Enter bedroom

>enter bedroom
>see this
>wat do?

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Turn 720 degrees and walk out

How the fuck did those stairs get in my bedroom?

"We had to rearrange some stuff for the photoshoot."

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Good to see you again Patrycja!

>I couldn't find the vid OP. Did you download the version I did find?


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Turn 360 and moonwalk away
>this post is in jest

in all seriousness, do you want to bang her?

I dont blame you, it did seem kind of sketchy

Ah yes did you have cabbages for dinner dear?

I see no dick so this is a yes

NB, tell him about what we do

>Mom are you drunk? My god you stink of wine, here lay down. Let me pull the duvet over us, you can’t just be flashing like a whore...

ask how I got into a stairwell

Tell her to get out I want to play video games

Have you seen how the rents have increased with air be and be?
Soon we will pay to live in a pod.

OP posts the hottest babes, and we let them take our cocks to heaven as we see who can fap the longest without blowing it

Ask out loud whose ho this is running here loose in my home.

So... are the girls up for another round today?

Either leave since it isnt my house or call the police for trespassing. Nobody trespasses in my house regardless of how you look. She might have a diseasse or something if shes willing to go naked into peoples houses.


Is there anything I can do to make that a yes? Lol

Also how soon? I'll go get food if it might be awhile

Immediately posting a thread in Cred Forums asking for advice.

Crush my cock and balls mistress

>wonder how mt bedroom has two levels
>proceed to get a boner
>Two pumps and Im done
>still counts, had sex

lol you can do better

yeah go ahead

be worried, why are there a stairwell in my bedroom ?

I would wonder why there's a fucking staircase in my bedroom all of a sudden


Yea i want more tok

you enjoy her sexually?

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offer her a plate of meatloaf

Holy shit my time machine to the 90s worked! Get out of my way, you hussy. I need to warn Jeffrey Epstein about his fate!

Fuck yea

gotta go grab some food, hang tight

I just did lol

Roll my eyes, pull my pants down, fuck her, cum on her face, pull pants back up and go back to my office to finish work.

Wait a second or two to see if it screams or acts extremely embarrassed and starts putting it's clothes back on. If it continues to disrobe, join it in the bed and let nature take its course.

What most of Cred Forums would do -
Instantly come in my pants,and then run away in shame , crying.


Wrap it up people
Shut off the lights,close the door.

Still here

and you shall be rewarded for waiting

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I believe in you guys you can do it

Holy shit it's incredible that after all of these years you still make this thread lmfao



How soon? I want to smoke before this time

good idea...brb

Hell yea. Let's just be sure we dont bust early because of it

Keeping the thread alive


Be extremely confused about the flight of stairs in my 1br appt...

>how did my studio apt gain a bedroom?
>where'd these stairs come from, and where do they lead?
>this succubus was probably sent by some terror cell to get my guard down or frame me
>I don't even like this decor
I'm not 100% OP, but this would certainly be a heckin problem

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