Halt! You are approaching a SS checkpoint, show your pass or roll dubs to bluff your way past...

Halt! You are approaching a SS checkpoint, show your pass or roll dubs to bluff your way past, remember though only jews get singles

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Looks like the first jew of the day has already been caught, always knew your kind were dumb

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Looks fine to me, go on through

Line up on the wall juden


Religion isn't genetics

*cough* *bang* *cough*

Not a Jew swear

They keep on coming

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Don’t mind me.

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Go on through pepe, there was no need for you to roll

You gunna say how you feel user or are you gonna mutter like a wuss?

May I pass?

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Nien, line up

Nien, line up with linus there

!Well of Fortune!

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Now jump down the well of misfortune jew

Heil Hitler

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Look up


Don't try your luck jew

I don't take commands from jews

Don't mind me

Lineeeeeeeeeeee up


Blonde hair blue eyed aryan marching through.

Minded, line up

Mein gott, didn't think I'd get so many jews

Coming through

Into the gas chamber... filthy jew

No goy here

No you're not, line up

Technicality went through the checkpoint before first time 22 pop still good

Nice try, lines full now. Executions will be done via cliff now, shall I throw you over or will you jump

Hello fellow SS officer! I am here to help with the extermination of the six million. *wink wink*

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And this is the last time you'll go through

Jew passing through

yes... 6 million, now 6 million and 1... jump

Nooooo you're not

Lemme in

M-may I pass? I too am a fellow military policeman. . .

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Make sure it's shallow


imgur.com/HrNZxLi 2


not a jew. will strip naked for inspection and show my foreskin if i don't get doubles.

Oy vey! What is all this traffic for? A road block? What do you mean a roadblock? Those damn goys are alwa- *ahem* Well hello officer! Beautiful day! Jews? Nope, can't say I've seen any Jews lately. How many shek- er, I mean how much money to pass through?

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With the amount of your kind coming through I'd have to use the grand canyon... jump or push?

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Hold on one word


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Lots of Jews today.

69... I'll make an exception, n-nice

Can I pass, I'm a nigger

Jump or push?


Show your foreskin.

Simple parachuting ribeye

Der Schwimment

*sigh* my arm is starting to hurt now, back to the line... firing squads ready

Ah finally, go on through doctor

Ack, seems I misread

Shot in the back of the head, you filthy Juden.

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Are you trying to falsify my authority jew?

Let me pass I know Hitler

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And he won't remember who you are in a week, turn around and get on your knees


>Said the Juden

Execute him!

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Ah but you see, I only show my dubs when needed... the others are false rolls to draw out the jews, split point or regular bullet to your skull jew?