Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

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Imma be rich someday so fuck that commie. Suck it poorfags!


you won't

Lenny Bruce

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communism is gay

no u

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Fuck you im not a looser like u libturd.

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i couldn't possibly cringe any harder

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I'll never understand why republitards think corporations deserve their tax money, instead of the govt spending the money on the citizens.

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the problem is that bernie and his commie supporters want to adopt wayyy more than the welfare policies norway currently implements. bernie takes some minor policy he finds in norway, and introduces an extreme socialist version of that policy to be applied in the united states, and when someone yells "SOCIALIST", bernie just says "oh well it works in norway!!"

american conservatism is a full blown cult. they put the party line before themselves, before their families, before their bible, before their country.

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Maybe because corporations actually provide quality/efficient products and services, while the few things the government provides are inefficient and/or shit quality. Aka, the corporations earn it and the gov doesnt

you are correct-you will never understand.

if you ask someone from denmark, iceland, or norway, they'll tell you bernie sanders is a dead center moderate. he's not even a socialist let alone a communist, he's a welfare capitalist.
yes i know he calls himself socialist and that's his fuck up, i'm happy to criticize him for that. he has socialist values of the many before the few and all that.
britain's NHS is actually the best healthcare in the world and bernie is merely proposing government health insurance to pay private hospitals. the fact that private health insurance is inferior to public health insurance is indisputable.

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Vote Bernie!

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well yeah, you're incapable of demonstrating that your position is correct. it's faith based.

Indisputable because a neet cuck on Cred Forums said so. Debate's over

Don't you mean comrad sanders. Only the northeast would elect that piece of shit.

>Maybe because corporations actually provide quality/efficient products and services, while the few things the government provides are inefficient and/or shit quality. Aka, the corporations earn it and the gov doesnt
So we continue to bail out corporations and give them a free tax ride because they're so efficient? Got it.

There is nothing faith based about history. Free markets lead to properity. Bloated hyper controlling governments lead to misery and death. Proven time and time again.

It's simple, they are retarded. Right wing still exists in 2020 because there are (retarded) people voting against themselves

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You're welcome to prove him wrong..

>you're incapable
of convincing you. So I won't try. I have tried in the past. Have no intention of trying again. No gain-

Koch-Backed Think Tank Finds That “Medicare for All” Would Cut Health Care Spending and Raise Wages

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Bailouts should never happen. Failing corporations should go through bakruptcy and liquidate their assets lik any other. Bailouts are not a conservative thing. They are a bush/obama thing, both nanny state fucktards

now post the gdp

LUL, liberals using the Kochs for credibility. You are probably too young or ignorant to see how funny that is

see your faith based position is false
keep spouting falsities you can't defend then act high and mighty over your incompetence

>keep spouting falsities
no, you are too stupid to reply-

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yes as in EVEN an extremely biased source finds in favor of medicare for all. other studies find higher cost savings. your argument is retarded and has failed.

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YEAH IM LAZY AS FUCK AND WANT FREE STUFF I DONT WANA WORK HARD!!!! I mean I went to college weres my 50$ an hour job with benefits and paid vacation??? What do you mean I have to earn it!?!?!?! Ive got a better idea BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE

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Some asshole

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It's not free you stupid, you pay for it with your fucking tax already.

I've got a small business and my office manager is... well... I love her, but she's trailer trash. We've given her a good job and she's started to get her life together. But she quite literally lives in the shittiest trailer in the park and had a horrible upbringing. She is dead set against Bernie because in her eyes, he puts down rich people, and in her view, he's rich. (laughable) Here I am... rich dude... worth twice as much as Bernie and twice as many houses... telling her I'm all for him. People are just super brainwashed about what Bernie wants, and the reality of our politicians in Washington.

ie people who work 40 hours a week shouldn't easily be able to afford mid shelf liquor and ice cream lol. if you have a problem with poverty simply eat bread and drink water and sit in the dark! if you submit to prison conditions you can scrape by!

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The Kochs are Bush crony globalists you absolutely retarded shill. Yes biased, but in the opposite way youd like to think. This place is fucking sad, but i dont know why id expect anything else in a bernie thread. You have to have a double digit iq to support that buffoon. Even his own party sees he is a commie nutjob

mike bloomberg spent more bribing the dnc to change their rules about who's allowed on the debate stage than bernie's entire net worth lol. his wealth is lunch money to oligarchs

>Bailouts are not a conservative thing. They are a bush/obama thing, both nanny state fucktards
The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, often called the "bank bailout of 2008," was proposed by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, passed by the 110th United States Congress, and signed into law by President George W. Bush

>incompetent argument against a position nobody holds
get that strawman, cletus!

