Our music teacher asked us today who we thought the greatest guitarist who ever lived was...

Our music teacher asked us today who we thought the greatest guitarist who ever lived was? Some guy yelled out Jimi Hendrix. Teacher said that Jimi wasn't that good of a guitar player technically compared to Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana.

That didn't make much sense to me but class rang out before I could ask him to elaborate on that.
Is he right or insane?

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It's just factually incorrect to say Clapton is a more technical player. Idk bout Santana. All of that aside, influence is what's important. The instrument has come a long way. There are 14 year olds playing in their garage who are more technical than all of them nowadays but Hendrix changed the game.

Hendrix was a great technical player.

john mayer

Hendrix was a better guitar player than Clapton and Carlos combined. "Technically" and all.

Thats bullshit just cuz he plays a bit "dirty" and sometimes not exact or correct tones... He was too much of an innovator to give a shit about modes, scales and sheet music.. And yet no one can answer that, most old guitarists are so primitive compared to nowadays monsters like Tosin Abasi or John Petrucci, they never had no idea what some can do on a guitar

He was not technically superopr or the best ever, but what makes him the best all around guitaris is his inventiveness, he bended rules of blues to extend which no one before him hasn't had done before. I feel like he is bending rules of natures with his guitar when I hear him with basically just piece of wood with strings.

Jimmy blew minds at the time and was extremely technical for the time. Like above user said their are 14 year olds who are better then any of those fucking boomers. Check out Tim Henson from Polyphia... if jimmy saw that guy play guitar he would have sucked his cock on the spot... the instrument has come a long way and boomers just can’t handle the fact that time moves forward.

Joe Pass is probably the greatest "technical" player in my book of this wildly subjective topic

“He Bended”

Jesus fucking Christ kys


Not to say Jimi hasn’t been surpassed technically-he has been. Eddie Van Halen did it once and for all 40 years ago.
But to say Hendrix shitty compared to Clapton is just stupid. Clapton was in awe of Hendrix and legitimately scared he’d be out of a job when Jimi showed up in London.

No one remembers Robin Trower for some reason.
Nor Emily Remler.

When Mike Douglas asked Jimi "What's it was like to be the best rock guitarist in the world?" Jimi responded "I don't know, you'll have to ask Rory Gallagher"

I would say Jeff Beck but you'd probably all tell me to fuck off!

No he didn’t.

Jimi was fairly humble, but he didn’t name check others as better than him.

I got tickets to see Robin Trower in August! I saw him like 3 years ago but I was tripping so hard and drunk I barely remember it. Going stone cold sober this time!

Even though I hate country music and Hee Haw sucked, Roy Clark was a better guitarist than any of the rock guitarists back in those days hands down.

Jimi was great in the way he could bring it up and down and make it all flow perfectly together endlessly. Electric Ladyland - Voodoo Chile is 15 minutes of bliss.

Your music teacher is full of shit. Santana is arguable but there's no way in hell Clapton is a better player technically. Clapton himself talked about how difficult it is to play Killing Floor like Jimi did, said he couldn't play it at that tempo. Your music teacher is probably just a pseud.

Wouldn't say Beck trumps Hendrix, but then again this "better than him" shit is kinda silly. Beck is amazing guitarist and so was Hendrix.

Here ya go

He was not technically superior or the best ever, but what makes him the best all around guitaris is his inventiveness, he bent rules of blues to the extend which no one before him had done before. I feel like he is bending rules of nature with his guitar when I hear him and all this with just basically piece of wood with strings.


Itt: people who have never seen Eric Clapton live.

I never heard Santa do any complex comping and Clapton was never famous for going out and take a risk while soloing.

The comparison of a complete player to two solo focused ones is a bit restricting to what every one individually is capable of overall and where the personal strength is at.

To compare two musicians you need to focus a lot more than just on the instrument.

Guitar-wise, I'm pretty up there, from a talent and influence perspective.

