Now that the recession is well on it's way, how are you Trumpfags gonna make it...

Now that the recession is well on it's way, how are you Trumpfags gonna make it? Funding for your red stage welfare bros is being cut, CDC and NIH have been virtually eliminated, tax cuts wont help, cant lower interest rates much more. What will you do?

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first off, basing an economy off of the djia is garbage. second djia is still up ~35% from when trump took office

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make money off the recession duh

It's just starting. Poorfags have no interest in the djia. They're too dumb and lazy to get a job with a 401k or invest. I'm talking about you, you rich Trumptard. How much did you lose today?

>It's just starting.
merely speculation at this point

Not to mention the US has been spending money it doesnt even have, creating the largest deficit ever. Trumps assembled a team who spending money faster than a nig leaving a payday cash store? Why cant you fuckers manage money? Your hero Jesus was a Jew.

Speculation got us here.

I hate niggers

>creating the largest deficit ever
10 years ago was worse
>Why cant you fuckers manage money? Your hero Jesus was a Jew.
maybe it's antisemitic to call them out corruption, goy

not going to disagree with you there

340 million tax payer dollars on fucking golf.

At least he was playing fucking golf. Regular golf is boring as shit.

The Middle West will be a wasteland. More than it already is. All those poorfag trumptards living in their trailer parks acting like they're temporarily embarrassed millionaires are going to be so fucked.

Trump fags will celebrate knowing things are worse for women and minorities

>Now that the recession is well on it's way, how are you Trumpfags gonna make it?
It doesn't matter. It's all Obama's fault. He's the one who fucked up the economy. Trump did what he could to save it, but the damage was too great.

>Now that the recession is well on it's way,

I feel like we've been in a recession my entire adult life (age32)

The stock market has been up since obama took office fym.

>>Now that the recession is well on it's way, how are you Trumpfags gonna make it?
>It doesn't matter. It's all Obama's fault. He's the one who fucked up the economy. Trump did what he could to save it, but the damage was too great.

Let's play spot the retard... here kids, is a retard.

correct, but same for trump. just shy of 35% for djia

This is the bullshit his cult will spew

we keep our money in and ride it out because your retirement is about a 40 year time period and not 1, 2, or 10 years?

wtf point are you trying to make you absolute troglodyte? it doesnt even matter who you voted for this is just how investing long term works.

off yourself you worthless trash

Exactly, I'm giving a preview of how a recession will play out in right-wing news.
>it's not really a recession
>it's not Trump's fault, it's the liberals
>hey, who cares, I'm doing fine

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But never crashed under obama

well at the very beginning it did

>housing market crashed

Ok bud


>The first inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States took place on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

The presidency of Barack Obama began at noon EST on January 20, 2009 retard.

Learn history


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I told you so

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Fuck you, you ignorant moron. This is long term bullshit. We have no more fucking recourse. If we had played a steady hand instead of the quick money grab we'd be much better off.

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i hope the crash happens soon

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no u

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soy boy judging the economy with a one month graph lol.

Finance degree here, you should kill yourself neet.

Trump is the power house of this economy, investor confidence is at the highest it's ever been because of the policies in place.

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As we speak, Trump is trying to talk up the economy and blame the Democrats for his shitty policy. We are completely fucked.

Dump more money into investments now that prices are finally coming down and reap a massive profit when the market inevitably goes back up?

Stop being a faggot, OP, the market was overpriced. Anyone whose in it for the long haul should not care what it does. The market is zooming up? Sell, and pocket the profits. The market is tumbling down? Buy on the cheap and sell when things inevitably right themselves.

shut the fuck zoomer, you have no idea what you are talking about

Ohhhh, all the sudden we should start listening to the listening to the liberal college white tower elites. Turn on Fox, RIGHT NOW, faggot. Trump is sweating bullets. Besides, fuck your state school finance degree. Notre Dame econ degree, cunt.

wow we got ourselves a fucking pseudo intellectual without any post secondary education with the amazing analysis

>Bernie Wins
>All Cred Forumstards in the Gulag

The 1929 Great Depression, was caused simply by the growth rate dropping for a single year.
America’s economy is incredibly fragile.

America’s economy, based on ever increasing infinite growth while existing in a finite world, is fundamentally unsustainable in the long term...

“A society grows great when old men plant trees in who’s shade they know they shall never sit”

America has operated under the principle of “fuck those that come after me, I’m cutting down these trees!”

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you take your meds today? tin foil hat wearing faggot

wow you sound like a libcuck

Facts bitch.

that wasn't the point. the point was
1) djia crashed under obama
2)market is still up 35% from when trump took office
3)you don't always base an economy on fucking stonks
4) fuck donald trump

i love this thread

>literal ad-hominem
And you sound like you have no argument to make

Because he is right? Contrary to popular belief, what you trumpfags want to happen does not equal fact.

1. False.
2. Overpriced.
3. We have two economies. Top 3% and the poorfags.
4. Yeah

Why do soy boys on Cred Forums hate Trump so much? I get it you are all autistic pseudo intellectuals with no education but it's weird seeing such a common trend with you neets

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>Political Trolling
>All Bernie Bots many Flavored Trolls
Shouldn't you be busy laboring on the Gulag?
Or are you going to have the Trump supporters build it first before you throw them in it?