I still can't believe Bloomberg has gotten the following he has... you'd think we learned our lesson.

Bernie is rich by anyone's standards you dipshit, especially someone in a trailer park. Sad that your trailer trash employee is more shrewd than you on politics

Way to completely miss the entire point if that whole series you fantastically retarded mongoloid. Walt had plenty of other options to pay for his treatments (charity, insurance, etc). He wanted to go his own way. He also beat his cancer by like the second season. He kept going because it turned out he liked being evil

Nigger loving kike....
"Captain Cuck" as I like to call him.

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Your point? Maybe read what i said again

More like, people with no real job skills that work minimum wage may not be able to afford all entertainment and luxuries that they want.
That's basic math.

lol bernie sanders is a fuckin socialist. universal healthcare, free college, college loan forgiveness, wealth tax. those are all policies of extreme wealth redistribution.

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>has a collection of painstakingly drawn black cocks

Pretty sure if you have more money and houses than Bernie you wouldn't be on Cred Forums, but okay, tell us more about your fantasy world.

>all entertainment and luxuries that they want.
are we talking front row tickets at the superbowl or the equivalent of basic cable?

Wow look what happened to a fictional character. Guess we should all be commies now


He did? 75,500 for Norway and 59,500 for the USA per capita
tell me how this commie faggot deserves to die

Those streaming platforms do not equate to basic cable, and they are not required to have a good life, so they are luxuries.
Luxuries don't come with minimum wage.

"College loan forgiveness." Ive never heard of something dumber and with no basis in my life? There is no argument for it at all, except muh feefees. No legal basis, no justice basis, no logical basis, no fairness basis... literally not a leg to stand on for the dumbest policy proposal in political history

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But hating rich people will totally make you rich! And a very happy pleasant person! LOLLLL get fukt jealous cunt

What about give-aways to banks and the auto industry and corporate farmers? Why is college loan forgiveness dumb, but giving away money to the wealthy and corporations good?

Falling for a sob story campaign ad. Jesus man how emotionally fragile are you?

And now I know he will be the next president l.

If just the name triggers a thread of propaganda.


>Those streaming platforms do not equate to basic cable
yes they do
>they are luxuries
yes, luxuries like putting sugar in your coffee lol. the hedonism of the poor makes me sick

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You couldn't sound more chromosomally challenged if you tried.

Wow and to think if Bernie just sold one of his houses he could save this man's life.

needs too die


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>if you don't want people to die for no reason but corporate profits you're a snowflake

No one is defending bailouts, that was almost equally stupid. Almost.

Are you a washing machine repairman?
Why not? Are washing machine repairmen bad?

Nah. 99% of our population have no idea that 3 million doesn't mean private jets... penthouses suites... no cares in the world. These days that means you have something to fucking retire with while living a very moderate lifestyle and leave some change for your kids.

She had drank the Fox coolaid big time. I explained where the recent money he gained came from (book deal and wife's inheritance)... and showed her pictures of his "mansions". He lives next door to a friend of mine. Drives a fucking Chevy Aveo.

And so what if he's rich by most people's standards? Has he changed his tune?

medicare for all would save the life of all the tens of thousands of people who die every year from lack of health coverage

Better repack that strawman...starting to look a bit raggedy

it would increase the spending power of the working class but loan sharks wouldn't get their pound of flesh. boo to the fucking hoo

Looks like the point flew right past you.

fuggin lol

See... exactly this. What do you think people worth 7 million do all day? I'm at my office working, while, yes.... browsing Cred Forums. Sue me. I like titties and chatting with people.

>trading giant corporations having a stranglehold on an industry to the federal government having a stranglehold on it will somehow improve the situation

Imagine having an entire folder on your desktop full of penis worship and cuckolding pictures and not recognizing what you project when posting.

Warren 2020

yes, government health insurance is better. it's not an untested hypothesis. that's why you don't see tens of thousands of Danes dying every year from lack of health coverage.

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And there has never been a society/economy in modern times that needed those policies more desperately.

You are correct. My humble apologies. Credit where credit due.

Sernie Banders

said someone with zero real problems in life who doesn't like trump's mean tweets

None of what you just said matters. What matters is the "average person" will say Bernie is rich. Rich is subjective and we are talking john doe voter's opinion, not yours.

