YlYl - we hate niggers edition

YlYl - we hate niggers edition

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Actual true story inbound:
>My father raped me and I cumded like a baws
>My mom is in prison
>Sister killed herself

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what a fucking asshole

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Rad as shit

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there is literally nothing wrong with 2, 3, 5 or 6

I've personally done 2 and 3.

Hopefully, my skill will increase so that I can also do 5 and 6.

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shoulda kept riding

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Before i beat up a well tanned gentelman, i say "ooga booga nigga, ooga booga booga. Do you like anal, boy?" This shocks them so much that most of the times they dont even defend themselves.

Ooga booga booga. Nigga.

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This is surely the fault of systemic racism and had that not been a factor that wonderful young man would certainly have ended up a doctor or a lawyer some day

Laughing at all the small dick niggers right now.

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is this cultural enrichment in the UK?

am i glad they fucked off

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Jokes aside...black people smell like shit and onions. prove me wrong. protip: you cant

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any more? Love this kind of stuff

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Ok I lost kek!

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Peanut butter was invented by the Aztecs

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Looks like Greta at the beginning lmao

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This looks like an adoption.

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Always my brother. White pride,world weid

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funny and sad :(

good bean. I like the snake pepe

Is the real background so polluted with their industrial waste that they use a 2003 picture instead?

Worldstar GAYhop

When you smash A to prevent the evolution

I saw the webm of that with sound yesterday i lmao'd my ass off

Should've run him over stupid nigger

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Why is it niggers cant pick up irony?????? Because...the only thing they can pick up is cotton,kek

I believe you mis-spelled "nigger"

Actually seething.

Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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(Insert the noise DK makes)

i can't tell you how much i love how much this pisses you off.

its called having a double standard sweetheart. we both got em and now the only thing left to do is see who has the most survivors.

civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020! civil war 2020!


Same reaction as a troop of monkeys.

Based. I don't even care which side you're on, let's fucking go already.

truth is, in an actual civil war the right would win so hard that martin luther king would come back from the dead just to commit suicide. we've got the army, police, politicians, and the biggest network of financial backers. we could glass entire blue states with nukes and make it a capital offense to even mention they ever existed.

libs should thank us for even allowing them to pretend to exist as equals.

Gotta love the irrational arrogance and sense of entitlement niggers have. Like, how dare a trolly run on its designated track while that negro is trying to ride someone else's bike on that same track!


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Go for it

is there any benefit of using 2 over the standard 1?


for what?

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gotta wait for the big-guy to give the go ahead. so it'll probably be after he wins the next election. perfect excuse for the libs to chimp out enough for us to rev up the helicopters.

Hopefully you

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so edgy

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Tal vez ex tune Degenress Huntersville sido et mejor David Abner filius Ner.

Alioquin dixit. Tablas de elección discriminación y. Hic in America, habemus magna album de Los Hombres mujeres y la ciudad, que un gran dia es para Celebridades regionibus addidit. Por generatim solam animam viventem, quae est paulo unus-postesque, y lo que del grupo puede fumigans in finem. Xéneros facilioris Transmissus version. Un gran es hombre y es el mejor mundi. Maldición, versum poetica. congelamiento Comun. Get desalado acosado MT Ciceronis por y las mujeres. Nos estadounidense en convertirá campester. Esta es una Iglesia de la pasado y estimacion postea del. Implementation Lagnance Juega ningun opera. Ex usus est, quaedam dira ¿Es in Babylonem, o en la muerte?


Angiospermae en la Haye de cosas aream fastigio oppidum cingebant. Societas Muerte dolor hasta Entonces esta siendo vergonzosa seguira bellum.

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Speak American, nigger!

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No tú


The last is like.
> Oh water will cure her brain damage

At the end of Accidental Racist by brad Paisley, LL Cool J actually says "I'd like to thank Abraham Lincoln for freein me" or something

lost hard

I don't get it? Explain? A child got murdered?

how do you defeat the left in a civil war?
Simple: you just ask to speak to their leader and watch them start infighting until you win by default.
If by chance there's a real leader that emerges and discipline the party, you can bet your ass it's not gonna be "leftist" anymore

Hiiii, I'm Claire

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Anymore of the met sluts?

l loled! lost!

