So this pic came across my newsfeed on FB...

So this pic came across my newsfeed on FB. A friend of my younger sister from some small hick town in Ohio; she's in South Carolina with her family for February break.

>posts this photo of them eating out for dinner
>her bitch friends from Ohio jump in and say that it's too much for a girl her age and size
>she gets upset and agrees
>her family jump in and defend her saying its a normal portion for a girl
>she messages my sister saying she is having a shit time and her vacation is ruined

Is this really a child's/girl's portion in the US? I mean she ate it all and was happy with it, so no problem there. I couldn't eat all that in one sitting though. Could you? What exactly do you feed a pre-teen girl to keep her healthy?

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this is why americans are fat. seeing fat children used to be unusual 30 years ago. now i see all the time grossly obese parents toting their already chubby kids to fast food restaurants. the kids grow up thinking real food to eat daily is pizza and burgers. then they become diabetic before the graduate high school. america is a failed society.

That's too much food for a little girl, but it's her February break. Let her chill. Don't ask Cred Forums what to feed a pre-teen girl.

Compared to the phone, that's a 7-8 inch pie
Also looks like the very thin NY style
It's not grotesque bit it's alot of a girl that size
She's also not a pig, so who cares.

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Copy pasta

Bad copy pasta at that

Yup, the angle makes it look big. This isn't a large 18 inch pizza, it's a personal sized thin crust pizza. The equivalent of 2 slices at a "pizza joint".

On a hungry day my 8 yr old could probably polish off most/all of that pizza and she doesn't have an extra ounce of fat on her.

Have sex.

i'll give your 8 year old something to polish off

>So this pic came across my newsfeed on FB
Well there's your first mistake, user

Why do you keep posting this copy pasta with different images?
And why is she putting extra oil on her pizza?

I know what I'd feed a pre-teen girl..
Do you?

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Definitely not America, look at all the bikes

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The fuck is the point of this shit thread? What are you trying to accomplish?

>Don't ask Cred Forums what to feed a pre-teen girl.
Cred Forums prob thinks "cum" answers that question

How many of them..?