Cuck thread

Cuck thread
Bulls come And expose your sluts and post kiks for the cucks.

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Is this a place for bulls to post sluts that cucks sent them?


I’ve got some of her too, she’s great

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Oh god do you really that’s me wife

My piggy wife Amber

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hung european bull, hmu cucks!
kik: inkhung

Yep you sent me a few pics, a couple of her covered in cum

That’s not Lexi wtf

Yeah Lexi is my wife

Can I post my cheating ex bfs nudes and his social media?

cucks kik is hoipoi33

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Some bull interested in my shy nerd wife?

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My gf's ass

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yup. lets see some more of her.


Cuck wannabe who would love sharing some pictures with big bulls

Kik- idonteven85

What u wanna see? Her tiny tits?

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nor bad. more?

Sure, wwyd?

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would love to turn her around and prone

Any bulls want to chat about a Latina hotwife, 5'4" 118lbs, reply with your kik ill contact you



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Cuck slut kik own323

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Message sent, also have discord for those who dont do kik, drop your discords and ill add you there

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Need a bbc bull, reply with kik for teen gf

Share your wife/gf off with me and help me get off on my birthday. Hyg3iolatry2

Blow this faggot cucks Kik up

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Might be getting cucked tonight ama.

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My friends mom is a porn star,
Her name is holly berry
Her sons kik is jack234234
He is a bitch, don’t hold back

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Should we share pics we promised cucks we wouldn't?

bullforyourwife90 is kik, send me your sluts, and also their info to talk to me so I can jerk off to them while talking



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Damn. Full frontal?


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More of those tats

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Yesss face?

I don’t have any tits and face

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Don't use it sorry.

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God never mind turn her back around

I haven’t made one

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I know.

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kik: bellaxls

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Anybody else posting shit they promised they wouldn't share?

Don't make me the only asshole here

Damn... That ass has seen things...


When did you learn you were a faggot?

Wannabe cuck here posting gf for you guys

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Couple looking another couples for sexting


First dirty pervert to send me a tribute video jerking to my wife's ass pic will get her face name and age. Kik the vid to nogoodcuck

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More plz. Who’s she gonna spread her legs for? Are you gonna get to watch?

Post more pics. I wanna see her tits


Story tiem?


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Add my Kik: mprada942

Big bull to fuck your gf

found this cuck with his big tits 18y/o gf. have fun, rich_dunn20 (sc)

Looking to talk with real cucks.
Open to anyone just don't only ask for pics.

Kik poundskeeper

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Never tried cucking but I wonder evenmore about how my petite gf could get her tiny ass fucked by a really thick cock if I shared her.

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Unfortunately not any more.

sharing my gf with a bbc

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Which one?

Damn that one on the right is fucking cute!

Looking for tribs and vid tribs of gfs ass

Kik mynalgona

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cute. you've gotta get her gangbanged

My wife

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She cuck you already or are you just a wannabe?

Kik - akkonen

Anyone doing captions?