My gf sent me a pic of her without makeup. What do you think?

My gf sent me a pic of her without makeup. What do you think?

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She looks pretty cute

who's taking the pic?

It’s airbrushed dude. She’s insecure.

One of her other BFs


I think I know her. Initials are K L ?

Not even close bro

I can still see some dots


Sage. Skin blurred in post.


Very pretty lucky motherfucker

>without makeup
Airbrush on cheeks + darkened eyebrows.

She will go black eventually. She was made for BBC.

stuk up bitch

OP here. Yeah that's her. How do you know her?

>without makeup

Looks like a fucking retard trying to be a girl using a snapchat filter

how big is her cock?


might be with no makeup, but shes photoshopped the shit out of it. skin smoothing so much it looks like there was vaseline on the lens.

He be fucking her on a side, who you think took that picture?



Looks good to me. I'd fuck her.

>filtered to fuck
>"without makeup"


Snapchat filter to compare

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Either beauty filter or Doll

Dude, naw. My girl hates niggers and jews

this is a dude

this is pokimane

plastic surgery?

Yea right dude, keep believing that. She's not wearing makeup because it came off while she was washing some dudes cum off her face.
So let's ask again. Who's taking the photo?






>\w/ TERRY \m/


to cheer you up........................

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That filter hides more than makeup ever could

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It’s a guy faggot

look how far from the camera her hands are
jamal took that photo

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That red blanket is mine, fucking whore stole it, I've been looking for it for three days now. Give it back you thieving cunt.

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she still has makeup on

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If she's from England then I totally know this girl swear to God

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Discord dot gg /


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You don't have a gf, faggot

DAMN, amazing, if you ever decide to break up would you mind if I called her?

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shes wearing fucking makeup in that pic you retard,you can see the chunky mascars on her lashes, her eyebrows have been penciled,you cant see her pores-shes wearing concealer.The only thing shes not wearing is lipstick, your fucking retarded if you think thats a pic "without makeup"

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What does her butt hole look like?

no make up but a snapchat filter to still fix her shit.

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funny, I have your gf's nudes.

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how the fuck did you find my sluts lewds?
gives those back now and delete whatever you have left on your drive NOW!!!!!!!

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nice slut nigger, i came on her face

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Shut up fag, you've been busted. Quit lying on the internet

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Without makeup my ass. How high did you set that beautify filter?

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Tell her to send feet

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LOLOL hella fotoshoped. WAAAAAAYYY to soft looking, look at the glow, cringe.


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Looks like some dude useing face app

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Nah I disagree. I’d you look closely, the hair is too detailed for a filter. There’s no mistakes. And also filters usually have a hard time when an object is in the way.

The fucking photoshop is so obvious. Look how the skin was made softer than normal. Fucking asian girls do this all the time. Shits annoying

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She wearing makeup tho she has swallow black cum before

The pictures that this absolute madman convinces these dumbass girls to take

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word ..heil


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why is every one of his photos with little women and guys with smaller dicks, he seems very insecure. i bet he never did a shoot with someone hot and not hollywood coke heads

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>Be this guy

>with little women and guys with smaller dicks
wot m8?

>someone hot
all of these females are 10/10 models
and A list what does "hot" mean?????

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that is 10/10 for you? i would see an endocrinologist not even trolling.

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She's wearing makeup you tool

if you are telling me that Kate Moss' eyes are not 11/11 then you be 100% flamming queer

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I think you're a fucking idiot if you dont think she's wearing makeup in that photo

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Miley Cyrus?

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Miley Cyrus???

user, how did you find out?

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eyes too small and far apart. Id love to slice her head off


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>Half of the user base year of birth

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always shoot 'em in youth ;D

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There may be no makeup but that shit is filtered/shooped to hell

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Jesus someone put a bag on that face

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Ask this yourself!

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But who was butt

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that ass belongs to this grill


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>My gf sent me a pic of her without makeup. What do you think?
no fuckinh way that has no filters

botox kunt


>Snapchat filter to compare
her onlyfans page?

OP's a cuck and other guys have his girls lewds. What a pussy. Post em all and really piss him off.

>Post em all

op has a bf

What an autist LARPer

make me!

how did u find out?

Yep, image filtered. Heavily.