Imagine trying to compare psychedelic rock with classic blues influenced rock.
"Actually Jimmy Hendrix is inferior to yngwie malmsteen because of all the classical scales and arpeggios.
Actually, yngwie malmsteen is not as good as (some nigger) because he doesn't even use a slider to play blues riffs"

It's pointless. Guitarists generally practice one or two styles and get really good at them to suit the music they want to play. Why would a heavy metal guitarist learn how to play country or bosa nova, why would a country guitarist learn how to play progressive metal/neo-classical
Your teacher sounds like a delinquent retard.


check out SRV, there will never be a more tehnical guitar player


you need a new teacher

Your music teacher is an incompetent tit. All rock guitarists are technically inferior to Django Reinhardt, and he did it with three fucking fret fingers.

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Jimi played the GUITAR, your fag of a teacher playing notes and shit, that's the difference. I bet Hendrix didn't know a single note on his guitar and he didn't give a shit about it. Technique is nothing compared to the feeling of the guitar. All those note and technique nerds are pathetic compared to Hendrix and any other hippie 60s psychedelic musicians. They made people feel. On the other hand I don't feel shit when some note nerd fag is playing his fag pentatonic licks. Music is about expression of individuality and not copy/paste zombie npc bullshit. That's why all those "pro" musicians are not famous, they have no feelings and they can't express themselves through the music. Even Manson's music is full of his pain and feelings and he learned how to play in prison and not in some gay music school with faggots like your teacher.

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I have. He plays basic blues riffs and slow solos. He doesnt do anything that hasnt or wasnt already done.He wasnt even the best guitarist in the Yardbirds. The only thing interesting about Clapton was he wrote alot of good songs strung out as fuck on heroin.

I hate those questions. It's all subjective. And based on what? , What they recorded? There are a lot of famous guitar players who are much more technical then you think. They just don't abuse the songs they play to showboat.


Idk about technique and all the but when jimi got to playing it sounded masterful and his riffs are iconic plus his style is distinctly his own.

And the word nigger has not been said once in this thread! That alone shows the greatness of Mr.Hendrix.

Jimi was awesome and ahead of his time.....SRV was awesome as well....everybody has thier specialty.......if only Duane allman would have lived longer......hats off to Eddie.....very innovative......the best.......whose to say.......nobody on here.......we havent even discussed guys like buddy guy ......etc.....

Hendrix flat out changed the way guitar was played. Clapton set the ground for the "guitar hero", fiery solos and whatnot, but every single album Hendrix released was full of new innovations on the guitar, the equipment, and studio production.

Where Clapton and Santana would probably have hendrix beat is consistency. For every awesome song like All along the Watchtower, there would be a whole lot of meh in between, and it was worse in live performances.

Teachers that do art related things are always retarded, they think all that stuff is gradable. and with music, as one poster said, its too subjective, some may think Jimi Hendrix was the best some may think Tom Morello is. Everyone is just going to defend who they like or prefer

At the time, Hendrix was probably the best in the world. But in my opinion, both
Santana and Clapton became better than Hendrix ever was, and they sustained that superiority over many more years than Hendrix played in his entire life.

Also, you can tell your teacher that the greatest of all time is Mark Knopfler
he above all other guitarists manages to make a guitar express every conceivable emotional nuance inherent in any piece he ever plays and whoever he plays alongside.
Never a slave to a melody cast in stone, rather his is always capable of improvising the absolute best dependent upon whatever subtleties are expressed by any other musicians he ever plays alongside - and he always attracts the best to play alongside him.

Jimi Hendrix wasn't a technical guitarist, that wasn't even really a thing until the 70s/80s. That's like saying you don't like Picassos late works because they weren't technically proficient. An opinion that doesn't matter.
The Asian guy from Dragon Force is an excellent technical guitarist and no one gives a fuck about him. I fucking hate these debates.
That being said, Jimmy Page was the best, and Hendrix is just celebrated because he died and was black

Jimi just didnt have the long career that those other 2 did. Clapton was total shit during his strung out hermit years and Santana was shit when he went off on his African music hiatus and refused to play his hits but they both pulled it together later in their lives..Its hard to compare Hendrix to other guitarists because he didnt have the 2 or 3 decade catalogs most of the greats amass in their career.

Like people already mentioned over and over here, it's a really stupid statement. Jimi Hendrix's style of playing differ greatly from both Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. Does that make him a less technical player?! No. The guy had an insane feeling for playing the guitar like no one else.

Joe Satriani.

Who fucking cares? Arguing about music is lame and subjective. Also, music teachers are bitter, failed musicians.

