Slampig thread

Slampig thread

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That's the spirit!

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Kik bigtom9559

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That's fucking rancid. Most of this thread is cursed. Sage

Jesus fuck please tell me you have more

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Love that C-Section scar above her cunt. That means shes down for guys blowing loads inside of her. I'd cum in her! :)

Why does she look so spotty and weird? You can't edit these in the slightest?

NYC Teacher Kate

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Great fucking body! Now THAT is what a real woman looks like.

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Nice juggs!

I think we can leave the slam part out child.

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She's hot.

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My slam piggy

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I used to have a slam pig, but we parted ways and she started dating some dude. I fucking miss her super huge juggs.
>Pic related... her huge juggs.

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More of this chubby slut!

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More with face! Please!

sorry none with face, but do have more if you like


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Like the b hole

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Just one other.
>Pic related.

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God please send me a chubby gf

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MAster of puppets was indeed a great album

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I want to break her so bad...

dude, chubby gf's are the easiest things to score. The trick is actually getting them to leave you alone. I came in this one's ass 4 hours after we met and she said "I love you." I led her on and we were fuck buddies for a while, but then she kept harassing me after I got a real gf.

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Preggo wife

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daaaayum... moar moar moar !

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Yes... a friday night with beers, whisky and violent fucking

Looks so soft. Any ass shots?

Love her massive areola on her tiny saggy tits!

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this is the most disgusting thread I've seen in a long time

Found the faggot.

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okay virgin

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"okay virgin"

That's your go to? Yep. Definitely a faggot. lol

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What a demon she is


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Awww... he's retarded too!
Poor little faggot.

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My ex I can't get over.

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I can see why. She's got a ROCKIN' body! I'd miss that too if she was my ex.

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Why you fucking mexicans always take credit for what is not yours?

Every spanish-speaking amateur porn video one find is about "how I fucked this girl" while is clear that it's not you... now you come here saying that this girl is your ex.

Fucking ugly smelly scumbags, learn to stop deluding yourselves.

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Would love to empty the contents of my balls inside of her.

My wife

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Fucking hot

This is what im missing. Had a similar time with wife and this bbw jew girl. She was too mentally/emotionally damaged to enjoy though.

Id fuck her

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Its 2020 you dont have to deny your love of cock you know? We understand and are ok if you want to ride about 50 miles of cock

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ex gf

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Looks like a bitch i knew back in highschool

yeah, you like?

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Drop snap

Yeah keep going


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I want to make her a Mother.

Fuck buddy of mine

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Moar pls

her new fellas made sure to do that

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Ex piggy

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He's a smart man.

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Glad you got away

used to feel real good cumming inside her thats for damn sure

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You're a lucky man getting to cum in that big boobed goddess. If I had a go at her? I'd cum in her every time I fucked her. Would NEVER pull out.

sometimes i just couldnt resist covering those big tits or having her swallow every drop

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I certainly can't blame you there. I imagine blowing a load all over those big titties was pretty incredible. And yeah, if she swallowed? Gotta bust in her mouth so she can swallow. Girls that swallow are angels in disguise if you ask me.

she loved to please thats for sure, a real slut in the bedroom

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Obviously underage/banned. The only reason you here is because its friday, and even though its the weekend, your nominal highschool "friends" only hang out with you when they have to.

Why not go play Fortnite, or whatever you kids are into these days? This is a thread for grownups.

My kinda woman! If I may ask, why the hell did you two break up? Dude... shes a keeper!

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Now THAT is a slampig. You could fuck her as hard you can and she'd take it with ease. All that padding. Fuck yeah. I'm fuck that with the force of a thousand suns.

she cheated sadly, although i couldn't resist meeting for some no strings fucking half a year later with her for old times sake, how could i

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Figures man. ALL women cheat. Every female I ever dated cheated. They're obsessed with cock. Doesn't matter how when or why, they always cheat. It's a bummer, but what can you do.

At least you got to enjoy that pussy for awhile. That's really all you can do with women in general. Enjoy the pussy while you can, sooner or later they'll give it to someone else. They always do.

what id give to have one last go on her though, her ass and tits get me going everytime i see them

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Anyone have the fatty from yesterday with the pink nipple piercings?

What do you think of her? Is she piggy enough?

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I'd hit that.

Does she oink when boinked?

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I want to cum in that.

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Its fun

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Interested in this fuckpig?

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More of her? Who is she??

slam pig i pounded off tinder last year

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Keep by her coming

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I wanna shoot my load right on her hairy pit

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I would make a dozen beautiful black babies with her.

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pale and soft. mmm.

Nice. Post all of her

I am here to fap, not laugh sir.
But goddamn did that fucking get me good

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Wish I could let every one of my Cred Forumsros borrow my pig. Make sure and lay the towel down

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Oh wow
Does she like to be rimmed
GF or wife ?

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Anyone have the Kik of some slampig called fuck pig it was somestupidone then son numbers

damn id cum in both her holes

She like heroin. Other than that. Who cares? If you wanna put your tongue in it, it’s uo to you.

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You have to feed the poor thing to at some point

Skype or discord

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I'd breed that piggy

Neither.. We grew up together. I lost my virginity to her. She fucks me on demand because I “get” her. More like I get that she’s a drug addict molestation case. She’s ugly, has flipper feet and a big round belly. But doesn’t look too bad in an outfit and she lets me slam her asshole until it’s black and blue. It evens out.

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any pics of her belly and big feet?

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That's to bad
I had idea she might have liked

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That's such a perfect pig wow

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holy fuck

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Ideal woman

Would have fapped but then I saw that abysmal wall job

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>Slam pig
Stupid name but that's a nice butthole

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My wife

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shes got an amazing body

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Here's this Cunt, anyone want her nudes? All OC

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Please tell me she's got huge fucking tits

Yes please nigga I need to release this nut

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Fucking amazing

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More ass and asshole pics of her please
GF or wife ?

Slam PIG, not slam nig.

Slam nig is the best slam pig. 10 year olds just don't know.

last name please?


Or not

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mmmmm I wanna be sandwiched between these two, get rammed by that fat old bastard while she's twitching around my dick. That would be nice :)


Huge Areola slut

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Holy shit
I'd brutally force-breed that deliciously Latina brown cunt and asshole hourly!!

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>perfect holes
>perfect tits
>perfect soles

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