God-tier albums

God-tier albums

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probably the most overrated act after the beatles

Big L is one of the greats

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Great King Rat, most underrated song. Truly disappointed it was never recognized as a hit

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Still a great Album. As much as I love the Beatles I agree

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I beg to differ.

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highly recommend

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Just to listen to this band. Only old heads know this band or music enthusiast . It sucks I can't talk to anybody about them.

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if this was anyone other than johnny cash people would be saying it's an ugly and unflattering photo of an obese old guy

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Johnny Cash just had that "cool" about him.

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Nice one

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Super fucking god tier

Some real masterpieces here.

my favorite

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Literal 10/10 album

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if youre a fan of swedish death metal

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never heard any, but I like ac dc so I’ll probably like it

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Without a doubt the best rap album of all time

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I don’t know how to break this to you, bud...

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a challenger appears

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Damn good choice.

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Zoomers don't @ me

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Good Album

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Bowie was coked up to the eyeballs when he made it and it was a huge commercial success, but it really is a good album. You can put it on and listen from start to finish and it's all good.

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That description could apply to almost any album he ever recorded.

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Such a great album! I own it on vinyl

Best of the fucking best

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oh god yes, El Paso


Koktel Hitova - Roki Vulovic
I love myself some Yugoslav war music.

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Angel Dust by Faith No More (1992) it's their best album, front-to-back.

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Tatsuro Yamashita - Ride on Time


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Really good band

To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine daaaaaaay~

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To Pimp a Butterfly has entered the chat


great choice

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Even though Lou himself hated it, Transformer is one of the greatest albums of all time

So good


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keep an open mind

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I'm torn on this band I"ll post another one

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great fucking album

Was just thinking of this band for this thread.

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Phuck yes.

Bonobo- Dial M For Monkey

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Im leaning more towards Liar, but Great King Rat was solid too.

I don't know, sometimes its 5/8 and others its 6/4.
still pretty good though

I know someone is gonna say Abbey Road is better and that's a given. Although this is next the Sgt pepper. Fuck all you Beatles haters

"Hypnotize" will always be one of my favorite songs.

I forgot photo

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I too, like Kids On The Slope

I agree, i couldn't stop listening to it as a kid.

Mike General Fuckin’ Patton, and a whole other group of talented motherfuckers.

It’s strangely unknown, but brilliant.

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Wow, you really are retarded aren't you?

I prefer Revolver and Abbey Road and maybe The White Album.

But I'm Looking Through You is one of their best songs.

I second this notion!

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That's a weird looking Revolver album cover.

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Tru that homies

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Had to google it actually.I just really love jazz.

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Fuck yeah!
Small Victory, Midnight Cowboy

Revolver is a really good. It took me a while to appreciate The White Album. I agree great song.

I think it really depends on your mood. Revolver is probably one of their most chill albums and is good for vibing out. The White Album is just packed full of great songs and I'd say it's their most versatile album.

lol, I have a soft spot for rubber soul. I can't fight it.

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All of their shit is solid,
But this is my fav!

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Anything by the kings of brown!

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Yeah, I usually just play a mix of all. I know that they can accommodate to any mood I feel. Man that album is just amazing the best purchase of my adult life was the vinyl of The White Album, It's the cherry

Phenomenal album

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I came here to post this and Townes Van Zandt. Unreal albums

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