Enter bedroom

>enter bedroom
>see this
>wat do?

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tell her to spit shine my velcro sneakers

A picture from Playboy? Probably throw it away. Nice picture, but I don’t want something like around my room, I’ve got kids. And I’ve got better pictures on my computer.

Welcome back Ana & OP

Ask Ana if Natalina got into any trouble while the girls were away

speed bag

Check for penis

lol no

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She controlled herself around OP? That's surprising!

"well, OP fucked her several times. she doesn't consider that trouble."

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"She let's me fuck you babes, so I guess fair is fair, it isn't trouble."

you enjoy fucking us a lot, don't you?

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Spending time with you babes has quickly become one of my favorite pass-times! You make a cock feel like no other group of girls can

Because we're a group? not just one?

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You know you make my cock the hardest Natalina. But the group makes it so much more fun!

>You know you make my cock the hardest Natalina.
You sure about that?

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jerk off

Sorry patrycja. You know you and that fantastic ass are top 3, but Natalina is #1!

I would turn around and leave since I have obviously walked into someone else's house.

Still around?

this. I don't deserve her pussy or mouth.

Bitch better have my money.

Hire her as head recruiter for my human trafficking organization.

Walk past without batting an eye. Ignore her if she tries to talk or approach. Im not pretending like she doesnt exist, im acknowledging that she doesnt matter.

In all honesty. I'd check for cock, and if she has one would bang, if not then chop her up and eat.

Come back... I'm so horny and it was a shitty day

Good point, gotta remember that.

Come back!!

Get out of my bedroom whore. How did you get inside my house?

Stay alive thread

Bump again

Still keeping it alive

Another one!

One more for good measure

One more.. then OP has to remake