Loan sharks? You mean the government? And by extension, the taxpayer. Rofl, bernie levels of economic understanding right there

the post he responded to claimed bernie is rich by anyone's standards. he's pointing out that by the standards of people who know what being rich is, bernie is doing okay.

All good. I think pretty much everyone can agree that the bailouts were trash

>Loan sharks? You mean the government?
no, i don't propose that the government maximize interest on loans to maximize profits. you don't need a loan to go to college when it's free btw

Then the "average person" needs to educate themselves. They need to look up the net worth of the rest of the senators who have been on the dole for decades...

You will in November, son.

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Stupidest thing I've read all day
...and ive been here all day

Why dont you move there? Sounds so much better

if you have nothing intelligent to say then head on back to facebook, grandpa

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Bernie seems like a decent person that wants to help people, he has my vote.


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Not an argument. Nor an answer to my question. You're equating a country with the a tiny population in a vacuum and you're saying itll all work just fine in a country hundreds of millions of people. And no it's not tested. And the hypothesis has yet to be tested... Those Nordic countries have been trying to cut back on socialist programs in recent years

sounds good to me, voting Bernie.

So tired...

For anyone interested in really understanding what Bernie is about..

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Everyone knows what hes fucking about shareblue. Your .50$ has been deposited to your account

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UK's healthcare system is fully socialized, not just the health insurance, and they have 67 million people. it's the best healthcare system in the world. your retardation is invalid.

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>corporations actually provide quality/efficient products and services

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>best healthcare system in the world
Yeah ok. You can go fuck off back to tumblr now

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strap in boys in smell a cringe storm a brewin

Feel the burn!!!
Berine kicks ass!

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see denying facts doesn't make them go away, mr. president. i know it's you.

That was paid for by government grants and tax breaks.

Tell that to Alfie Evan's that the UK system is so great you fucking mong.

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Thomas Sowell wrote 'Basic Economics'.

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bernie supporter here, stop with the fucking tie memes. nobody gives a fuck about trump's tie.

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Obamacare website vs any major private company's website. And the obamacare site costed more than trump's wall lmao. Thanks for posting a selfie btw

is the implication that working people didn't earn a living wage and billionaires don't take other people's money?

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Dont also forget the police/army who stop rampaging mobs looting businesses, and schools who educate the workers to read and write, paid for by......the government not businesses?????

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No idea what shareblue is... but ok. No, people have a very distorted idea of Bernie's policies
uh huh...

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Thread winner

>billionaires don't take other people's money
not in a free market they don't. That would require regulation.

Uncle Thomas testified in favor of Robert "Saturday Night Massacre" Bork to become a Supreme Court justice. Bork was DENIED for being a wingnut loon.

Yeah I get it. Hes totally not a communist but by the way theres nothing wrong with communism you facist. Is that about right?

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I disagree with your opinion.

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You don't like commies now magat?

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>false dilemma

Added directly to the ban archive.

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The bots are so scared of Bernie. Why is that?

Vote tDump

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Socialism didn't exist when the founders were alive you dumbfuck bot. No vodka for you.

Because thats not socialism you walrus chode

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>wealth redistribution is not socialism
Talking points fail fagalicious.

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all these anti Bernie posts just solidify my choice of voting or him

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>solidify my choice of voting
against him-

Bernie also didn't exist when the founders were alive. They never actually spoke with one another. Sorry, didn't realize this would need to be spelled out for you (you still get a trophy). Maybe they'll cover the use of rhetoric and metaphor in one of your classes a few years down the road.

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healthcate for the poor
Debt release through goverment intervention for the poor

> hurr durr socialiscm

healthcate for the rich
Debt release through goverment intervention for the rich


fucking americunts.

It's all captialism as long as it benefits the rich.

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The CIA needs to take him out before he opens the US borders.
Fuck Bernie Sanders
Fuck socialism
Fuck communism
Fuck niggers.
Fuck jews.
Fuck whites who convict whites for killing blacks.
Fuck rap.
Fuck jazz
Fuck the blues
Fuck r&b
Fuck hiphop
Fuck wiggers
Fuck ms13
Fuck the triads
Fuck los zetas
Fuck coal burners.
Fuck oil drillers.
Fuck the EU.
Fuck NATO.
Fuck all white traitors.
Fuck Muslims
Fuck Zionists.
Fuck Chinks.
Fuck Weebs.
Fuck Autists.
Fuck Gang Members.
Fuck criminals.
Fuck women's rights
Fuck AOC.
Fuck border hoppers.
Fuck diversity.
Fuck multiculturalism.
Fuck vegans.
Fuck gun grabbers.
Fuck Jerusalem
Fuck faggots
Fuck trannies
Fuck janitors

Hey tards,

Even if you hate Sanders and the Dems, if you want to give Trump the best chance of reelection, I dare you to come vote in the Dem primary and nominate Sanders.

