Celeb Thread

Celeb Thread

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Vicky is so pretty.

Gal pal shimmy

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she doesn't look very sad

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That Maddie, fukk

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when she gets mad i bet its something special

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It is a webshow so you can find it online. Takes place at a girls boarding school.

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Good boi

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she always looks like she is about to throw up

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Came here hoping for her

oh sweet, guess i'll watch an episode right now

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more tEmmy

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Just finished season 1. It definately picks up. Enjoy :D

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i sincerely hope she doesn't go ariel winter

live laugh love. simple as.

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Those too

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Same but at the same time back problems are no joke. And she is shorter than ariel. I hope not either though.

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All equally important

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Yummy indeed.

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how short is francesca? she seems super smol in the show

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Tru, tru

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Fuck yes Karen

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why u sick fucks lewding on fran...

ohhhhhhh..... /unzips.. now i know why... dont mind me... hnnnnggghhh

Kinda rude

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Like 4'9. She is really qt short 2bh.

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Omg that's so hot

i do care... so post moar... now...

u mean shes a spinner... spin.. spin.. spin... firecrotch.. nice

aw, she's so tiny. just finished ep 1, was kinda weird kinda sad :{

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I love Gal with other women =) Do you think she is a dom or sub?

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Dom for sure

more tum you slut!

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she would call you names and berate you for hours and then make you massage her feet before bedtime

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that's what I love about her. her constant state of disgust

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I agree. I think she is submissive only with men.

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Don't call me slut :(

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This is the end

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her husband did the right thing

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Beautiful friend

He's right you know

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Her husband is a legend as far as I'm concerned. Lucky man.

malus ass is malu nice.. very nice..

He's not
And rude, apparently

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This is the end
miss her
put a kid inside her and she will never leave

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dinner time, have this before i go

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I would risk it all to destroy her marriage and make her mine.

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doubt :p

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fuck thats a nice ass..

sweet hips
evil and ambitious plan
baby got ass

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Thank you user, bon appetite
No doubt

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I know rite? Such a qt though. Yeah, but like I said it picks up. Did you like it? The blonde was hotness too.

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Don't speak



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lol fat pits

name and she knows


elena kampouris
she is an actress

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it's time to stop talking to the pedos.

she knows what?

>she understands


I love me some Elena too. Such a cutie.

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we are her fanclub now

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is good

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Do speak

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>No doubt
>Don't speak

if you say so :p

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nice and should i watch season 2 for plot or frans plots?

we need more pale girls

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are you an 11 year old girl?

doing gods work user... she needs more recognition

Fine by me. She deserves it. So pale and tight. Love her hair too.

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I am feeling like Drake

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i love any girl who is proud of her body and can do the splits.. hnngg

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Her hair is insane and her ass is thicc and she is tight.

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I love girls who do splits

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Like I said I just finished season 1 but the way it ends definately think it will. She is pretty much the main character with 2 subs.

Dogs are nice

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moar fran

Elle Mulvaney has pics of her dogs licking her pussy

doggy style on her ass is nicer kek



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literally who and nobody cares

>Elle Mulvaney

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we are no animals
would help her do the split in the door

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n-no bully

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She is a goddess imo. Great actress too.

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Fucking hhnnnggggg!

Some chick from a British show coronation st

the lighting and angle makes it look like a door handle is going right in there... and that door is disgustingly dirty. bitch needs to clean up her act

She needs to hit a big role

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she is just doing a split lamao

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fuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk... she is a lil fire starter


>n-no bully

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>do the swag

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I am sure she will. God she is perfect. Would worship.

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licky pits

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a man came up to lil ari and said he
wanted to play with her bum!

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run your nose in them

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streamable.com/h6019 now with audio

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I'd love to

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may i cleave the horns and shuffle your bum chaps, he saids!

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quads for Keekers

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pedo is 12 and under

did she?

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do you have these in sex offender 7s?

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She did.

watson fags post pics of her when she was 10 and then say... b-but s-shes 30 NOW

unleash breasts

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corona has an 94% mortality rate amongst dwarves

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Damn nigger, you actually programmed yourself to believe this.

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Do you call that a goosebum?

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id eat her ass and im not usually into colored girls at all

I just call it a bum, whats gooses got to do with it?

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i wanna sniff coke out of her asscrack

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The goosebumps, I meant

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>im not usually into colored girls at all
p sure thats rihannas middle name lol

maybe it was cold out

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Love me some Alexa Bliss. Shame her tits are fake and there are no nudes

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She just wasn't clothed appropriately

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How are there no nudes of this thot and why cant Bregoli take a pic like this

I think it served its purpose, seems appropriate to me

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her pale body owns my cock

And what purpose would that be?

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would it be going to far if i said i want to sniff coke off your cock after you fuck her ass? asking for a friend

the destruction of benis on a worldwide scale

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>tfw no Riverdale sundae harem

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She'll NEVER destroy mine
Hello there

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nope, id prefer it actually

nice quads.
Coincidentally, Kiki has pretty nice quads as well.

Lighten up. She's pretty and popular. Nothing lewd in this thread.

That said, I know the potential for lewdness is there. I write erotica for pay and have gotten several Fran commissions.


Very funny