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opinions are how someone feels about something

post sauce nigger

I definitely recognize her picture from here. She was laying on the bed naked, flicking off the camera.
Anyone post it?

Search “Hot girls on Big turn offs”
On youtube by Joseph Costello

She’s got some big ass tits. I’ve blown a few loads to her, she seems suited to porn like a real whore, not like she jus found herself in the industry after camming because she was tricked by her boyfriend or some such. She takes a cock in the ass like a champ. She’s been in porn for at least a couple years though, who did she used to be? I don’t understand what the big deal is.

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Some fuckin virgin saw a chick he recognized from porn on YouTube and thinks it’s funny.



THATS IT ??? at least post some porn pics of her with interracial fuck if you make thread about her

Gabbie would be one of the GOATs if she wasn't covered in stupid tats.

Her tits are simply delicious.

what is her name ?

She has the absolute best tits in the business for at least the past decade. She is just wonderful

>giant nips
>saggy as shit

No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies you weaken humanity just by existing

>what is preference?

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>what are wrong opinions?

Opinions can't be wrong, moron

I bet youre an Incel

A paid shill promoting content

You lose again.

That's your opinion

It isn't an opinion

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Shit I have jerked it to her before. Porno where she lets daddy play with her double d’s then he bangs her mouth and pussy. Honestly I typically prefer a woman with small tits(A-B cups) and a nice plump ass to match her body size. But when I watch Gabby get nailed and those tits are bouncing everywhere or even sagging towards the bed while she gets fucked doggy style, I can’t help but smile and stroke my dick with pure joy.

Fuck outta here with your faggot shit

gross tits

whats her best scene? I wanna change my mind about her tits

lol I bet you think youre cool for saying the f word

And if one day a genie granted me three wishes I would use one to make her my slave so I could play with her milk sacks all day long. Has to be an epic titty fuck,


Everybody is going crazy here about her tits, but just so you know, this is her pussy.

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Like you think you’re cool for saying incel, some shit you read in another thread that you appropriated as an insult to someone who disagrees with you? Because your use of that word in the context of liking large boobs demonstrates you’re an idiot. That’s like some middle school shit, homie. So you can fuck right off back to biology class.

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I just looked her up on pornhub to see if any videos looked familar, she had tons man. But this is the one I have fapped to a couple times...


hasn't done footjob porn yet, so zzz

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go away, footfag, no one loves you

This is also her pussy. Very nice lips on her

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Why would she? I’m thinking the majority that turn her on to jerk it are going to her vids for the titties mainly.

damn those tits!

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Girl on the right is marla Youngblood from kerville

Those tats ruin her.

Because making porn didn't.

You're the opposite of based.