Hunger Games

Hunger Games

Give me 24 tributes for an Area 51 Raid.

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Dlanor A. Knox

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Best Korea

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The Amused Seal

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Detective Lindy

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What you want me to do with that?

Rosa "Best Mom" Ushiromiya

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Intellectual Rapist

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OP just checking are you still there


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Nutella Girl

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Big Tits Kylie

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Still here.

Seamus O’Connor O’Neill O’Reilly O’Malley O’Sullivan

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Veruca Salt

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Don't know if we'll get a game, so goodnight guys.

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o-ok user, thanks for trying anyway, sorry Cred Forums is so gay now

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Jennifer Lawrence-Weinstein

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Guys OP is gone, maybe another time.

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Well lookie here

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damn rigger

Alright, lightning round like the other night, shouldn't be awake anyways

Don't be a nig and tell the others when there's a game

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where’s the raping!
I mean reaping

also thank you

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I'll give you a raping if you dont stfu

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Well, shit.

5 shillings on Katniss then.

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Don't forget the drunk code
Bye bye

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5 Shillings, 5 Killings

thanks for hosting