Far Leftist Soy Victimology
It's all a philosophy of their own victimhood/failure and how they are made holy in their oppression.
It's worse than MGToW

The percent only matters you dumbfuck

Alt-reich trumpfags literally covet their victim status

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Who made north of 15 grand on investments last year and has been investing successfully for the last five years. Granted, the market has sky-rocketed in that time, so that wasn't very challenging, but the trick is to not see the rise and fall of the market as proof of anything. Markets rise and fall, inevitably, the key is how can you make a profit off of it?

Oh, and your mother is a whore, user, I don't know why, but that felt right to say.

>America’s economy, based on ever increasing infinite growth while existing in a finite world, is fundamentally unsustainable in the long term...

You do know that Thomas Mathus is cancer and was debunked a long time ago, right user?

Your gas lighting over the grievances presented does not invalidate them.
Those items exist.
You will not succeed.
And one day you will be worm food and all your work on the behalf of that? Will be for nought.
Die nameless.
Die alone.
Finish your worthless life, alone, unloved, and unsung.

i have always had a disdain for authority, and stern dislike of pathological liars.

Incorrect. It started crashing in the months leading to the election. It bottomed out and started the slow recovery within Obama’s first year.

you've never been successful in your life so you like to pick on easy targets that don't act like absolute cucks like yourself

3k a year. Kek.

ah but she crashed out in the first months of his presidency, as i stated here and showed here

>3. We have two economies. Top 3% and the poorfags.

You want to know what the real joke on the poorfags is user? That this economy allows them to become a part of the top 3% by exercising wisdom, restraint and prudence.

Its not the top that's keeping the poorfags poor, its the poorfags that are doing it all by themselves.

I think the guy is a clown but you read his stupid ass reply wrong

Sure. Then why aren't you a billionaire? You're doing it to yourself, you lazy welfare sucking neet.

i am well off, and you sir, just sound like you are upset by the fact people can call him out for his lies, that is not my fault but yours.

>Why do soy boys on Cred Forums hate Trump so much? I get it you are all autistic pseudo intellectuals with no education but it's weird seeing such a common trend with you neets

This your first day on Cred Forums, user?

Trump is everything anons on Cred Forums hate. He's the star QB of the football team who poured soda on you in High School while everyone laughed. He's the guy who dated and fucked all the pretty cheerleaders, while user couldn't work up the courage to say "hi" to a landwhale. He's the ultimate alpha, who bragged about grabbing women's pussies and was rewarded with the presidency.

Anons hate Trump for the same reason they hate cam-whores and e-thotery. Anons hate anyone else who lives by a different set of rules then the ones that have made them miserable.

Ok. Since it wasn't corrected by 2pm the day Obama took office I suppose the whole thing must be his fault.

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Slippery slope logic

No, 15 grand was what I made just last year, I only mention it because last year was the best year I ever had making money in the market. It took me 5 years to learn how.


i didn't say it was his fault, simply that it did happen while he was president

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aww your LARP is so believable now


Yeah. My 401k did ok too. Until today

Because exercising wisdom, restraint and prudence doesn't make you rich overnight, user. You need decades of it piling up to reach success, Rome was not built in a day.

At least I'm on my way and doing well, and I know I'll get there. Can you say the same thing, user?

Keep putting money in it, your 401k will rebound. Right now, you're just getting more shares for the same money as before.

If you have more then 10 years until you hit 59 and a half and can start to withdraw the money, this downturn should not concern you one bit.

I am tired of your moronic pathological resentment

Because it’s not about ‘having a useful skill’, or ‘contributing to society’ for cunts like you, is it.
It’s about parasitically extracting as much value from the economy into your own pockets as possible, while simultaneously being of no value to society yourself.

It’s the American Dream

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>I’m not posing as a victim , I am genuinely a victim !!!

Were you trying to convince me of something different?!

Economies doing fine, user. I know you wish despair on the country you hate, however, that doesnt cancel out reality.

The average Chinese person can now afford more luxury goods than the average American .
Having a big economy isn’t much use if prices rise in tandem, while wages stagnate

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Kinda. I inherited mine.

>the recession
did you mean buying opportunity?

First stonk I ever bought was 90 shares of NVDA in July of 2016. Still holding it.

Worship me

Wait for the market to stabilize. Sell everything I bought during the down turn for huge profit. You?

No. I wish despair on the cunts that fucked the other 90%.

>(((the key is how can you make a profit off of it?)))
You have to go back.

Strange how every /btard is a savvy investor profiting during economic hardships who also just happen to spend all their time browsing /b and engaging in pointless and futile arguments ....and not the degenerate dick pimples of society we know then to be.

Odd that...isn’t it

Yes. Your Walmart or Amazon job will afford you so much stock buying power.

Kinda yea. With inflation outstripping me at every turn.

>stock market barely dips because COVID-19

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I made bought $100 bitcoins in school in 2010. Dumb luck. are not only hateful. you are jealous?

