We're sorry

We're sorry.

We're sorry for committing the horrible crime of slavery on you. We're sorry for putting you through a hundred years of Jim Crow. We're sorry that you have to endure police brutality and institutionalized racism to this day.

On behalf of all decent white people, we're sorry. I know it's not enough reparation, but you will always be free to fuck our white women. They are yours, now and forever.

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Jew fag

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No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies you weaken humanity just by existing

No. Not at all sorry. But, it is entertaining to see an amateur girl throw common sense out the window and give into a black dick just for the sake of an orgasm. The pro stuff is meh. Bitches will do anything for money, but a girl who willingly goes full slut for nothing is kinda hot.

why can women have all the fun, i want black cock to ravage my boypussy too!

Let me see that boypussy then you cute little faggot

Spoken like a true incel. Maybe you'll learn to channel that jealousy into something productive. But we both know you'll remain a petty bitch for life, won't you?

Cancer killing Cred Forums

You can't apologize for what you didn't do. And, slavery started in Africa.


Jealousy? Da fuck are you taking about, fuck wit?

White trannies on the internet keep mocking other white men that they're not masculine enough for some reason. Sissies/trannies need to be emasculated for their sissy gay fetish, hence all the ''whitebois cant compete'' threads. They get off on humiliation and depravity.

They're not attracted to women, but they still post them for self insertion, and to reinforce the idea that they're ''not a real man''. In their mind, black guys have 10 inch dicks and are hyper masculine, while they themselves are feminine, submissive, bottom gay. Its a tranny power fantasy to cope with the fact that they're still male. Most of them also suffer from mental illness and lurks tranny discords dedicated to ''white extermination'' and other extreme shit, while also being encouraged to spread this shit all over the internet. This is how just a few people can spam tens of thousands a threads a year without getting bored.

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Every girl should have the opportunity to suck nigger balls, it is a human right

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You're doing a duty for us all, user

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himself. notice how he talked about channelling repressed emotions, productivity, and being a petty bitch?
The guy who is attempting to cause emotional anguish by spamming a racist meme on a Corona Virus Worship Cult meetup forum is the one who said this.


You have the right to be angry and we're the ones to blame!
DOn't listen to people calling you niggers.

eat shit, nigger

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