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To who ever faps to this and say there not gay, how do you justify this

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I'm bi bruh

Then im not asking you faggot

OP 1 here? O:

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Bringing it to the new thread

>Last guy in a world full of futas
>Last girl in a world full of futas
>Last futa in a world full of guys
>Last futa in a world full of girls.

Which one is best?

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I love women and feminine aesthetics and although I don't like men in general, I have a thing for cocks so, futas are like the perfect being for me.
Maybe that makes me gay, maybe not but who gives a shit.

these are women, nothing gay about it

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Same, and I have a tendency to find androgynous features appealing, so it's the best of both worlds.

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Quit derailing the thread with your faggot ass shit. If you are too mentally disabled to know the difference between a futa and a faggot then do the world a favour and kill yourself.

I was going to post a fucking image but you spammed the thread with your gay trash and killed it.

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Don't be that guy dude. Just accept that words change.

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The other side of that label must have read "gives you +3 wood".

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Mate we made our own thread so as not to spam yours with stuff you don't like. What more do you want us to do?

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futa series recommendations?

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The word never changed man, Futanari has an accepted meaning and you know it.

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Futa on male.

Sure kid, words never change
Now get that vag only shit out of here. Post balls or don't post.

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every booru ever disagrees

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ahh, sorry, I meant "names of any good futa animations/series for watching later?"

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I get where they are coming from, futanari DOES mean having both, even if some people don't care that it means that. On the other hand, half the time you can't tell depending on the angle of the picture anyway, so why care so much if you can tell?

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"Bible black" no pun intended, sorry Jesus

Who do you mean by "we", Only one person can make a thread.

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Is it wrong to want a gentle dom futa gf?

A "booru" is not a dictionary user

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no, your gentle dom futa gf carefully and slowly stretching your holes to the limit is a beautiful thing.

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It's not gay if it has both organs retard.

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>posting samples

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Nah man you ain't gay. Only the idiot that posted the muscle dude in the last thread and got pissed off when he was called out for it.

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Maybe a little bit smaller than that, though. I'm not big on pain. I just think it would be nice.


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they're still responsible for tagging things appropriately retard.

Well? I didn't tell you all to stop posting, post more futas.

You are right! its better than a dictionary as it shows you how real people use words in their day to day

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it'll hurt for like a second. then you'll feel really, really good.

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Boorus don't tag things appropriately, I can't tell you how many times I search for something specific and it is full of unrelated bullshit.
Also I do fap to normal women.

I guess if it would only hurt for a second. Just not the whole time. That wouldn't be any fun.

Nah man that's too fucking far

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how about this one

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Man that just makes me feel claustrophobic.
Whats with all the fat people?

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That looks hot as fuck, BBW futas are awesome. Do you have the full thing?

Yeah but it sounds like people don't want to see the rest so just search it.

Class me
Mother me
School me
Maid me
Lover me
Are the ones I know of, he has probably done more over the years

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Wud be better if the futas were athletic or thicc, not a huge fan of them being fat

not sure if I want to be top or bottom middle

Damn, thats the life

Not just fat they are huge boned too. Its a bit strange when their shoulders are 5 times wider than their head. But my dick knows what it likes, and its this.

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what website can i use to look this up? because this looks right up my alley

Can someone post submissive futa's ass up?

reverse image search, its the first one

This good enough

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Now this is perfect

its a fine line with type of content:
Futa on Futa, Futa on Girl: Great!
"dickgirl", tranny, futa on male: crossing the line to being gay.

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who're you trying to convince here dude

Sorry desu, I was occupied by irl stuff.

First one, and if I'm the guy.

This, I'm just picky and line femenine stuff/women over masculine dudes.

That's why I always started my threads with "juicy futanari/shemale" because the ones that don't have a pussy are technically just drawn Shemales, but I love both and also irl shemales so I allow/encourage/post it.
This is lot my thread tho, so I won't post irl Shemales if op doesn't want them.

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Categorically speaking there is barely a difference between those categories, except maybe content where the male is sub to a Futa. Both categories are notoriously bi. Even ok where the guy is sub.

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Why do japs never draw dickgirls? It's always futas with a dick and balls and a vagina, or a dick and vagina and no balls which looks stupid. And whenever they do draw something dickgirl it's always shemale and they give them some masculine traits. I'll never forgive those damn japs for ruining my dickgirl fetish and adding some sorta rule that every dickgirl must also have a vagina

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Not really an issue as eastern art is almost all trash. I guess with shitty eyesight you don't need things like perspective, and art styles.
Also I think the japs genuinely believe Futanari isn't gay. They bought into the feminine penis meme.

You need to explore more, many jap artists draw futanari with nice balls that don't even show the vagina, or shemales (dickgirls if you prefer) without vaginas at all.
Zheng, Ubanis and pic related, Jinjin.

Btw I'm Op1. Filename couldn't be preserved.

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More Jinjin.

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Japan is one of the gayest places on the planet though, since they've been drawing yaoi and trap shit since the early 90s, only difference I guess is that the market for that stuff only got bigger. Also you cannot ejaculate without balls which is something Jap retards love to ignore

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>but the balls are inside the futa
Balls are on the outside to regulate temperature of sperm. So I guess she would probably be sterile.

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You don't need balls to cum, just a prostate, if it is or not sterile now that's another thing.
But that's not the point, they do it like that because people find it hot, that's all.

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I'm not a weeb so I have no clue what futa is...But I fucking love this pic.

Rather have a futa with just balls than dick, vagina, and no balls.

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Girl with a dick.
>inb4 autists arguing

Well I do love traps so it makes sense I'd love them in 2D form also. I also like to be dominated so I'll have to 'research' futa some more!

You can't stop me

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Well, dick vagina and no balls is still Futa.
If it just has dick and balls it's technically not a Futa.

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>This is lot my thread tho, so I won't post irl Shemales if op doesn't want them.
I intended for general purpose futanari, something for everyone. Subcategories, etc not important

last guy in world of futas
especially if it's futa with BBCs

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What do you mean desu.

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ive been looking at alot of videos on hotmod.pro. anyone know wtf that is? It's supposedly a game, but it just looks like some commercial.


I hate the "BBC" fetish. I enjoy the porn no matter it's content, but the fetishism of race is retarded.

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I fap to this and I am extremely gay

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does anything beat futa+femdom?

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I don't think there is

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I fap to this and I am extremely straight

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It's not gay because I'm not attracted to guys, I'm attracted to chicks with dicks

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she started it all for me

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are you sure that's a dick?

That's so gay, where's the dick?

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it aint gonna suck itself

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Order up!

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VR tech needs to hurry the fuck up so I can experience this once before I die.

Ooof, I didn't expect this thread to be up when I wake up xwx
I gotta go now myself, bye bye op1.

I grew up a long time ago. I'm into drag and sadomasochism

I think this is the closest thing we've got

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This far in the game I'm tired. I like men I would enjoy kissing him she's earned it by not being a faggot

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