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>nigger behind them steal the thing he dropped

not being a nazi is not normal.

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>little sister colours in pepe drawings done by her 34 year old brother to distract her while her mother fucks random niggers in the next room


you post only evil niggers but there are good niggers too

>there are good niggers too
Only the ones that were domesticated into humans

I hate niggers, but I love getting breed by their huge bbc, what do I do?

Stop being an faggit

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become an hero, and help save the environment

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Dont forget Lincoln was a slave owner and Mary-Todd's father was a very wealthy slaver who gave them blacks as gifts at one point
Or that Lincoln had his home state excluded from the emancipation proclamation
Or that he supported the Dredd Scott decision and said if he could've resolved the war without the abolition of slavery then he would've
Nevermind that, Lincoln is a good ol boy

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They seriously think that some Chinese exchange student walking by would read this and think "oh hot damn I need to attend that!"

Racism exists only for white people, so they will quietly tolerate being flooded out of their own countries, until it's too late. Somewhere between 2012-'16, the left or their masters, thought they had the magic number and turned on white people hard. Anyone that can't see they tipped their hand, is an absolute fool.

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Die in a Fire!


I ain't reading that crap

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Here;s the picture book version.

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Sup mask and wetsocks

Good, good.

the civil war was not fought to free blacks.

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it was fought to give southerns something to keep bitching about 160 years later


that is not the point

The Sopranos

>21.5% of all black children ae born to teenagers
>shows a woman who looks about 38

no it is actually.

Thanks good sir, I don't know how I missed that part when I watched it.

This criminal should rotten in prison.
No reason justify his acts.

are you trying to invalidate it because you have an opinion on how someone looks in a random picture?
come on now, how do you know its not a picture of an unwed mother? does it matter?

What's going on here?

>racism is only applicable to whites
Cant bait me sir

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It's season 6b, Vito's son goes a bit reatarded after hsi dad get killed and starts doing weird shit

Pet niguana

That's not racism, it's humor.

Not trying to invalidate it, I just think whoever put it together is a retard

>KY excluded
Many coastal states were because it was just too vital to the economy in those areas.
Which is ironic, as that was the sole point of the confederacy. Slavery was already on it's way out in the south via slow removal because to outright abolish slavery wouldve sank the economies of half the states in the country. The Union didnt give two shits (despite it having zero impact on them) and demanded otherwise. It means the war was started - all those people were killed and farms razed - for effectively nothing
Not to mention The Union was almost entirely fueled by Irish slavery. Remember the new york draft riots?

could be, but did you not consider the fact that it might be a picture of an unwed mother? maybe YOU are the retard.

would it not have been more of a statement to use a pic of a 15 year old unwed nigress holding a baby?

>fueled by Irish slavery
"Me and a hundred more
to America sailed over,
our fortunes to be made we was thinking.
But when we got to Yankeeland
they shoved a rifle in our hands,
sayin 'Paddy you must go an fight for Lincoln.'"

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idk, isnt that just your opinion? how can a 15 year old be married? would it just look like it was her little sister?

Tell you what, find a picture like that, put it in and post it and i will save it over the copy i have.

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I guess that's what he deserves for having a faggot as a father.

If they really want to do something about teen pregnancy then treat it like the crime it is, jail the mother, jail the father both until the child is 18 and give the child to childless couple on adoption waiting lists, sure you’ll need a lot of jail space for all the little whores (boy and girl whores) simple fence off large parts of the Midwest and make them work prison farms. Or even better build a dome above the arctic circle electrify the dome then put a 2 inch thick rubber coating on the inside of the dome, put the prison in the dome and tell the kids you have to produce some item like jeans, your quota is x pairs monthly if you dip below the quota we will cut heating by that same percent if you want it back then you have to raise quota by that much next month. And seriously jail both parents for 18 years the little shits should know better, and it isn’t hard to get birth control these days.