What does Trump have to do with this?

Keep watching.

Oh, you seemed to be a leftist. My apologies.

So, you made your money the old fashioned way, you inherited it. Good for you user, I hope you use that money to live a good life.

You made out well. I live in Santa Clara, right by the massive NVDIA complex on San Thomas. That company is one I wished I'd invested in sooner.

what are you going to do about it, tough guy?

Nope facts are facts. Poorfags are systemically disadvantaged from shit schools to overpriced healthcare and education. Its economies of scale. Surely you learned that it's much more expensive to be poor than to be a rich faggot with every system pulling you up and through the system.

American economy for last 100 years
Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom

His shitty policy

I'm only hear because I'm sick today with a cough and cold.

Also, being a savvy investor is something that takes a massive amount of time and energy to learn, but once you figure out how, you can pretty much put it on auto-pilot.

It's funny because the market dip is probably a reaction to Bernie doing well.

Your hyperbolic buzzwords are cute but inaccurate.


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What’s shitty about it?

Aye dies mio. You are a fucking.retard

that is the stupidest thing I have seen today.
Yes, you are hateful.
Sucks to be you-

Stable genius this one.

Already, the “blame Bernie “ movement has begun.

That’s a good sign for Bernie... it means they’re scared

Right you are, user, its like gravity. It takes a massive amount of energy to escape the pull of gravity. If you are on earth, no matter how much you jump, you will never escape. However, once you get into outer-space, where there is no gravity, you can go fast in any direction with no effort.

The moral of this story is don't waste time trying to learn how to jump high, user, spend your time learning how to build a rocket-ship. poorfags stay poor due to a lack of knowing how to accumulate and build wealth.

Ahhh. Boohoo. I'm hateful. I'm sorry user that facts hurt your feelings. Sucks to be a fucking stupid and a pussy.

Lol. Fuck. You are dumb.

>that facts hurt your feelings
I think you are hilarious.

>poorfags stay poor
Money in circulation is key to an economy ticking over.
Having billionaires who horde wealth, centralise it, and then move it into offshore private accounts actually costs the economy .
The poor subsidise the billionaires , not the other way around

Gay ass chamber of commerce faggotry.

opinions are like assholes, everybody has one-

>spend your time learning how to build a rocket-ship
Holy cow, you can't be this retarded?

Oooooooh, burn!!!

Lots of things in life work like this, its not that your stuck, its that you don't know how to get started.

I'm a virgin-fag, for example. I know I don't get girls due to my own ineptness in life. I could turn this around, if I really wanted to, but I don't really want to that much.

No one is answering the question. What are you Trumpfags gonna do? You're gonna be laid off from Mattress World. You wont be selling anymore brodozers? You wont be able to get food stamps. Are you gonna take a job trying chicken or making motel beds?

Only, mine isn’t an opinion, but an observable , mathematical, economic fact.

Not all opinions are created equal

Because this isn’t going to happen.

So, your opinion about poorfags is pure projection. Thanks user. Tha td s the smartest thing you've said.

True. White folks are too lazy for manual labor.

Wait you mean the stock market can go down??? If only it were in a constant state of ups and downs that generally trend higher than they do low, and this dip could be made up for in the near future

The size of a 20 trillion GDP economy dwarfs whatever resources a few billionaires are hording, user. I guess its just easier to blame others for your situation rather then to fix your own faggotry.


>I'm a virgin-fag
How refreshingly candid.
When even homeless people have sex, maybe stop offering advice

>What are you Trumpfags gonna do?

Buy more shares at cheaper prices, hold them for over a year to minimize taxes, and then sell them at a profit?

What did I win for getting the right answer to your question, user?

>mathematical, economic fact
I think genius here has misplaced his facts. Stupid enough to think he can just state his opinions in lieu of them.

400 Individuals control more wealth than the bottom 60% of Americans.
It’s a level of wealth inequality never before seen and has its own unintended consequences on society. And not good ones, either.

Stay mad

god you are fucking stupid

Logic is not allowed...

>Stay mad
find your facts?

Since Trump became President, the share of wealth of the bottom 50% has increased at a faster rate then the top 1%. Its not Trump's fault that he's making America Great again, an economy as good as the one we've had since he became POTUS is good for everyone.

Check the seeth on this guy.
Stay mad.

It's why I still laugh when I hear about a mass shooting or school shooting. Everyone blames the guns or the crazy guy who pulled the trigger but no one blames the people that pushed him there. I'm positive there will be more to come as this wealth divide gets worse. People are already at the idgaf stage then they're pushed more

I laugh when I hear there’s been a school shooting too.
No reason ,.,,it’s just hilarious

>Stay mad.
no facts, huh? Just made that shit up.

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Being this mad.
Stay mad

Make up some more shit Fairytail.



February 2015, 18,000
October 2016. 18,000

After Trump was elected 29,500

Bull fucking shit. Larp elsewhere faggot.

How can you faggots be so retarded???

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are you retarded?

Feb 18, 2015, 18,045.72
Oct 31, 2016, 18,176.60