Women you wanna see get fucked and groped by middleschool boys

Women you wanna see get fucked and groped by middleschool boys

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Spurting their young semen all over those tits

she needs it

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psych teacher and social worker

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These sisters i’ve always had this fantasy. kik jayymaggs for more

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All 3 of them draining a bunch of boy balls

Tied up and helpless

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Horny boys on all fours, eyes squeezed shut as they just throat fuck the girls lying on the floor

Fuck, just throating them while they struggle to breath and drowning in preteen cum

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imgur.com/HrNZxLi 2

imgur.com/HrNZxLi 3

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This girls bf around?

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she fucked her 14 year old student

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Feminists need to be raped by boys. Prove me wrong.

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This thread needs more women that have actually fucked middle school boys, not just girls that need it.
Pic related, Ms. Kohl.

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Math teacher

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Love to hear about it

How young was the boy she let pump her holes

14. This was when she was a senior in college. She teaches middle school English now.

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She no doubt has eyes on some of the boys in her class

She's been teaching for a few years now. In all likelihood she's either cleaned up her act or already started hooking up

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Which girl could handle those middleschool boys best?

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Story goes that the kid was constantly in detention. They bonded over the fact they they both had shitty parents. Started out giving him handjobs if he would stay out of trouble.

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She'd happily breed with a skinny white boy

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which one would cry?

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Did it work?

No more detention. But that just meant they needed another place to meet up after school.

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disc server



Imagine her deep throating a black boy

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more of her?

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They probably drive around when school gets out looking for cute young boys to shake their tits at

He’s start unloading in seconds

this student teacher

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Holy fk she looks like a women I had a crush on when I was 11

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Just qualified as a teacher

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Field trip to the beach

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think she likes them young

she needs to be pounded by boy cock

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More of her user?

Gf once again

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she student teaches 5th graders right now

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if she drowned a few of them would grope her body and reveal her tits before they got help

they def all want to fuck her

Answer the question anons

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u know her?

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I'd ask the teacher how a pig got in the classroom

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not really (if it is her)

I think cg is right, wanna chat about her on kik or disc?

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Mmmm fucking leaaahh

Holy fuck

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And they have to be Hispanics

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Got some wins of her if interested

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More of that ass

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Leah would 100% be abused by shota cock

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Oh good lord yess imagine how much cum she'd receive

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She'd get enough boys to completely coat her gigantic fucking tits in cum.

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shes ready to have horny boys unleashing those tits and drinking from her huge nipples

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I'd love to see her body under the groping hands of a group of horny middle schoolers, squeezing her huge tits

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god damn

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Leah is a perfect shota titcow. Any middle school boy would want to take her after first seeing her.

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tits made to be groped and sucked on

They deserve her too every boy should have a chance to play and cum all over those fat tits

They're just always on display for any middle school boy to just grope .

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God damn yes they are

She needs to get violently titfucked by young shota cock.

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those fat tits should get passed around

any name? image search gives nothing.

Jugs like that deserve to be owned by the naive boys

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she needs to take responsibility for getting them all horny

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imgur.com/9ki5ZdA 2

God would I love to see those bare huge tits flopping around as she's chased naked through an open field by horny school boys. Brats half her age jeering at her and calling her a whore.

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Hot as fuck.

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they‘ll do much more than that once they catch her

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Oh, how I would love to see her share a Ferris wheel carriage with a few rowdy middle school boys who think its too hot for all those clothes she's wearing

Post more with her face if you have it. It's one of the best parts about her.

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Ready to be milked

These captchas are bending me over and having their way with me

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She's obviously prime gang bang material for any normal person. Especially so for horny boys.

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Yeah, I'd spurt sticky ropes all over that freckled face. Thanks for posting, user.


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Clever little boys got blackmail and now have a cumslut.

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so many horny brats, every part of her would be used

Bless you, user. I've saved all of her pics. Any feet? Or more belly? Anything of her is great though.

imgur.com/9iaaRIq 3

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Minor belly exposure

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imgur.com/T35gHr5 4

imgur.com/T35gHr5 2

Great fuckin' look. I'll bet she fucks like a minx.

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I'd love to have a go at her, this tight fuckin bod

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Absolutely. I'd lick her from head to toe.

She wants it, look at her

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Favorite pic you've posted so far. I'd get dirty with her for sure. Lick her pits, and then slide in her while her feet were in my face.

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Don't stop, she wants you to take her rough

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She would enjoy shota fuck

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Getting a blow job from her with that short hair would feel amazing. Push her head down until she chokes on my dick.

She would be great for a group of younger lads

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Control this tight little shorthair tomboy slut, make her your toy

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Can you just imagine her running away from a group of youngsters, then they catch her.

Man, saved everyone and squeezed out a load before the girlfriend got home. She's fuckin' great. Thanks again for posting her, user.

Glad Millie helped you cum, she'd be so happy to hear another load was spilled for her



imgur.com/q45WJfZ 2


Does anyone remember the big titted brunette from the naked bike ride set? She had flowers painted on her toys and two ugly flat chested friends.

She needs to be fucked by boys, hard until her tits bounce.