>Jimmy Page was the best,
Totally agree and is never really mentioned for all the innovation he brought to guitar at the time.

Buckethead and Django to rule them all.

Nobody beats Steve Vai in clean technique. He is a few steps above Eddie Van Halen's drunk ass.


Eddie van Halen was the most talented mainstream musician, but his music sucked.

Bon Jovi...

and this

>boomers just can’t handle


You fuckin' children and your "boomer" comment can suck a big fat dick. Do you even know where the term "boomer" comes from? It means "Baby Boomer".

See, back between 1941-1945, most virile, healthy males were deployed overseas to fight in WW2. Ergo, up until 1946 there wasn't much in the way of birth rates, because most of the men were gone. But when they got back? They got busy, makin' up for all that lost time.

What resulted was a "boom" in babies being born between 1946 and roughly the late 60's or so. Therefore, anyone born in that timeframe was referred to as a "baby boomer". The generation that came after that (my generation) is referred to as "Generation X".

Newsflash: most of the people you youngsters are calling "boomers" are actually Gen X-ers, not "boomers". You wanna know who "boomers" ACTUALLY are? That's your grandpa, kid. Show some fucking respect.

And Jimi wasn't classically trained or very well versed in formal education, but he knew that instrument inside & out. More importantly, he was the greatest innovator on guitar that's ever lived. Short of sweep picking & some wild-ass Petrucci/Dragonforce arpeggios, if it's possible, Jimi did it. Including two-handed tapping. EVH gets credit for that, but there is footage of Jimi doing it, and EVH has admitted that he got the idea from Jimi.

Actually he did: he said once that Terry Kath of Chicago was a better guitarist than he was.

Listen to "25 or 6 to 4" and you'll understand why.

Not saying he's technically better but siamese dream is my favorite album so I like Billy corgan

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Your teacher is a windbag faggot. I hate that technical arguement shit. Technically Buckethead is amazing, its also exhausting to listen to for very long

I guess your teacher never heard of Joe Satriani
Hendrix was revered for his amazing style, but the real loss was that we never got to see him progress.

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He's probably just jealous because he saw the Hendrix sex tape and knows Jimi was packing more heat than he could ever hope to.

Mark Knopfler lol that guy died after switching to gibson tones. Killed all of his bouncy tunes.

this is pretty much a gay highschool tier thread. What the fuck does "greatest guitar player" even mean.
Anyway i nominate Nick Drake to this competition then. Motherfucker gives the best impression of his sadness with his guitar and doesnt give 2 fucks about the speqs of his guitar. Doesnt change strings uses different tuning and shit. Shame his record company was dumb af not letting him go solo on his recordings. His best works are the ones he plays alone and sings by himself.

Jeff Beck is the boner answer for your boomer teacher

Andre Segovia.


Eddie Hazel is never on the list and he should be imo

Tim henson wouldnt be playing guitar the way he does if the "boomers" didnt come along before him and influence him by their playing styles you fucking retard. Go back to your tranny threads kid.

Listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn"s cover

you're right about everything, except the premise.. Gen X no longer exists, it has been ret-conned out of history by simple oblivion.

t. Gen X'er

God dammit Fuck Santana and his noodle ass playing

SRV was like an open radio channel to the music gods. He was a man possessed.

GenX never really cared to be a generation anyway. Apathy wins.

If your teacher believes there is such a thing as "the greatest guitarist", he's a fucking moron.

My favorite guitar player is Danny Gatton. Check him out. I think Vai said he was the closest to being the best guitarist that ever lived.

>greatest guitar player
Everyone here has spelled Bob Mould's name incorrectly

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The best is always a matter of opinion. That's what you should have told your millennial teacher. I will submit Prince as my answer.

Angel Vivaldi.

Agreed Clapton is an impostor Hendrix changed the game.

D Boon too.

Get outta here with that nonsense. GenX was the grunge generation.

wishes he were Hendrix

Riviera Paradise is the most beautiful 10mins of music ever recorded.

Cringe and faggot-pilled

He's on par with Clapton and Santana, that is to say all three aren't the best.

Richard Thompson

No wonder the ladies liked him. He really could flick a bean.

this is the sad, comical truth.
grunge is dead, kid.

