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I was raised as a nudist along with my year older sister, ask me anything.

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Do nudists shit with the door open?

Can I see you and your sister


I sure hope not. We never did, maybe my dad and I peed with the door open occasionally but it's kinda gross.

I'm not posting pics of her user, and tbh I don't really feel comfortable sharing pics of me.

No. We shit into each other mouths, but always with our doors closed.

Do you think we are animals or something? Dude.

Do you wear slippers?

I don't but my parents do. I wear socks around the place and I think my sister does too, although she wears slippers sometimes. I've never really thought about it though user.

Have you ever gotten your peepee hard by looking at your sister?

Was your sister ever spanked?

If you have friends over do you put clothes on? How do your friends from school feel about it?

Once that I remember, I asked if she had hair in her ass because I was starting to grow it and didn't know if it was normal, and she showed me a bit, but other than that I don't think so.

Nope, we didn't really even get yelled at.

A couple of our friends knew about it but no one joining in other than other nudists, and we certainly didn't force anybody to see us naked if they didn't want. My friends thought it was weird but don't care all that much, idk about my sister's.

What do you guys do if you or your dad get a random boner?

How old are you now? When was the last time you saw your sisters pussy?

Can you really see your sister naked and don't feel aroused?

We suck him.

I never saw him with one other than one time, and he immediately covered it with a towel. I got them occasionally around 10-13 and covered them for the most part too.

I'm 20. I haven't really seen her pussy exactly for years, but I'll still see her naked if we are visiting our parents, maybe once a week.

If anything my dick shrivels up a tiny bit. The memories of seeing her go through puberty haunt me, absolutely foul women are user.

I wish my parents got into that. I'd rather be nekkid all the time. There's a nudie place in Foster RI but I'm broke all the time. I just want a place to lay out and work on my skin cancer.

how old were you the first time you masturbated?

how did you learn to do it?

Sunscreen is important user. We only went to the beach on special occasions but it is a lot of fun. It's never too late to try it user.

I think I was 9, but maybe 10. I had an ipod touch and found porn on that through the ads on shocksites lol. Idk how I learned, I suppose it just felt good. Scared the shit out of me when I came though, it took me a solid week to get the balls to try it again in case I splattered the bathroom wall again.

Were your parents cool for your sister to have a boyfriend over and for her to get fucking in her room? Ever see her in a sexual situation?

at 9/10? i was surprised i shot at 10. i had been humpingpillows my whole life

I never saw her in a sexual situation beyond a couple of times catching her probably masturbating, but she denies it. She had a couple of boyfriends but I don't think that they were having sex while other people were home. If they were I never noticed. I had a few girls over and my parents were cool with that though, as long as we used condoms.

I hit puberty way too early. I kinda wish I got to experience dry orgasms but it's whatevs.

dry orgasms are the best. only time i sweated as a kid was when i was humping my pillows. wish i knew enough to cherish it

Was being around females that were not your sister difficult after you became sexually aware ? We’re other females receptive to boners ?

ever got hard in front of your family?

I don't know why but since Christmas I've started getting wet dreams, I've never had them before in my entire life but they suddenly started now at 20 and it's fucking awesome. Even if I missed out on dry orgasms, at least I finally get to experience waking up to a nice wet surprise.

It was pretty easy for me to be naked around other girls, although doing it in a sexual situation is still weird and nerve wracking.

A few times around puberty but I just covered up, it was pretty embarrassing for everyone so it was best left unspoken about lol.

i don't bother with screen. if i'm at the ocean the seawater is the best and i don't spend the whole day there. coconut oil and/or fresh aloe gel is all i need. i have a few places i can get out to but there's sometimes the possibility of being seen not that i'm shy but people are so easily offended these days. people hate speedos but it's as close as i can get to nekkid.

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My dude you need to bother with the sunscreen. As an Australian I've seen all too many people get skin cancer an cark it early.

Y-y-you too user

are your parents pedos though

Nope, at least not around us. My dad is into bestiality stuff though if that counts, I find it in his history a couple of times. I don't get it though, animals aren't attractive like that.

ive never had a wet dream. always been masturbating too often. i dont understand the appeal when you can orgasm instead

Sometimes I sleep through the orgasm and that is fun but a little disappointing, but occasionally I wake up just as it happens and it's magical. It's a surprise that is made of pure pleasure.

Nice photo. saved.

I don't get out that much these days and don't really care about the cancer. if i don't have it yet it's too late. thanks for the warning, though.

>I don't really feel comfortable sharing pics of me
confirm fat fuck

I have a bit more fat than I'd like but not overweight by any means. I'm more worried about doxing tbh. Years ago I was doxxed on some forum and it made me cautious.

Ever ordered food and answered the door nude?

Absolutely not, that would be a big no no. Nobody ever saw us nude that was prepared for it, except when we were little kids but that's different. We always had shorts on standby or robes.

Wasn't prepared*

Or a dude

when it's winter time, do you put on clothes or stay nude?

I am indeed a dude my dude.

I'm Australian so it never gets super duper cold, at least where we are, but yeah we wear clothes if it's cold. We have a spa (hot tub) at our parents house and we used that a ton in the winter.

It's fine to wear clothes and it's fine to not wear clothes. But wearing faggot shit like a Speedo with a swim cap should be punished by death 6

Not him but fuck off speedos are based. This pic is of PRIME MINISTER (that means top dog in Strayan) Tony Abbott wearing one, this is peak man.

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do you have pets?

We had a cat growing up who was a nudist too. She died though :'(

would others consider your sister "attractive"? she have full bush?

She's attractive, definitely conventionally pretty. She does have a full bush and I think armpit hair last I noticed, but that's probably just a faze. I don't think either of us trimmed or anything growing up, it just wasn't an issue.

This thread sucks donkey balls. Post sister nude or gtfo.


how is a cat a nudist? i thought most cats don't wear clothes outside of photo ops.

>We had a cat growing up who was a nudist too

The difference is our cat didn't wear any clothes even during photo ops.

have u ever been to a nude beach?

Yeah, maybe 2 dozen times. We mostly went as kids, but regular beaches were closer so we usually went to them. I quite enjoy nude beaches though, I like that at least the one we went to was less crowded.

thats hawt. you guys take naked family photos?

There are the usual nude baby pictures but we would dress up for photos.

besides clothing, was there anything different comparing nude beaches to regular beaches?

Not really, it's mostly just normal people that go to them.

Ryan from funhaus?

oh shit