Alright Cred Forumsros I'm crushing on my married boss. I need to take my mind off shit. Unleash thy folders...

Alright Cred Forumsros I'm crushing on my married boss. I need to take my mind off shit. Unleash thy folders. no gay shit. Please avoid Asian unless its god=tier.

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Why not just fuck her? I presume your boss is female

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OP is misreading a female's inability to properly lead with sexual attraction, that's why.

Yeah, i want to andshe knows and fucks with me. I know she toying with me. She's smart.

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just one more

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More reason he should fuck her. Talk to her if she seems sad, ask if she's ok, say he's there to talk if she needs, gently put his hand on her shoulder, lean in for a cuddle, a muzzle becomes a kiss, he lifts her top, he pushes his hand into her knickers and his fingers into her pussy, she cums, wants more, they fuck every night when the office closes

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That works in about 12% of life.

Gotta read them women right. They have to be complaining about an current man and his lack of interest before you can even think about making a mild move to fuck a boss.

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capcha is being annoying. i'm going as fast as i can

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What works in the other 88% of life?

I wish this was my boss

Nah, you're just dumb and let your dick run your mind. A woman doesn't need to be smart to take advantage of that.

Long dinner short. I really can't be in a romantic setting with her. She makes it awkward. It's more like when will it happen. we both feel this tension

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you know left is asian right lmao

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true, but she's sees through me. Not everybody can do that. My family is oblivious to my personality. I'm truly this emotionless drone. She's intuitive plusm my dick didn't take notice until about 3 months after I met her. These feelings are recent.

i really hate captcha sometimes

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yea. but from the back you can't really tell. It's the right one

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Just fuck her and get a bonus payrise