Hendrix might not have had the "perfect" technique as a classical musician would be taught to have, but he was able to play anything his mind could conjure on the guitar so saying his technique was flawed is dumb. Unorthodox you could argue, but extremely good none the less. Neither Clapton nor Santanas catalogues have the highs that Jimis does, despite theirs spanning decades.

Clapton's overrated and Santana is kinda gay

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Gen X changed everything. Im 41 and remember when everything transitioned and the hair bands disappeared. You could go to a record store back then and there was new stuff that was actually good


yeah, we had plenty of really good music coming out of our generation, but that was also the end of rock n roll.



You have to look at what Cream did in just a couple years. Clapton sounded pretty awesome compared to everything else back in 66

Buckethead is boring, repetitive acrobatics. At least Malmsteen makes actual music.

You sound like a fag.

Being able to read music or not has nothing to do with creating music.

A novice chef might need a recipe to make decent food like a novice musician. A good chef can make decent food without a recipe like a good musician.

However a good chef will look stupid if you hand him a recipe and he can't reproduce it.... just like a musician.

I agree he gets annoying with that shit but then there's stuff like this

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Ask your teacher if he knows any guitarists outside of dad rock next time.

I understand that, and I'm not saying Hendrix is the GOAT or that Clapton is shit, but Hendrix was pretty fucking tight with that rhythm/lead mix stuff and Clapton simply doesn't go like that
Clapton's called "Slowhand" for a reason lol

>grunge is dead, kid.
Thats because all the people who were grunge killed themselves. But the music was good, and still is. Name a band who is breaking out right now in 2020 that will still be remembered in 2050. There isn't a term that encapsulates todays vibe. The only thing people will remember about right now in 2050 is MAGA.

Cinderella, Poison, Ratt, Crue. They all had some good tunes, but it was very formulaic. They all had big pizza-sized patches on the jean jackets, and one ballad on each album. The PNW wave was a god send.

His nickname is slowhand because he broke strings often and while he changed them on stage they would give him a slow clap. Nothing to do with his playing.

Guitar is way too broad in versatility to be mastered by a single man. The known man that is the closest to be that versatile is named Guthrie Govan.

Also check out-
Al di Meola
Ynwie Malmsteen

The 2020s will be remembered as zoomers and acceptance of weirdness

santana and clapton are THE BEST, overall on playing guitar.
jimi is the best at being psychodelic and making the guitar dance with him.

Andres Segovia????
Basically invented "modern" (post 19th century) guitar.

Who the fuck knows? I don’t play, so have no clue as to technique. One guy I always liked but few people mention is Kirk Hammet. But it’s all subjective

Arg... Now I've jumped into the youtube rabbit hole.

Can't believe how well his fingers still work at 86.


Thats not music. There isn't even a fad like the iconic "yakka yakka yakka" sound of PacMan. Just people being mean, and five minute phenomenon like tide pods, the floss dance, and queerbags like Post Malone and Pewdiepie.

If I had to say anything about 2020, it's the era of the podcast explosion. But thats still not music.

Greatest implies legacy, and Hendrix probably has the most significant legacy of any guitar player.

He’s not the best, though. That’s an entirely different thing.

He really is a forgotten master, enjoy the plunge user

If your teacher really knew what they were talking about they would have mentioned Manitas De Plata, probably the greatest guitarist of all time

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Was teacher referring to 27-year old Eric Clapton and Santa Claus?
Because that's when Hendrix died.
He didn't get another 50 years to hone his craft

Al DiMeola and John McLaughlin are conspicuously absent from this thread. Don’t know about greatest but who really does?

Manitas de Plata ("Little Hands of Silver" in Spanish) only agreed to play in public ten years after the death of Django Reinhardt, unanimously considered the king of gypsy guitarists. One of his recordings earned him a letter from Jean Cocteau acclaiming him as a creator.[3]

Upon hearing him play at Arles in 1964, Pablo Picasso is said to have exclaimed "that man is of greater worth than I am!" and proceeded to draw on the guitar

Underrated. Hammet is up there with Lil wayne

Everyone fails to mention Tuck Andress

Don't forget Nick Jonas

>Mic Drop

i would agree with eddie hazel being toward the top of the list. however, duane allman beats them all.

>Me do.

But you may also consider Jim Hall or Alan Holdworth.

