Sup fags, anyone else getting fucked up this evening?

Sup fags, anyone else getting fucked up this evening?

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R those Roxie's? Where r u? Hmu.

they’re oxys , i’m in jersey

I am sober right now. Did you ever think how it's to live sober all your fucking life? That's fucking disgusting and I want to die, because in Russia you can't get the good stuff for getting high in peace. We only have vodka - but that will make you batshit mad at everything.

can’t you get bud in russia 6

I am allergic to alcohol. I want to smoke some pot of sniff some snow - but I fucking can't. And I have no friends.

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come to the states and i’ll get you high buddy

Enjoy your rock hard shit.

I am poor as fuck and sober. I literally can't buy even a bottle of vodka - because will be no food for me for a month. That's the fucking problem.


stay outta my state u fucking pill abusing crackhead. you can fuck right off having to stand next to your kind at Wawa like you're the same level of human being I am. Fucking drug addicted idiot, posting pictures and bragging about it on Cred Forums. get help before you OD.

>makes you mad
You're drinking too much stoli fren

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Guess its time to move to californa bro.
Or alaska.
Seems to be russians main choices of states 3

Even if I sell everything I have and some of my organs - it's not enough for moving to the USA. And I am not russian(I am gypsy).

Lol @ still wasting money on Roxy's, Vs no less. Just get good dope and accept ur addiction. I'm in Jersey too and one bag = four of your v's. dr0child on wickr

no chance to learn a marketable skill where you are?