So I was recently given a harmonica that was taken from my stalker/rapist/cousin

So I was recently given a harmonica that was taken from my stalker/rapist/cousin.

Problem is, it belonged to their great grandfather and really means something to them.

Should I give back the family heirloom, knowing it could potentially make things so much worse for me?

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Play it

Destroy it

Can you play the harmonica?

how would it make things worse for you?

I can wing it pretty solid and people think I know how to play. Realistically, I just go with what sounds good and it gets me results.

That, I could not in good conscience do.

story time OP stalker/rapist/cousin.

Because after months of finally shaking them off, I would have to personally bridge communication and deal with then again.

if you felt the need to return it, could you not do it in a very non direct way like sending it in the mail or having someone else drop it off?

I was homeless, and a guy let me move in. Turns out, he was running a trap house from a studio apartment. I paid $200 a week to sleep behind the TV. On my second week living there, he moves in this 80 pound tweaker bitch. She immediately builds an obsession with me. I find out that we are cousins, and point this out in hopes to dissuade them. It only built the kink. They followed me through three towns a day, to my job, my mother's house, and then came to my house to sleep. I was sleeping on the kitchen floor as my roommate was banging them, and they started screaming out my name. Shit was unreal. I got no sleep for weeks thanks to this fucker. Then, one day, after I moved multiple towns away, I woke up one morning after being fucked up somehow. They were in my house. In my bed. After I had gone our of my way to avoid them. They stalked me for months, walking around my work for hours waiting for me to get off, to my mom's, just endless. From the time I woke up to the time I passed out, I saw them and could not get rid of them.

Because of my backwater area, no one would believe me that I was just doing it because it's right. They'd spread drama and make them think I was doing it because I was interested. Fucking hicks.

Based schizo

fuck em then. keep it and feel no remorse over it.

harmonica in pooper, take pic with timestamp, put in ziplock bag then give it back



Probably the best option, least future problems. I just wish I had it in me to be resentful about it, but family heirlooms mean something to me, so I respect that of others.

Why would you be kind to predatory people? You have rocks in your head to even consider it. Fuck. Them.


Why was it given to you?

Very nice roll, not happening though. If I'm not returning it, I'm playing it. So no pooper

Yup. You're not wrong. I'm just compulsively respectful of family and tradition .

Because I recently had a harmonica stolen from me, so a friend of mine gave me this one thinking it would be "justice"

Because being more Moral than them means not deliberately acting like a monster out of spite and bitterness.

Your perspective is pathological and the antithesis of civilized society. AKA you are the problem, not the mentally ill people who aren’t getting the help they need.

This seems like a LARP. How did you friend happen to be in possession of your stalker cousin’s cherished family heirloom?

Only death is inherited.

You can mail it anonymously Genius.

I had the same question, to which they answered "Because fuck that crazy cunt"

Harmonica player here, even if it were a prewar marine band, it's not worth much over 70$. Return it I'd say.

I get your idea, but that's not the point.

Someone stole and destroyed some heirlooms that meant a lot to me. It was rough. I have a hard time knowingly doing that to someone else.

Value is not the concern at all, it's not even in great condition.

Then stop being a faggot and return it, or fuck it up your ass for Cred Forums. This thread reeks of 15yo larp.

I don't have a mailing address at all, so it's either talk to someone and let them make assumptions, or deliver it myself. Gotta love small communities.

Wow, how do you buy pants with an internet dick so big? Dude, you're the cringe here.

>the cringe

Kids these days and their wild and jivin vocabulary.

Oh them kids, using 10-15 year old Internet slang

Whatever you say bucko, don't get too assblasted over getting called out. We're all waiting for the harmonica in the pooper here, not a larp, unless which leads to a harmonica in the pooper.

fill it with superglue and cum then return it.