Your life depends on solving this question. would you survive?

your life depends on solving this question. would you survive?

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Yeah but I have a math degree, so it's not really fair. This would probably kill the average btard

Did you read the question?


All I need is that formula. Find area. Once you’ve found it, divide total area by 0.5m/min and you’ll find how long it takes.

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0.2 m/min

do your own homework

Now I might just be retarted but couldn't a 7th grade lesson on inverse proportion basically give you all the tools you need to figure this out?

That's one strong fucking pump if you can fill almost 80m3 in 2 minutes.

That a quantum pump

drunk chemical engineer here

Qv [l/min]= V [l]/ t[min]
t = V/Qv = (pi*(r^2)h)/Qv


.39 meters/min

Hydrostatic paradoxon. Guess I'll die.


Not Your Personal Abacus

3.14*52 = 78.5




at the same rate

>Actually trying to give an answer to these shitty fucking questions...
Reminder a thread died for this.

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it's not possible to answer because the earth is round

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Well, sir, you would do some calculus and get your answer. Problem solved.


0.1953125 m/min


no damn idea how to do this math so I'll say 0.8 m/min

What does cylindrical mean?

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They're being filled simultaneously at the same rate, the rest of the problem is filler. The answer is 0.5 m/min and if that's not an available answer then the question writer is a retard or it's whatever number cubed equals 0.5.

Somewhere between 1.6 and 1.7 and OP is a faggot for not posting the answer.

8 divided by 5 = 1.6
0.5 x 1.6 = .8

USA here!
>First convert all measurements to imperial...

If it was linear, this would be correct
It's volume though

please tell me you are baiting

8pi cubic meters/min.


oh shit i misunderstood the question. oh well guess im dead