Celeb waifu thread

Celeb waifu thread.

Post pic to claim your waifu, first post claims the waifu!!! Let the battle begin!

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Im taking Chihiro and none of you can stop me.

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why her forehead so fucking big tho

And you choose the nastiest girl to ever taste fame.

mountain ogre DNA

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it's shopped my guy

the fuck is wrong with her face

claiming madi :)

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is that pic edited? because she legitimately looks like Quasimodo

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so your claiming in your tin foil head all the pics of her on the internet are shooped....

Take your meds schizo

FUCK YOU!!!! You dont talk about my waifu that way.

itt butthurt losers who didnt claim Maisie Williams like I did so their hatin

fuck me user i always thought this bitch had a broken face but this confirms it.

her face looking like it's splitting open from the middle

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You save you share

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Fuck off, this is a NON troll thread!

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could her arms be any hairier? Are we sure she isnt a yeti?

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Awh did a troll upset you OP? lol

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she looks like a young granny

this ugly bitch is the Pug of the humans.

she looks like she was hit in the face with a shovel.
it's like she came to an abrupt stop after doing 90mph into the actual stop sign.
as if she ran face first into Platform 9 3/4, and then realized that wizards are gay and that shit doesn't exist.
how much does a month of advertising cost to rent her billboard of a face?
is she a little downs-y? like, how related are her parents... really?

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Was this photo altered to make her look extra retarded?

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no way -- not on my /b

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Cmon, that's gotta be shooped

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Lmao is her face slightly shopped? Looks like she ran into one too many walls

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Amazing fucking body, but god damn her face is horrifying.

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Quasimodo thread?

whats wrong with her forehead? Its all wacked out like the greta girl


Strike the pose, VOGUE!

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Kendrick is waifu

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oops - wrong ccombo
try this one

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where's the pic of maisie williams with gigantic breasts?

... cuz she might have a less ugly sister?

Can someone take a hatchet to this bitch?
>whoops, someone already did

You mean this one?

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Where is this from? No google result.

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She’s an AYY LMAO

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You say its a non troll thread but you post picks of the troll Maisie Williams

ayy lmao

ayy lmao.

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This woman is like a 5-6/10 and she’s still miles better than the ogre OP posted

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is fucking a hobbit bestiality?

hobbit snatch