All these bots against socialism are going to disappear when it comes time to bail out the banksters again in a few month. And the incel brigade will follow along without question.

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>thinks Bernie invented socialism
Congratulations, you're the dumbest nigger on the thread.


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New Zealand

Literally we are the only predominately white, western country on the planet without the thing Sanders is proposing. Everyone else already figured out college, healthcare, and worker's rights decades ago.

You forgot Nazis and spicks you fag

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Bernie 2020!

Bu-but they're fags.

Go look at their economy now fucktard

What is ironic is that the people posting pictures like this actually have no idea what socialism even means, or that Sanders isn't pushing for it.

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Doing pretty well, actually. Stop mainlining the manchowder.

Attached: 20190403_094626.jpg (500x256, 52K)

You mean some of the happiest, healthiest, and richest economies per capita?

>When you're such a deadbeat only russian mobsters will loan you money.

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>Bernie, you got my vote if you make Student Loan pay-backs retroactive. I'm 42 and paid back loans for 20 fucking years (@ $200,000). Pz send my $ back, ty & u got my vote when I see my $.

Democratic socialism is still capitalism you idiot. The means of production are still private. Then again if you knew that you wouldn't be posting this bullshit.

Attached: 1512422003809.jpg (1000x1258, 195K)

Looks like capitalism.

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Attached: traitors.jpg (960x720, 154K)

Attached: 1535099058235.jpg (480x342, 20K)

I wonder how you think capitalism, a system where the man at the top makes all the money and his little wage slaves work is t the literal definition of your propaganda?

Jk. I'm not wondering. You're a dumb ass nigger.

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what is this creature

The capitalist sees even minor luxuries for the middle class as gross waste. Don't have millions, your fault pal.


Looks like we have the bot "B" team on here today.

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Do it

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We were taught that figures don't lie and liars know how to figure. Norway is a homogenous country - 98% white. If you took black and Hispanics out of the equation we would be higher on all counts.

i hope that old kike fucking dies
Fuck Bernie Sanders brain dead white supporters.
Fuck socialism
Fuck environmentalists.
Fuck communism.
Fuck niggers.
Fuck jews.
Fuck whites who convict whites for killing blacks.
Fuck rap.
Fuck jazz
Fuck the blues.
Fuck r&b.
Fuck hiphop.
Fuck wiggers.
Fuck ms13.
Fuck the triads.
Fuck los zetas.
Fuck coal burners.
Fuck oil drillers.
Fuck the EU.
Fuck NATO.
Fuck all white traitors.
Fuck Muslims.
Fuck Zionists.
Fuck Chinks.
Fuck Weebs.
Fuck Autists.
Fuck Gang Members.
Fuck criminals.
Fuck women's rights.
Fuck AOC.
Fuck border hoppers.
Fuck diversity.
Fuck cuckolds.
Fuck multiculturalism.
Fuck vegans.
Fuck gun grabbers.
Fuck faggots.
Fuck trannies.
Fuck janitors.

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Attached: FB_IMG_1582929591250.jpg (566x759, 39K)

Socialism bad.

Attached: 2987025203_fc2c517522_o-748920.jpg (800x588, 145K)

why every 50 years we have to talk a generation out of communism? millions of people die every time, who keeps telling them it’s a good idea?

that would require slavery. Doesn't fucking happen-

There seem to be a lot of people who think that the only reason you'd want free healthcare is because you work a low paying job.
I wonder if they think you'd be able to afford to pay your $3000-$5000 deductible in a reasonable manner even with double the minimum wage.


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Moscow Mitch blocks any legislation that actually prevents russian interference, comrade. He got a new aluminum plant from russia in kentucky for it.

Sure wage slave.

Attached: 1560454108090m.jpg (1024x864, 138K)

in 2004 democrats weren’t socialists

Attached: 20200216_091258.jpg (720x925, 214K)

wrong again. Probably time to wonder if you will ever be right.
Propaganda is just propaganda.

Work on your shoop skills boris. This shit's weak.