Attached: 1582728591921.jpg (500x500, 27K)

And I’m not talking about the pregnant teens mother and father I’m talking about jailing the pregnant teen and her baby’s father.

come on now, do the work, edit it into the picture, its not hard, you can do it in fucking paint.


Why didn't the operator just go around him?

6 and 5 are how we are designed to shit.
It cleans you from the ears down

Fairly accurate.

>diversity budget

>liking this soy cuck

Now thats some strong delusions.

Ping me when red states stop needing handouts to survive, let alone wage war.

Adam is a good guy. I've not seen anything about him, other than needing to survive in the California media industry, that makes him a cuck. Tradesman, loves guns, loves being his own man. Him and Jamie taught more to the American and global public, than schools have in decades.

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Considering the democrats were the confederacy and the republicans were the union in the civil war it seems like you niggers are on the wrong side of history.

what a chad, establishing dominance like that

I want the unicorn pepe on a t shirt


Like black people??

West Coast, is the new South, as I see it. Same exact game plan too. Wont give up their cheap labor, brown folk. Fly their own rainbow flag. Anti-American, in every possible way. Purposely let themselves get divided, as opposition to ghosts. Completely unrealistic about any hope of winning in a real war.

if you were to kick this nigglets on the face and had this very same webm to show as evidence, would you still be in trouble? I mean it pretty clear it was to stop them from beating that white girl

Quadriceps check

Either a based girl or faggot soy male.

Yeah they also took thousands of latvians to stuthoff and gdanks and never let them go of the work camps. Not saying commies treated them better tho


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Welfare is the state giving citizens, not the federal government giving poor red states handouts.

At least texas is net positive, no wonder its on the path to flipping.

The civil war era democrats were right wing, try learning to read and then you'd know about the party switch that happened down the line.

Attached: non-payers-by-state.jpg (525x387, 135K)

Can you honestly say you trust the history of this era, as it's presented? With everything we've uncovered together, on the internet, in the last couple of decades? The internet is the new village bonfire, we come here and talk. Some is real, some is not, but we all learn together. Who is constantly trying to extinguish this bonfire? Why do they do it? Why is the "asshole of the internet", the last place for unfiltered discussion?

The west coast is dependent on cheap labor, is that why it has the most sophisticated industries, the highest average and median household income, and pays the most in federal taxes?

Talk about delusion. Remind me, when was the last time right wing politics won any "real war" ?

Attached: tax-v-revenue.png (814x497, 181K)

Couldn't find the origin of my old map. This is the newest one. Cali is the Walmart of states, literally. Makes tons of money, but is a determent to the the country and it's people, in the process.

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havent seen this pasta in a long time

>2020, niggers as considered as humans

Yes, gravity litterally sucks the shit out of your ass like magic, its the real natural way of shitting

>The west coast is dependent on illegal labor

abbos are too pure for this world

Here's another fine match.
>but higher populations though!
Quality over quantity.

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Amazed they didn't rape her too. The apes are evolving. Becoming a bit more civilized

Needed a kike law, to make them not be seen as animals... Where is personal accountability? Why must "equality" be enforced? This is the hurdle we must overcome.

Only includes England and Wales

Rodney king more like it

"South Africa: Farm Attacks on Whites"

You’re too stupid to understand either per capita spending or the other user’s point about state vs federal expenditures on public welfare benefits. You should move to California.

Uk is kill

That's a pretty shitty overlap, and if you wanted to know the correlation you could do it better than just kinda looking at it on your monitor.

I'm originally from Miami. Here's my Elementary School.

Attached: EndGameDiversity2.png (768x508, 48K)

Greta finally found her place.

Here's the neighbor/district, for that school.

Attached: Down the street.png (1540x670, 1.96M)

"South Africa: Farm Attacks on Whites"

Attached: 00A29BE3-2607-476D-B474-39A3930BC144.jpg (621x899, 249K)

Why are you showing me this you tard?

