Scotland thread

Scotland thread

Where we from lads

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Fuck you dumbfuxk poor shithole country stupid ass foreign yurops. This is an American board. Fuck off back to your own website shit licker.

Haha class

West Lothian reporting
Swear I'm the only btard from here


think again

south glasgow.

Leith, Edinburgh

Nah one of us!
Where you lyrkin from?


Outside Paisley


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Glasgow here

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any edinburgh girls on show?

u fooken wot m8?

Show sluts

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Know of a girl called Emmeline?

that's a proper morningside name.

Robyn aberdeen?


She's not originally from Edinburgh

Aberdeen checking in

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sure she'd still count for this thread. haha


What’s her name?


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Got kik?


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Bowmore, Islay here. Although I live in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Same! Where on the Isle?

Aberdeen also

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I know her 100%. Any nudes or just her insta stuff?


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Just insta unfortunately

if anyone has her from Edinburgh I will be grateful

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southside glasgow

i assume everyone has her from Glasgow

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Do you have any Aberdeen girls?

Any West Lothian/Livingston wins?

Sadly not. I have friends up there which is why I recognised AM

Anybody from Orkney?

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sadly no wins but glasgow checking in

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Dundee girl

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Praying for a win from these sluts from Ayrshire

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Definitely not ya cuck.


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Cask strength Lag 16... is this for real????


Deleted old pics long ago.

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aberdeen and edinburgh

anyone got nudes of lizzie glover?

Dundee Girls?

A small shithole called Glenrothes.
It's home.

cheers, mate!


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got a nude of one of the mcsorley twins if anyone wants

If you're from Glenrothes you must have her

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more dundee girls

lol these Irish girls are all so ugly

any of her suckiing cock?

RIP Thread

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Near Edinburgh, too para to post my town. Get the nudes oot


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any Lucy Johnstone?

So much fir nudes

Get posting something yourself then

Shut it post yer birds first

any chloe elizabeth??