Would poo?

Would poo?

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id stink about it.

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user's Guide to Enjoying an Andy Sixx Log RollĀ® The Original and the BestĀ®

Step 1: Wrap your lips around Andy's puckered slop hole.
Step 2: Give Andy a couple of gentle sucks to let him know you're ready for your creamy treat.
Step 3: At this point inhale deeply, relax your jaw and open your throat.
Step 4: Allow Andy's fresh log to enter your fucking throat. Note: Andy's logs are sopping wet to allow easy sliding.
Step 5: Contract your throat muscles to work the dreamy turd down.
Step 6: Burp out excess steam.
Step 7: Beg Andy for another.
Repeat steps until completely clogged.

Congratulations! you are now living the dream.

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KEK carona chan sliddes loafs

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Ass shit


Kill yourself.

Start sucking that warm coil

Huge stinky hehe!

double sage

I want to suck his prolapsed asshole like it's a dick

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Hot plops

Nigger poop