And of course also, but different, Sonny Sharrock

greatest performance at woodstock and the band was only around months prior, facts. look it up.

>also they all took acid for the first time ever as a band... niggas was tripping

carlos santana is fucking z000000ted fucking his guitar this video is energizing

He’s right, jimi hendrix was a drug addicted negro who appealed to white hippies who were anti vietnam. Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton are artists with the guitar. IMO the best solo freestyle jam ever recorded was maggot brain by the funkadelics, guitarist Eddie Hazel. The pain in that track is sublime.

>the funkadelics

California Dreamin', Eddie Hazel

Buckethead makes way too many mistakes while playing live. I do like some of his album work though.

>not knowing who Eddie Hazel is
He played with them sometimes, dipshit.

i meant getting the band name wrong but you knew that

I like John frusciante's style, even if he can be sloppy. At his best he's tasteful in favor of showing off.

Technically true
Doesn't mean technical is better.
Slash is not technical at all but he can do soulful solos.

That story is unverified and comes from one band member.

That's why I like Charles Manson's music. Not technically impressive, but you can read a lot into it knowing who he is.

Buckethead. No other answers are even remotely correct.


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i've played guitar for 20 years and these discussions are why i just fucking hate this instrument at this point. it's just a dick measuring contest and most of the people in this thread and most of the people who take part in these discussions 99% of the time don't even know who django reinhardt is. its just a bunch of idiots throwing out 60s guitarists, some metal guitarists, and sometimes you get a steve vai or holdsworth mention. its just so stupid

Dimebag for the win. Fags

Post a vocaroo so we can laugh at how you wasted 20 years of your life learning diddly squat

you first, lets hear those pentatonics kiddy


Django Reinhardt.

Well you can pump your iron and shine your shoes
And wear your hair just right
You go down out on cruisin' street
'Cause you want to score tonight
We all want to strut our stuff
And you really want to show your scars
Forget all about that macho shit
And learn how to play guitar

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Well the correct answer is Wayne Kramer...


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If you were actually there, you’d remember that GenX didn’t actually want to be, or stand for, ANYTHING.
“Taking a stand” and agitating for change was a characteristically Boomer trait. GenX said in response “Fuck your change. It’s all a lie anyway, just like the rest of your self righteousness”

Ok boomer, your move
And speaking of Django, my ring finger on my fret hand is non-functional

i cannot compete with this, i have been utterly destroyed

Just post something fuck lol


you won bro i cant get on your level take it easy on me

john mclaughlin (jazz) / gilmour (rock)

I don't think you know who a boomer is.

Fair enough

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he sadly got killed.
or murdered
he woulda still been around (birthdate 1942)
guitarists never stop developing

You guys are forgetting Andrew Ridgeley ffs

Stevie Ray Vaughan

mclaughlin with miles davis
extrait from that session - miles davis
"thats some real funky shit john"
mclaughlin playing 'chickenscratch' blues there
and the BASS
this is 1 of the top 5 albums in jazzfunk

pete cosey
hendrix heard this guy in a club, late 50s
its hendrix, its his sound
its acknowledged, it was said
pete cosey, how he used to practice for years
'he used to go out into the mountains with an amp, and just blast it'

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Rory Gallagher is the correct answer

There was no mass movement to be a part of. I don't think it was apathy, I think being 21 in 1992 was confusing. The LA riots, and the wide variety of different genres coming out resulted in people going in a lot of different directions. There were jam bands (allmans, phish, blues traveler, dead) and alt rock, like nirvana and pearl jam and soundgarden, and a lot of brainless shit like Madonna and MTV, and your california scene with RHCP and Rage. I donno how you think people were supposed to take a stand for anything, because there was no centralized cultural movement. No internet to speak of. So unless you had some mystical crystal ball I don't know about, it was pretty hard at the time to get involved with anything, except the shit that was happening locally.

phil upchurch

The prince and django slander in here is ridiculous

prince was not an amateur guitarist
he was up there with the best


It's Robert Johnson

>kiddos say "Hendrix"
That's fine, they're kiddos
>Teacher says "Clapton and Santana"
What a retard. There are other guitar players more proficient technically than those two and with more talent for melodic playing.

Hendrix is a wah pedal and a pentatonic scale.

They tell the same story but with Randy California.

Just bullshit.

