Just got back from the doctor, I'm clean from HIV, hep B, hep C, syphilis, gonorrhea...

Just got back from the doctor, I'm clean from HIV, hep B, hep C, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and maybe something else I can't remember. I just wanted to share because it was very nerve wracking waiting, even though I was pretty certain I had nothing.

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You should wash your hands more often if you keep getting that nervous.

I have pretty bad anxiety so it's normal for me to get nervous.

good on you OP

Thanks user :)


Everyone should check out the video above on Facebook (just fix the link It’s a cop beating a women and then arresting her before further abuse)

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lol, stop fucking traps my dud.

I've never had sex willingly, I got raped by a teacher 5 years ago and that's what I was getting tested for. I'm open to fugging traps tho I guess.

You probably didn’t have those because those are STDs.

According to your mom last night, you’re still a virgin

wait what? how old are you?

20. It was when I was going to a day hospital for anxiety because I had stopped going to school, and one of the teachers at the hospital took me into a classroom and raped me. I've only just started talking about it to my doctor and psychologist, but it's still kind of a sore spot.

>sore spot
so is ur ass

Kek it actually kinda is at the moment, I have a little tear on my ring but I'm pretty sure it's from taking a huge shit and not getting raped.

are you sure it was rape? what exactly happened?

you seen the commercial for some drug that makes your HIV undectable? what a country.

He asked me to come into the classroom to move some desks, the room was down a long hallway and partially underground which is freaky, and when we got there he told me to pull my pants down and so I did, I bent over a table and he raped me. He only did it once but it still sucked.

I haven't but that sounds cool

>when we got there he told me to pull my pants down and so I did
wow, hold it there champ, that's not rape. you just have consensual sex! why are you calling it rape?

Turd rape is real.

It's impossible to have been consensual even if I had said "please have sex with me now". For one thing I was underage, for two things I was his student, and for three things I was a patient in hospital under his care. The non consensual trifecta. Also I didn't want it so that's a forth thing.

don't give me that shit... did he put a gun on your head? did he beat the living crap of you? in your own words, all he did was to told you to put your ass and you did it. that's not rape... in fact, I'm pretty sure you enjoyed it.

imgur.com/8MADrkC 5

Idk user it was pretty scary and I was in hospital with severe anxiety, he didn't really need to threaten me at the time. One thing that I am ashamed about is that I did get a boner when I pulled my pants down, although it very quickly went away, it really wasn't very enjoyable.

Weird... You would of had to have relations with another person to contract those.

>I did get a boner when I pulled my pants down
see? you wanted it. sure... maybe it was scary cuz you know, first timer but you were more than willing to do it.
and of course you went soft right away. that's normal when you put something in your ass.
finally, if it wasn't enjoyable, was b'cuz it was your first time.