Canada thread

Canada thread
Bonus for 604/778

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More of her

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416, elizabeth a

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to the dude that posted Jacklyn from BU yesterday wassup

Shikha from 250

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Des m 416

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newmarket wins
Kik nytb65

416 gang

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Any 905?

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Your girl?

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you the one looking for her on user?

705 midland Barrie area trades ?

More, that body is tight


any carley b from u of guelph?



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Bc asians please


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Were you in the disc? Someone posted an Asian chick in the bc thread with a beautiful ass but I forgot to save before it went belly up



bump, she's on the right

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You in the cord?

the canada one yes

if thats what you meen


gelert#6617 message me there for it

kk, just posted something in hali

not on the one im in you didnt


no diff one message me on disc ill link you there

Who you got? Wanna trade on kik or?

Is there a Chinese girl in black panties in the bc thread in that disc? If so can you post her haha. My phone isn’t allowing me to make a new discord acct

you neeeeever have Guelph


Also would like to see this

Anyone got Filomena?

Anyone know a Jessica s from guelph now hammertown? Blonde, huge tits

Go on...

sure whats your kik


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of course.

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Don't think so


damn shame

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screw discord, post here.

added u


Ah ok, was just going to mention they were on there too

Someone please come through with this



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Jordan McEwen

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Anyone got the disc link? I have 905 6

anyone have?

damn not often you see on here, who??

yup 3


you got discord??

Cori is a smokeshow, more?

gg. 5kgagt

Love Guelph sluts, you from there?

if so we can chat there

I guess i could make one, just seems sketch to post here just to try and get people to dm somewhere else..

more private


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if you want to cool if not oh well

yeah but clearly you're not just willing to swap stuff. I'm good man

tits out

lol i def am just needs to be in a more private place gelert#6617 if you wanted to

nah but I know a few sluts who went to uGuelph

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Surrey central McDonald's manager

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up to you

nice. moar

if you dont have nudes of the blonde fuck off

604 surrey McDonald's manager

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Anyone have any 506?


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hey can I get an invite? I tried msging you on discord but it says your not accepting msgs

Such a QT. Known Sarah for years. Was hoping there'd be nudies.

More 604


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try again

Even more 604

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be cool if you did

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416 / alberta b

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nice. more plz

anyone haliburton


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originally from 506, now 613

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Fucking nice. Moar!

moar of these fat titties plz

if you insist

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Any Oshawa sluts? Will trade pics of chubby gf

I do insist
Where from in 506?

> stollen partial tp rolls from industrial dispenser

She's got some nice holes

I'd cum on her chest

She's hot af

She'd love that, fucking slut

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river valley area, west of fred. exact town would be rude. put your investigation hat on ;)

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Heard she had win out there, anyone got it?

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Didn't know they had pussy like that in maugerville. Damn

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250 vic i have lots of her so let me know if you want more

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Nope. Sorry.

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Can I get a name for a folder?

More of her

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any nudes?

they don't. maugerville is east of fred lol

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fuck I'm dumb. That pussy's too nice for Maugerville. Keswick?

further west than that.

enjoy this last one fellas.

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More of the Victoria 250 slut

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Prince William?
Damn is she a camwhore or something? Her holes are amazing.
I hope you fucked that tight pussy user



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Nope. Sorry

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You're just posting random names for more nudes.
I'm on to you

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She's hot af and no I thought it was someone I knew haha

Would have been interesting if you knew her

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God damn I'd love to fill that ass

It's a nice hole

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I can trade 506 Saint John on KIK, JimLaheyAnon Send first and ill send back.

Oh my fuck wish I knew her

I wish someone would recognize her

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Any videos? Make a mega or vola

Not tonight my dude
Bed time

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Rip sad times

a parting gift

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Meg D Hamilton Burlington

any 514/450?

What area

i might, whats her ig?wtv

why do u never post? who do u have anyway?


Shay s 250?

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who is she idunnno i just wanted a nme lol

Any other Victoria wins?

south shore mostly, but anywhere


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Where in South shore


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Fucking hot

I follow her on Instagram, seems like a slut

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I got Kelowna looking for others though or anywhere in Okanagan

bump for L and friends

403 Calgary


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403 Lucy

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403 Tamara

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