It depends on what you mean by "best guitarist". The "best guitarist" could mean the person with the most technical ability. This could be some no-name prog person that plays the guitar like a piano. The "best guitarist" could mean the person who had the most influence on the guitar in the past 100 years. This would probably be some mainstream boomer.

Personally, I consider the "best guitarist" to be the person who can use the guitar to actualize music that I consider perfect. Jari both writes and plays the only music that I consider perfect, so I would say that he is the best guitarist.

I'm a huge SRV fan, but a technical player he was not. 99.9% of his stuff is licks in the minor pentatonic scale sticking strictly to standard forms. Very rarely did he stray from this. Not to say he wasn't a god. He was. But from a technical standpoint, you can learn a single scale and about 4 chord progression and cover most of his catalog minus the supernatural mojo he put on it.

jazz fusion

jazz fusion

Too much effort for ending up with a boring sound

'urban nightmare funk'

buckethead can fking shred
shut the fuck up
buckethead is brilliant

He’s just biting the douchebag fruit that all people say about hendrix who never listened to him.
Listen to Power to Love (live 1971)
and Red House
- perfect example of his concise technicality and his groovy loose licks too

You're not too far from truth

As a composer and producer he blows out of the water people like Yngwie Malmsteen, Buckethead, EVERY METAL GUITARIST and a bunch of others

Don't forget killing floor!

I disagree with all of you.


>can fking shred
but cannot do any fucking music

He's just an aspie with a guitar. He's more similar to Greta than to a proper musician

Music for borderline robots

Stop trying to gatekeep with your genre whoring. You're just mad that Yingwe and Prince just got demolished in every aspect.

Was gonna say How has Stevie not been mentioned....

Demolished by who? By some fucks playing Twilight characters while thinking they make music?

Swomee Swan defeats your argument.
While alot of his shit is kinda lame, he's got some killer tracks out there.

superopr guitaris

Dude you are cringe. I'm not going to argue with someone who comments on appearance when propping up that twink Prince. Go on thinking that he "as a composer and producer he blows [everyone] out of the water..." You're contemptible.

When did I brought to the table Prince's appeareance?

And yes, you can check how many albums/tracks Prince had produced and his revenues as well while also checking why metal is dead.

>When did I brought to the table Prince's appeareance?
You didn't. You mocked the apperance of Jari and Teemu which are greater guitarists than Prince could ever be.

>You can check how many albums/tracks Prince had produced
Imagine being so retarded that you think quantity equates to quality.
>his revenues as well
Imagine being so retarded that you think money equates to merit as a musician. Well, I guess Paul McCartney and Jay Z are the best guitarists of all time.
>metal is dead
Imagine being so retarded as to dismiss some of the best music of all time just because of your dislike for a genre.

Anons getting frisky over stupid shit that means nothing. Guitar players. Tons of them. Rock music died years ago and all those guitar heroes will be forgotten when boomers die off

Metal is unlistenable ((to me)). But if you guys enjoy listening to the sonic equivalent of a garbage truck full of anvils drive down a dirt road, go for it.

Tell him Paco de Lucia is the best guitar player ever by far.

i saw paco pena play


Jeff Beck is better now that he was 5 years ago and better 5 years ago than he was 20 years ago.

Jeff has consistently grown and improved over the years. Really a stellar player.

Otis Rush...Mick Jaggersaid he was Best

older: better
its more open ended than piano
you can improve more
theres more technique in it (vs piano)

its like chess
all the different .. patterns
entrances, attacks, you learn

stradivarius also made guitars

the piano was the easy way out
the piano is for amateurs

pete cosey ended up in a gig with howling wolf
is in recorded interview re: 'ppl say hendrix stole your sound'
he said he met howling wolf for this gig and howling wolf said to him (pete cosey arrived with his mulitiple guitars, amps)
"why don't you take all that shit and throw it in the lake on your way to get a haircut"
miles davis on pete cosey
pete cosey: "he told me, 1st gig 'just sit there and look black'"

Listen to Hendrix version of sunshine of your love, all instrumental on live from winterland.
He shits on Cream, he shits all over Eric Clapton

No. He wasn't

Let's not forget Phil Manzanera. A master of any style necessary for a Roxy Music song, including Hawaiian guitar!

