Celeb thread

Celeb thread

How Magnets Work edition

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my DICK is workin rn fuck

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ugly fuckin whore

You’re looking at her face?

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i was lookin at her ugly mug yes

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weeeew vicky

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she has 2

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FUCK who is she

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also pics of those 2

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she kinda thic tho

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Oh, Emma!

oooooooooh god yes my DICK

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What's going on Brideanon?

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You are still Neeners?

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were actually Cara's feet.

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talk about showing off your assets lol

I know, she just made me need to declare it

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>me in the back

I'm Neeners.

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The world need G nudes.

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>How Magnets Work
Can they manage to pull her eyes closer together, goy?

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Finally, a man with taste

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I like that one.

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I like all Vicky's.

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electric romantic

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I don't have that many saved but will post them for you.

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she's been blessed in more ways than one i see

Thanks anony.

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>shopped eyes
meh, not my thing

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ugly fuckin whore

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ugly fuckin whore

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blue eyes are my thing

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Magnets are self-feedbacking like Noble gasses in the periodical system, except on a bigger scale since they contain similar atoms.

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don't let beady see this

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>likes feet
>likes black cock

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You know, since Noble gasses don't combine into one atom...

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More of Lorde's fat ass

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she needs a bigger forehead

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Are you upset?

no lmao

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>there will never be another set like this in your lifetime

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Are you sure?

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Do you even realize that I just need to turn on the filter and do not see your stuff?

>still chooses to see it

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why do you choose to see it?

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ugly fuckin whores

>I don't have that many saved
allow me to introduce myself

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fuck off

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its gonna take everything i have to nut to this ugly bird

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whats good

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thread is filled with ufws

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Leak the nudes.

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brideanon is, I hope

dafuq is that creepy shit

noooo I can't believe you said, I can not believe you just said that

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i kind of took a nap :p

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hope it was comfy

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it was, but i'm trying to fix my sleeping schedule :p hopefully that didn't mess it up (because it did yesterday :c )