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CO thread

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Fuck greenies

Anyone got any of a girl named Marie Larsen?




>Marie Larsen


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Yeah, she was 97... but she was a freak

Jessica Dobis. Works at that hot chick cafe on Colfax

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Post girls from Silverton and Ouray.

She goes to CU and there’s so many stories of her taking BBC

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Nah post girls from Stapleton

Any girls named Beth? Last name starts with M?

2 biggest sluts at Boulder

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miranda from boulder/denver


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Which one?

More right?

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The Colfax and Dahlia one

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Ayyyy Denver fag reporting. I drive up to boulder most weekends for pussy

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Any CSU wins?

I’ve got a whole mess of nudes from the 80ish girls I’ve hooked up with from tinder in the past couple years. anything in particular you fags wanna see?

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holy balls keep going


Anyone of them named Marie? If so post them

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soon, brother

nigga what

Phone glitched out for a minute meant to share another picture

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Anyone have any of her? I know she be on tinder

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Better check on your cows, bro

Can’t post any of the nudes I have of whores I’ve fucked here in Denver but my kik is carloslol16 if anyone wants to trade

nobody wants to trade, post them in the thread or fuck off

Just post them

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got any of my ex? lorraine gezzi?

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Anyone have her?

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Only got one more of her

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Lived in Lakewood by a highschool?


Idk where that exactly is. She lives by DU/cherry creek mall I think

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Ahh, the one I know is in her 40s

Unfortunate. Make a tinder and try to find this Marie and get nudes

Anyone have a Chelsea that stripped a few years back? Had a lower lip piercing, might not be there now.

Anyone got any nude CU sluts?

Anyone have wins of christine jiron

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Maybe hbu you got any wins?

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Snaps of girls who give nudes easily?

Post em

Bro I’m asking for them

Yeah all these

you got any ladies from pueblo you can share on here

Fuck. Where is she?

any of k shipman

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Denver. She works at this lingerie cafe off of Colfax and Dahlia called HotChickCafe

There’s a lot of good shit of her on ig hotchickalattecoffee

How the fuck have I not heard of this place?

I wanna fuck Jessica on the right

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Fuck Transplants!

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Any Fort Collins wins?

What’s that Fort Collins snap focosnaps?

Just became a buffs fans

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>anyone named padme

Oh my Colorado has great water lol

fuck off


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Someone needs to get nudes from her. Names Erin Clark

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Any Sheridan/Englewood girls?

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Serena a

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Any of this MILF?

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Any more for Pueblo?