>you could do it better than just kinda looking at it on your monitor

Attached: Little Friend.png (1000x685, 1.03M)

>see the how
I don't speak negroid

Attached: Them.png (688x539, 332K)

Where? I've been looking for it

Checked? Checked what new faggot? What is it that you're checking? What? Get the fuck of my board and never come back you aids ridden fucking homo

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Aw man civil war 2.0 is really gonna be the right vs left isn't it. That's kinda lame

Attached: 1578338998721.jpg (895x1024, 91K)

Attached: snapshrek.png (1083x775, 1.2M)

Texas has become more red since 2016. More conservatives from other states are coming to Texas while potheads move to Colorado and illegals find refuge in California.

Companies are leaving New York and California on an epic scale.

Attached: VERTILIDAD.jpg (640x900, 143K)

if this video doesn't make you rage....

Attached: NV2003.jpg (2480x1488, 1.96M)

Attached: 20200227_104505.jpg (444x446, 83K)

I grew up shitting 6 for some reason, from when I can remember until i was like 10 I shit 6 every day

Top kek

blinker was broken. he couldn't signal lane change

Vito, nooo!

Civil War era Democrats were not right wing. They believed in social status and refused to recognize individualism.

American Right Wing Conservatives valued all equally and granted freedom to slaves, rights to minorities, and women to vote.

No party switch ever occurred once.

Democrats even today still suggest segregation is better and only use blacks to virtue signal rather than improving anyone's life ever.

Conservativism is not to conserve the traditional past but an effort to expand individualism. Conservatives suggest free speech is crucial and the ability for an individual to protect themselves is crucial.

Your silly notion that a switch occurred ignores the base principles that each party holds which has never changed from Slave owning Democrats to virtue signaling Democrats.

Attached: 1579182950497.jpg (720x710, 55K)

Nigga, get your black ass outta here!

Fucking faggot bitch. You should have lurked moar new fag.

Whatever method you use, please just:

Attached: 1576666668524.jpg (1024x503, 68K)

definitely. out here on the west coast we call it the turkish squat. you can also lean forward on the toilet and touch your nipples to your kneecaps. your log comes out cleaner, smoother, and in one piece and your bowels get more of a thorough evacuation.


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The absolute state of the UK

True history that is real incoming:
>me 17
>sibling dateing some one
>papa say not going to last long
>soon later sibling say 'it over'
>tell papa he predict exactly what was too happrn
>mfw papa profetic liek Nostradomas

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750£ to celebrate sodomites

Sure thing, bro

Cry more, you weird little bitch.

The party switch is a myth. Fucking educate yourself, tard.

i mean most of those are coastline citys im sure that effects things

No shitting in the car

so the parent just films this shit, fuck it all

ITT: deluded polfags, nice brigade cocksuckers

Attached: trump.jpg (204x250, 11K)

I hate that this concedes that black people "invented" dread locks. No one "invented" them at all. Dreads are what happens to ALL people's hair when you grow it out and don't ever comb it, regardless of race.

Meanwhile, black women go crazy for the straightener, and add extensions. If anything, black women are appropriating white people's hair (not that white people would ever give a shit). Black hair would never be straight naturally. White hair dreads naturally. So who's really stealing culture from whom?

>major cities on the east, west, gulf coasts where there are jobs
>immigrants go there instead of bumfuck North Dakota


Attached: Screenshot_20200226-124728_Opera.jpg (1078x1641, 282K)

unusually organized


True story! I promise

Can anyone post the original please

The first gay pride was a riot against the police, so faggots wont even like this.

all this time and effort and you didn't take away the black bars before posting the image?


Attached: g234iphy.gif (500x359, 181K)

This is an adoption. That baby is way to black to be mixed

Attached: 1581810606791.jpg (1247x706, 134K)

Because you are the retard looking at it and commenting. Don't worry summer will be here soon, so you can practice social maturity and lurk moar

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It was a part of it although not explicitly stated because people today won't fight for a nigger imagine how hard it would be back then. Slavery was bad for the economy and the working class.
Lincoln also wanted to say fuck you to the south in a big way

Fuck off you fucking scottish twat

>statistics aren't true because the picture doesn't properly express them

That "party switch" you are talking about is pure bullshit completely new senators and congressmen from the south were voted in over 30 years. You niggers act like there was an instantaneous switch when there were completely difference people involved.
States can have more than just one ideology inside them.