If you were given total control of the currently operational ~2...

If you were given total control of the currently operational ~2,000 strategic thermonuclear warheads of the United States. Would you use them? If so, to what end? Would you simply nope.png fuck that? Even tho the devastation could be traced back to you.

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Nuke Japan 2,000 times

Detonate them in their silos for keks

And we'd all die.

i would change the targeting to aim directly for the coronavirus

i would save literally billions of lives by nuking it

they would have a parade for me

people would give me their 16 year old daughters as thanks

i would become rich

i would get free pizza for life

it would be delicious

I would nuke the fucking moon. Fuck that shity piece of space cheese. I would solve the world hunger problem for the next 50 years.

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might be able to destroy the entire planet by doing that and disrupting the orbit of the Earth causing unbelievably extreme weather. Only hope would be leaving the planet.

That pic is amazing. Thanks!

The first 2 nukes were never enough

I'd wait a few years and do all the things I want to do, then nuke the fuck out of this nigger planet

nuke the entirety of Israel

2,000 times

Lauch them all at myself. Wait untill moments before impact while standing in a public place and say something funny. Can't decide what I'd say yet though.

Pull my finger


would it matter where if all were launched? the fallout of 2000 nukes would affect the world globally no? someone smarter than me pls explain to consequences to me of 2k nukes in one place

No shit, Sherlock?

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I would use them all and try 2 kill as many arab muslims as posible. Would pref if They see it was me who did it aswell. I want them 2 know the face of the man that fked them up.

I'm a retard, but depending on what kind of nukes, the force would shift the tectonic plates and cause some massive earthquakes and probably cause volcanoes to erupt, which would fuck up the atmosphere