You got that backwards m8

Hendrix was an innovator. His technique wasn't superb but he used the tools he had to make magic. The rest just copied him. Listen to the sirens, machine guns, and wailing in his National Anthem at Woodstock. It was ugly but a perfect reflection of what America was at that moment. Pure, innovative and exquisite imperfection. Perfect. The rest just wanked very well on guitar. Hendrix did next level shit even if it wasn't peppered with arpeggios and super fast scales. He had something to say and very few have ever approached him. And fuck SRV. That faggot spawned an entire generation of shitty players.

You're obviously a person of "color".


See? I can make a joke also.

My joke is terminal.

Sadly, this is true.

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I like Paul Gilbert because he's super nice and has great chops.

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>And fuck SRV.
You were doing so well, but in the end failed miserably.

Heroes never die.

No. SRV is fucking dreadful. Fuck all you faggots with sunburst strats.

SRV was talented as fuck, my guy.

So ironic that ur teacher picked Clapton in particular... I liked em both but not better than Jimi. Santan is nowhere near in the conversation imo

like ye, technically there are better guitarist than Hendrix but as everyone is saying it's not just his influence but the time at which he changed the game. Plus check how Clapton himself felt about him.


people debating over who the best guitarist is based and as dumb as people debating the best type of music. just a bunch of fags trying to sound like they know everything about music

Gotta love Paul Gilbert, him and Guthrie Govan are something else. So glad I got to see em both live in different occasions, they are so nice irl

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Two words OP.
Herman. Li.

Was this thread moved? I just saw this on Cred Forums with the exact same replies

For my SRV bros, heres one of my favorite things of him playing. Sound check, goes into a blistering rip.

You're not allowed to watch.

Ok this is a tricky one because Hendrix young. santana and Clapton are still alive and of course improved over time.

When all three were alive in the late 60's Hendrix was by far the better guitarist and more innovative in terms of guitar playing and live performance.

Clapton and Santana grew and became much more well rounded and over time made their own innovations. In the end the Hendrix innovations combined with him dying so young makes for such a romantic story. Thats his legend which in truth is greater than the man.

Clapton and Santana aged and honestly the general skill of popular musicians as a whole started to increase its easy for them to fade into the sea of greats.


He sucks really fast.

for money

Much more money to be made as a non famous musician if you are versatile.

eveyone in this thread is a child. this is not a true story

...is this pasta?

I guess you're better? Ok. Go be a rock star. I eagerly await your stadium concerts.

Its a feigned premise to start a debate. OP is a fag. But the conversation is enjoyable.

Nice, was about to rewatch this one

I love his instrumentals. Like "Riviera Paradise" (I think was the name). Also, I had this DVD back in the day. Used to run it through an Onkyo with Infinity speakers.

hendrix was the most successful artist to blur the lines of himself and his instrument and in that i would consider him to be the greatest tho there have been much faster more technicalli talented players like steve vai who in all honestly i consider his guitar his voice. it calls into question speed vs soul etc etc
really the best guitarist in the world or ever is whichever one you choose.

kurt cobain

Les Paul
George Benson
Grant Geissman
Ted Nugent
The list goes on. Each had an appeal and a style of their own. Best is subjective and dependent on personal taste

Richard Thompson is way better.

Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Django Reinhardt for older music. Today is Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, Mario Camarena.

Not the best you know something.....frank zappa knew a guitar inside and out.....his son dweezil is no slouch ......

jimmy pls

Why are my fellow guitarfags such insufferable cunts?

It's the instrument equivalent of a fedora.

Dick Dale.

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Dick Dale was the king of surf music.....that's it.

Because it's all about competition not expression here. There's hundreds of top-tier guitarists out there, thousands maybe. Sure there's a few dozen that are god-tier, all different styles.

Clapton influenced Hendrix, and I prefer Cream over JHE but both are great
Clapton can't live down what he did 50 years ago though

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Ritchie Blackmore plays effortlessly.....here's a link to Billy Roberts ...he wrote it and performed Hey Joe...on the acoustic guitar. youtube.com/watch?v=PziiNzFWZog&t=38s .....Technically Chet Atkins was one of, if not the best players around

Helped Leo Fender perfect the Stratocaster, invent the stacked amp and reverb.

Your teacher is a fucking idiot.