Amanda Smith thread

Amanda Smith thread

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Nice tits but who the fuck is she?

Chubby girl that used to send me nudes all the time that's all

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Let's see those titties hang!

At least someone appreciates her

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Keep going!

Sure what do we want?

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Any gifs or webms of her? Wanna see those titties bounce!

God I hope you fucked her

No vids sorry my man
Definitely. She also fucked her deoderant can because she doesn't have a dildo for me

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How was that pussy? Did she do anal?

I have no idea who Amanda Smith is, but if that's her in the picture? I wish I could put my dick between those titties!

Her pussy was amazing. Tight as fuck and she squirts so much lol
Yeah it's a girl I know irl

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Hot, keep posting

How about it not spread

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She has a pretty pussy. Bet that shit feels incredible. Looks tight as fuck.

Really nice, fuck

Got a fair amount of pics but a lot are similar to the ones already posted. Glad you guys enjoyed!

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Post those anyways, it’s all good stuff

Some of it is kidna unflattering tbh lol

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Not at all man, it’s hot

I like this one

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know her bra size?
nice rack on her

32e was last time I asked. She's a bit thinner now than this pic anyway

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damn that's impressive

They look HUGE here

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Post the deodorant can pics please

The one I posted was best one of her with it in her pussy but there is this one...

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any of her on all fours?

Ah, dang. I thought it was a way bigger can. Thanks thou OP. She's cute.

Yeah sadly not that big
Closest I've got is this one probably

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Pics of her feet?

Not my fetish so this is the best I've got sorry

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Where is she from

ah damn, any more of her tits?


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This slam piggy would be getting it hard, face down ass up on that bed

Aye a few
She's proper filthy loves sex in public and being treated like a whore

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Got any of her with cloths?

Nothing with them out but this

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You still fucking her?

Oh she'd be treated like a whore alright.
Chuck her a few tenners after I'd spunked over them titties

Sadly not still fucking her. She was good fun though

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