What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?

What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?

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is that your mom's buttplug? stick it in your ass

shove up ass

no lube

do not dare disassemble the fuse

you glorious bastard
obey the quints

No fuse lol

OP fag and gay

shieeeet quintssss

pappa bles u my son

Damn, now OP must obey

spin it on its long axis and slam the forward tip on concrete

Nerf still makes those torpedo footballs?
Must be a super rare metal edition. You should throw it straight up in the air.

imagine another fag like this one

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This. Alternatively drop it on the floor a few times


what does the news article say? I don't speak border jumper

Straight down the urethra

Holy fucking shit, the quints of truth

you're fucked now OP, you have to do what he says

Flush it down the toilet

says ur mom gay

Witnessed, bitch you better do it too

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17 year old spic died after throwing grenade down toilet causing it to explode his whole bathroom

Throw it at the nearest nigger.

god has spoken

Don't gotta speak spic to realize he exploded the fucking thing, retard

Obey those fucking digits OP, your life won't be worth living if u don't.

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OP dont be a fag

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lol OP died or fag run away.
keep posting timestamps with that movie prop.

holy shit op you better do that shit or that things gonna explode and kill you

You got to do it op


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Throw it from somewhere high

Toss it upwards

Yet another potentially interesting thread gets derailed by dubsfags
This is why Cred Forums can't have nice things.

Satanic quints, OP is big nigger if he doesn't comply

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thread is dead, got rekt and OP daied


All hail


I have two theories to OP. Either he is a fag, or he is a fag with a bomb in his ass

Thank you satan

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Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee

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Where'd you find it, anyway? A museum might give you a tax credit for turning it in.

Learn to juggle with it.

maybe OP drop it

You need to put it up your ass then post pics.

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