have fun too

This is fine.

Looking for fellow cucks only. Kik phelms88

For your own sake and any of your partners, get a vasectomy.

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My girlfriends roommates boyfriend sold weed and was smoking her up and pounding her ass whenever her roommate wasnt home I didnt find out for months and even after I did I let it keep happening and didnt say anything

kik cubz46

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Shoo nigger

it's awesome the cuck is small, circumcised AND in chastity. his dick rolled snake eyes for its life on earth : /

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Silkysoles is the best teaser

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has to be hot seeing your gf ass fucked while your chastity key dangles on her necklace and she purrs and moans

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here's silky MAKING her bf have sex with the bull, she refused to unlock his chastity cage until he let the bull take his anal virginity. he lasted 4 months...

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more silky being silky

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and last and LEAST silky showing her cuck why she needs a real man with a real cock. not a tiny circumcised worm

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i sometimes wonder if im into femdom, chastity, sph, and cbt because i was circumcised(it was partially botched too) as an infant

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Nah, it usually relates back to childhood experiences. It's more common among kids who were born to single moms.

Was going to say something to this effect.
As a circumcised dude who is way more into being a bull than being cucked

could easily think of worse places to be stuck.
And what of those who do not believe in religion??
remove that impetus and there is no taboo

A lot is the thrill of watching someone that you care for enjoying herself and having pleasure passion desire and lust on display and not being threatened or jealous. It is an amazing thing to have your own personal porn star. When a woman has enough trust in her male that she can risk being fully honest and exposed in her most intimate moments, the presentation is amazing. playing in a used pussy is sublime. hot wet juicy open and preheated. oOce you slip into that you are hooked. I always want sloppy seconds it feels much better and by then she is super heated also. With BBC it is another dynamic. High contrast is the appeal. A lilly white pure lady being savaged by a horny apeman who violently uses her for her pleasure mmmmm or the color difference of a black shiny cock plunging into a tiny white cunt yummy. It looks awesome. the first time I ever saw my wife like that I came without touching the fuselage

I just want to fuck someone's wife or girlfriend to feel powerful and desired

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>t. marriage advice from an incel
you get mad for others for engaging in sexual activity you deem unacceptable because you know you can't even have sex in the first place.

I don't get it. I'd rather be the bull.

Try again virgin.

Training her took ages.

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>Try again virgin
>"no u"
>that'll show him!
project harder.
also, have sex.

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Idk I think the voyeurism and the act of a couple sharing a human being for pleasure is dope

Speak for yourself. You're fervently trying to defend your own degredation.

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I hope he gets her pregnant. Her faggot husband will be forced to raise the kid.


Except for me my gf makes me keep my cage on, but i dip my caged cock in her well used pussy and her juices and his cum leak into my cage a bathe my frustrated horny little cock

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Cuck group kik johnbrownsbod2020

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you're fervently trying to assert your own beliefs despite never having sex

thank fuck you won't be reproducing. you're dumb as shit lol

how did you find out

>gets [someone] pregnant.
something you'll never do, thank fuck

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>despite never having sex
Again, speak for yourself. Fucktard.

i like watching porn, the idea of seeing my wife as a pornstar getting railed by a bbc is hot

>I've never had sex
>the post
Jesus fucking christ dude, get a clue.

>stahp makin fun of me )));
a little sensitive about it, aww

It doesn't, fucking is only for beta fags who can't satisfy a woman. This brings me no joy and I think all you cuck fags should be burned at the stake.

Yea, I'm bothered some virgin on the internet is REEEEE'ing about me calling him a faggot.

I get it. you never had sex. I understand. totally get why you're frustrated and lashing out at people. cope

Cuckold group kik johnbrownsbod2020

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you're literally jaded about how someone else's sexual preferences.
just lol

We get it, you've never so much as seen a girl naked. You will some day...it's okay...

>back to projecting
so predictable.

it makes me happy to see a happy lil' cuck in his cage, did you cleanup too?

Letting another guy fuck your partner isn't a sexual preference, it's a psychological disease.

Yeah, you get a 1/10.

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lmao now you're a psychologist.
please. drop your credentials.
guarantee you haven't finished a single college course let alone write a thesis, but go ahead. lecture us

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retard lol

that is the most tiny cage i have ever seen...dude you are seriously closer to a clit than a penis...

>muh high school edukayshun means I know about psychology
Just stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

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I like the idea of knowing I own some pathetic loser's bitch.

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Careful, spergus maximus will start jerking it.

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projecting. again. you can't read either.
yeah, you're a lost cause. we're actually benefiting from you remaining a virgin
now if we can just clear up that oxygen-theft problem.

