What's her story?

What's her story?

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Internet’s property now

she is an internet famous slut?

legit one of the finest little asses I've ever seen posted on Cred Forums

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

with that in mind, I first saw her posted on Cred Forums by someone claiming to be her boyfriend. also claimed she's a medical doctor.

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She's an Indocrinologist out of houston and is one of the best in her field. Like most people who are successful she also has some kinky sides to her and must have made someone mad who exposed her and all her photos. Lots of nudes, preggo pics, and her fucking her husband. She's also from Romania and likely has a sexy ass accent.

Thats the story now stop asking

Doctor from Romania with greek name, might be one of those commie greeks that got expelled from Greece after the civil war and were hosted by communist countries

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She's stupid hot

Pretty amazing. Nudes?

Hot AF

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Yep indeed, much better than most of the Romanian prostitutes that i see in Greece
Are you regarded?

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Who wants to trade then? I got a mega and ill start a vola

Post rare ones

Nice shaved pussy

Gorgeous woman

Amazing pic

Here is what i have got

ibb dot co/album/ne3L6F

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she is fucking hot

Excellent collection!

She's fucking amazing

Dr Cristina from Yale

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got about 133 images on mine

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Upload them on the same site as i did

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Yup a few of them

Omg she's perfection.. anything showing her full frontal preggo?

imgur.com/pO2ZZli 4

I adore this babe

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And love her tits and nipples

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I don't. Maybe the other poster does...

I do but I wanna trade for pics of this chick

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Incredible woman. Porn worthy body, red carpet smile and Yale doctor.. would marry

Great titties

She's fucking stunning...

Wonder how does she feel Knowing that strangers analyse her nipple shape lol

imgur.com/vWMGgLp 4

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Wow wow wow

Ill post one of them sure

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vola dump


that is quite the dump

can you put all the preg ones in there?

Yeah, shes a good doctor.

Im dumping everything

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love her vids

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Does she have any??

She doesn't have any

That her??? First time see this

thanks user

How do I use this

they aren't long, but they are glorious


I don’t think she gives a fuck; she’s hot and successful and a bunch of mouth breathers are drooling over her...

Delicious doctor pussy

Maybe gets wet little bit

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