Attached: who wore it better.jpg (1200x574, 100K)

>I know, I'll call him wrong. That'll prove I'm right.
Keep sucking dicks for nickles, failbate.

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Attached: 1580254649848.jpg (634x364, 62K)

>Bernie Sanders
The butcher of wall street

Boomer memes are the worst

Could you tell me
was Liberace gay by any chance?

No one told this bot everyone on Cred Forums already believes this.

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"Grab her by the pussy and rape her" -Donald J. Trump

Attached: 1490916219754s.jpg (250x208, 6K)

give up, huh? Loser-

Attached: 1551550900716.jpg (1080x1643, 216K)

Attached: 1548050871729.jpg (640x640, 91K)

Attached: 1487326611784.png (500x332, 287K)

Attached: 1562797169422m.jpg (1024x886, 81K)

Thanks for admitting you're a loser and giving up.

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I wish I was dead

>fuck the blues
>fuck janitors
i'm guessing you've never worked hard for anything in your life

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i literally just countered that entire stupid meme. i would be possibly open to adopting norways policies. but bernie wants to do much more than that.

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ALL of the states on this chart are CAPITALIST you nigger

yeah rape fantasies are pretty vanilla lol

Attached: 1559679730420m.jpg (1024x948, 224K)

It’s a corporate handout. If that’s socialism, you should be all for it.

So then why are the red ones receiving wealth redistribution Otis? Get a job welfare fucks!

google ‘bernie moscow honeymoon’ and thank me later

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>using totals not per capital
We are praying the gay away for you user. Get better soon

Attached: 1582303037583.png (200x187, 26K)

Its a handout to farmers fucked by dumpy's failed tariffs, brainstem. Try to keep up.

Attached: 1557517522840.jpg (720x960, 50K)

Now how “diverse” is Norway?

probably because they have much smaller populations and aren’t as industrialized, thurgood

Sure welfare queen.

Attached: 50259875_1984026001718370_8141053218999238656_n.jpg (640x600, 40K)

Meanwhile at an expensive hotel in Moscow . . .

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Attached: 1550627381006.jpg (720x842, 127K)

So, niggers on welfare. Got it commie.

Attached: 1554239550334.jpg (500x526, 95K)

Looks like Bernie's kicking this magat out.

so you admit the policies those white people implemented work better because of the underlying principles, but think black people make things work less efficiently. so wouldn't all that shit improve america but less so than norway because muh niggers?

Winston "Gas the wogs" Churchill.

Attached: 20200202_115356.jpg (646x818, 149K)

seems pretty racist, comrade

>two words
>gets 300 replies
you faggots really are so easy to troll

>absolutely no proof
how’d that mueller report work out for you?

17 dumpster convictions so far.

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Nope, because you niggers bring down any system.

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nah he's right, instead of inventing something or starting a new industry you complain about the conditions of your own communities as justification for gibs. i say ship all of rural white america to africa where they belong

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Not socialism. Corporate subsidy isn’t socialism otherwise you wouldn’t be crying about it all this time

so yes, exactly what i said. niggers bring down the all systems equally so it's a moot point. they bring down the current and any future system and there is still an improvement overall when you adopt policies that work better as shown in countries like norway.

Sorry nigger. Retired on the backs of my employees.

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Oh, the discord trannies are at it again. It's time for this thread to come to an end. Let's all chant the magic four letter word.

>ship all of rural white america to africa
>africa becomes global power overnight
>space program, colonize moon and mars
>meanwhile the new country of Mexica develops new solar powered dildo and the 938th gender is discovered

>Free gibs aren't socialism if its to the rich
How'd you get every billionaire's dick down your throat like that?

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Dumb bich, they can't even make a go of it in the US. How are those lazy fucks going to do that in africa? Slavery part 2?

but trump is still president. what happened there?
>inb4 something something bill barr

the jews and liberal faggots will be left on earth and butt fuck each other into obscurity

Senate Repukes would sell their grandma out for a handful of kopeks. Try school instead of getting your education on Cred Forums, dumbass.

I bet you came a little when you typed that, welfare loser.

Those are some pretty good reasons for you to move to Norway.

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>>ship all of rural white america to africa
>>africa becomes global power overnight
i hope to god this is what you think would really happen lol

and an even better reason to implement those policies in the country where i currently live, as most of america now agrees

As a man who has fucked trannies to jazz music, id do it again.

My wife and I paid off $100,000 in student loan debt. It took us ten years. I am not cool with people just walking away from what they borrowed.

Even Hayao Miyazaki was once a communist.