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You're pathetic. Enjoy BBC wrecking the girl you insist you're dating.

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Retard believes in a magical man in the sky smh I do agree however that porn addiction is a thing and on the rise.

Its the humilation and pathethicness of being okay with watching the one you love with someone else.

Im in a extreme femdom relationship where I don't get sex, never get to cum, no handjobs no nothing. Total eunuch.

I like the humilation of watching her with someone else while degrading and insulting me. We're still looking for a bull that likes the thought of moving in and becoming her main lover while I'll become a sexless kissless sissy maid that sleeps in the closet and only gets bossed around by her to do chores.

usually conservatives are more likely to be swingers and cuckold and intelligent people and well educated also. Because conservatives are likely to be open minded and tolerant unlike liberals that pretend to be. thedailybeast.com/cuckolding-the-sex-fetish-for-intellectuals

Fucking kek

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It's just hot to see fucking from a different vantage point than first person, it's also hot to involve more than two people because there's more you can do.

in chastity?

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This is what it's all about for me

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Between devices, since I'm a eunuch to her we're planning on getting a piercing soon. The more permanent the better.

which ones have you worn? hope you get a female artist that's comfortable sharing the kink otherwise dont force your kink on her. it's so hot listening to your gf and the artist giggle about locking you up and talking about girl stuff as your bleed all over your stomach. enjoy those days you get to heal, theyll be your last days of freedom because PA+Chastity is inescapable

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Some real cuckolding on vola or unsee?

Just plastic ones like the cbs and curve. Was gonna go with mature metal but picked piercings instead.

Were gonna look around fetlife, we're in NY so sure some artist out there is okay with it.

Turning my once sexually conservative wife who on her wedding day would have never of thought she would ever be having sex with a different guy ever again into a woman who now has had sex blindfolded with men she has never met before and that she now has so many slutty secrets that her friends and family would never think that she's the type to do things like that really turns me on so fucking much. I also love now that since we started that the number of sexual partners she has had now surpassed mine, I love that 7 guys have taken a turn and enjoyed my wife's pussy and that they know what it's like to fuck her, it makes me cum so hard when I fuck her thinking about how she's now a dirty slut with a used pussy.

being teased as you get pierced will be a experience of a lifetime for you and your girl. it's every empowering for her knowing that when it's done, youll never be able to use your penis for sex ever again without her permission. blood will be all over the place, and it's for her, again, it will be a very intense moment for both of you and knowing the next phase of your life of chastity

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Defintely looking forward to it. She would be too and probably laugh at me for days after.

Don't procreate.

Too late

Hopefully the bull sticks around, you're not going to be any good as a father.

Thank you so much for the compliments :)

imgur.com/7ijP7c1 2


Yogahotwife was probably the apex of cuckold porn. It'll never get better

Being the bull is awesome. Knowing a woman would rather have sex with you than her husband is amazing. I have stated to have a very strong wedding ring fetish now.. so strong it’s hard to get off of I don’t see it.

Where could I find more content with her?

Have no clue. Just google her name. It's around

I would agree... I should have saved everything when I had the chance. Too bad they were outted.

White people are pathetic

As a cuck I always like cum on wedding rings. Hoping to see my fiancees ring covered soon

Don't generalize, most aren't like this.

What is the origin of this picture? I swear I might know this person.

The girl I mean. I’m a fuckin idiot

Dont the cuckolds laugh or something at the guy or nigger or whatever when he has to leave when theyre done?
I mean, whom here gets to keep the bitch and what is she giving in exchange for the cuckolding?

>things that have literally never happened
>the post

Imagining myself as the Bull

Its completely normal. If you cant satisfy your wife then finding pleasure in someone else doing it is natural

just a pic i saved from r/chastitycouples

Arg.... you got me excited. I thought there was a current vola with that name.



The idea of my Asian gf being nothing but a sex toy for BWC

Are actually looking for a bwc?
Where are you from?

I guess we could text for a bit in kik if you are up to that


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Nah just a cuck fantasy

I guess knowing that someone is hard and wants her. Never done cuckold but mmf

Kik veinman93

Gf sometimes brings up 3somes or wanting other people to watch/record. I feel like she definately has an exposure fetish of some kind.. anyways, i doubt we'd ever actually act out on these fantasies. Dirty talk is enough for me.

I just like pushing a woman to become the biggest whore they can be. I’ve never seen a girl happier than when they’re impaled on two monster cocks.

Convinced my gf to join a swingers website with me.

Done three meets so far

Separate rooms in a hotel.

Full night swaps.

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I’d say my girl getting pleasure from another dude/an other cock inside her. And watching her would be like watching porn

All my close friends have fucked my girls ass. Now they understand why I put up with her shit.