You're in charge of creating a sex-themed prison system for arrested college girls to replace the normal prison

You're in charge of creating a sex-themed prison system for arrested college girls to replace the normal prison.

What kinds of features will it have, and will innocent girls ever accidentally end up in there?

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100 convicted murderers(aka black people) roaming free raping and doing what ever they want.

what would happen to the girls tied up like in OP pic?

They couldn't study physics.

They would still pass physics

I imagine most girls there will be resistant to the kind of "rehabilitation" set in place, but that's just part of the process. Completely natural, and possible to overcome.

All girls will treat guards/officers with respect. If not, they are subjected to lashings and paddlings until they show not only respect, but also appreciation for their punishment. All girls are responsible for daily duties in the prison (dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc). Failure to do so will result in punishments described above.

Cafeteria food is based on a merit system - girls who have only just entered and show heavy resistance to the order will be fed gruel, and must get on their hands and knees to eat like a dog so they begin to learn their place. Girls who have shown discipline will be given treats such as sweets and ice cream, along with warm, home cooked meals. So long as they continue to show their submission.

There will be daily inspections of the girls to test their sexual prowess. Officers and guards can come into the cell and engage in sex acts with them from blowjobs, to vaginal or anal intercourse, to more heavy BDSM. All girls are expected to thank the guard for fucking them hard and rough, otherwise it's punishment (see above).

The prison will be funded by an adjacent brothel (ALL girls must work a certain number of hours here per week) and the best girls will receive allowances to be used to decorate their cells, outfits to wear, pedicures/manicures, spa treatments, etc. Again, these allowances go to the best of the best girls. Any clients may rent any girl for any duration they'd like and nothing is off limits, aside from blood play and extreme bodily harm.

Once a girl not only begs for as much cock as she can, but thanks whoever gives it to her (no matter how rough, fast or brutal) as well as looks forward to punishments (to the point where she will ask for them regardless of whether she's done something wrong), she may be released back into society.

Any questions?


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what about the girls who continue to refuse doing anything sexual but a lot of clients are requesting her?

She will be restrained and subject to further punishment, obviously. They can say no all they'd like, but that doesn't change the fact that it's going to happen.

How will she be restrained? What kind of further punishment? Are girls ever set up for specific fetishes as a punishment? (maybe the ones they hate the most)

Anyone girl that is sent to this prison will become public fuck toys for the community.

the most rebellious ones can be given to the incel community

that or to middle schoolers. either way it wont be fun for them

they'll need to be restrained real well for middle schoolers

give em to jamal

strapped down to a bed or a chair would be the most common.

what about suspended from the ceiling

got pics of what that would look like?

They are allowed to bring their preteen sister, daughter, cousin, etc. to take their place.

no but she would be frogtied and hanging from the waist

okay then yes they could be restrained like that too

anyone you want to see it happen to?

The women will be stripped of all clothing and all possessions. Each prisoner will be outifited with a choker that is slightly too small, high heals that are locked at the ankles so they can't be removed, and finally a chasety belt that prevents either anal or vaginal masturbation. The belt will randomly start vibrating for stimultion, but never long enough to orgasm.

The prison is kept at temperatures and humidy matching a sauna, so the prisoners are constantly dripping with sweat, and in an effort to stay cool, lay spread out on the floor. Sounds of moans will constantly be playing, and the only thing being shown on the screens will be hardcore pornagraphy.

There food is sludge that the must eat on their hands and knees. The food is filled with hormones that makes them hornier than they already are.

Whenever 2 prisoners are up for probation, they both are put into a room filled with dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. They're belts are removed, and they are locked in until one of them cums. The one that doesn't cum is sent free. The one that does cum is restrained and tied up to fuck machines. They are left they are left their for 24 hours as the rest of the prisoners are watch. The prisoner is then put back into the normal population with the belt back on again.

got some in mind. What about you?


are they ever used by guys?

Punishments for any infraction are can be any of the following:
1. Prisoner now has to wear a ring gag, making her drool all over herself constantly
2. Frequency of vibrations increase
3. Choker gets tighter
4. Heals get higher

The guards use them orally, but under no circumstances besides parole hearings may the prisoner be allowed to orgasm

personally id rather see girls i knew get thrown in there

along with the ring gag, first punishment should have their hands tied behind their backs

If some guy has a sweat/smell fetish, could he rent one of the girls for a few hours to sniff and lick?

how often can girls shower?