What's Cred Forums drinking tonight?

What's Cred Forums drinking tonight?

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is this your dumb fucking ernst?

>beer/ lager 5% had more than 7 by now :)
What do you mean i don't even understand the meaning of this question.

Nothing. I'm on fucking probation. I have a portable breathalyzer that I have to blow in 5 times a day. It takes a picture of me and analyzes my face. If it's not me I get a violation. And I have to pay 65 a week for the gd thing.

roku gin, looking for friends, anyone wants to talk?

Never heard of that shit before are you schizo or something?

christ i hope that is just a random picture and your seriously not ruining brandy with coke

Yhe i wanna talk, but i'm not sure how ?

Just 24 beers.

then you are my brother!
listen to this song, this is what im listening to right now.
i know youre weary tired and cold, we are the sons of murphy brother!

Water that's been sitting out for a week.
>immune system of god

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i'm drinking my own cum.

this proves youre not a serious drinker. coke is like a dampfwalze, ruins every spiritus and drinks. plus fucking cherry wtf wheres is your alk basis

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Picked up a sixer of some Space Station Middle Finger because I'm a fuckin hipster. Good shit though!

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my nigger

Organically grown, locally sourced and freshly squeezed.

Svedka and crystal light. A few shots of jaegar

I like it, 3 Floyd's is one of my favorite breweries

Man I feel like no one around me drinks Jager anymore. It used to be huge when I first turned 21, but not so much anymore. I got a Jager bomb when me and some friends went out like two months ago and man that shit knocked me on my ass

im glad user, i just drink because i hate myself

sorry you replied to wrong post i'm not OP


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never had that because im not amerifat, is it any good?

Its basically water, so sort of I guess. Its cheap, which is nice.

>he plays dota he is never getting drunk he is just keeping it below tipsy...

Some cheap blend of whisky, with ice. Nothing else
Don't take me as frugal or cheap... I'm stuffing a load of cocaine in my face, too. I just prefer the taste of cheap blends. Yes, I have tried all manner of single malts blah blah Irish blah Glen-whatever.

Where Im at everyone does shots of Fireball. Im gonna stick with Jaeger. People think its an old guy shot. Kinda funny

can it get u drunk?

Im playing Breath of the Wild, user.

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And diet cola

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Bud Light is refreshing. Goes great with a round of golf

If you drink about twelve of them it can get you pretty mellow. But %wise its like 5%.

Bud light is good. Very light. You can drink quite a few and not feel bloated

idk i just drink 10% belgian tripel and get preety drunk

About to start with
>pic related
Need something while I'm grinding in Final Fantasy IX, and will probably listen Ride the Lightning at the same time.

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Fireball, yep that's the new Jager. Can't stand that stuff. I'd much rather take Jager

Cheap whisky. Had a bottle of cheaper wine earlier.

Well yeah I mean me too, but I feel like I'm doing it more respectfully with something I at least am enjoying. I don't hate you user!

stop spewing bullshit, you hurt your health and dont know me, im sorry but really, grow up

Bill Miller sweet iced tea, when I go to get my baked potato and side salad combo with a slice of pie.

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Not him, but calm down guy

If you ever try an anhueser busch product, for God sake make it a regular Budweiser. This shit tastes like cotton candy.

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What's going on big guy? You just auts'd in a thread. It's all bloody and bashed.

i hate my alcohollic ass, and i hate it when people tell me when it's ok insted of telling me to kill myself

What is your story bro? You a victim of something? How much are you drinking?

I feel for you, user. I really do. I have spent the last fifteen years destroying every personal and professional relationship Ive ever had but any time someone mentions it to me, they comment on how I've "had a hard life" so its to be expected. its frustrating.

eww gross

a veteran, got released on christmas eve, fairly young, used to drink in the army aswell
i cant pcik myself up and look for a job, im too lost, i drink a lot
you got a lot more then me friend

You mean ruining the Coke with that shitty brandy. I say that as I come from the brandy drinking capital of the world and all of it sucks

Fellow vet reporting in and I'm right there with you, bud. I've felt adrift ever since I took my walking papers.

a slab of Foster's and everything under the kitchen's sink, mate

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dont get me wrong, i hated my forced service, but it was diffrent, i know how to love there...

This stuff. Had a glass on a flight and thought it was good, bought a bottle when it was on sale but still waaaaay overpriced for what it is.

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Never understood why expensive scotch gets sold in a squirrel coffin

Probably semen from my cheating gf's asshole. I hope i'm not becoming a full blown cuck.


i like you

Which side of your hand do you consider the asshole?

British cunt check your dubs.

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>be me
>never drank before
>never been to a bar so idk how you pay for your drinks or how you collect it
>enter college and friends invite me to drink
>make up excuses all the time
>they’re forcing me to go tomorrow
I’m fucked lads. I don’t know how to order or what to order and I’m just gonna look like a fucking idiot.

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You just lean over the bar and yell your name over the noise of the crowd at the bartender while you hand them your card.

Though if its your first time out, people will probably buy you a bunch of shots and drinks for free to celebrate the occasion.

My Nigga.

You can open a tab and pay once when you leave or pay for drinks as you get them. Just order Bacardi 151 straight. Its very easy to drink and tastes like sprite

Lagavulin !

Straight vodka please

just get a beer or something, put a tip for every drink you get, you'll get served more

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They actually dont make 151 anymore. it was discontinued around 2016.

Brandy? are you a black man?


I was not aware. Thank you for the knpwledge

drank that yesterday, nice beer

>found the niggers

wrong, actually bought some 3 weeks ago


Yeah this. Relax. You'll have fun.

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Nothing because I have to work every Saturday

not really, i just like beers made in belgium
la chouffe is a favorite

Sorry to hear that man, I was the one that told you I don't hate you. Just being positive man, didn't mean to come at you in any way. Seriously man I know we all have our shit in life, I have mine just the same that I'm drinking away right now. But you'll figure it out man, sometime and somehow. Not spinning bullshit at you. Dedicating my next drink to you my dude

Then you got some reseve stock.

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Giant brand. My nigga

actually I just looked in my cabinet, it was Cruzan 151 rum. Sorry, my bad

alternating between Cutty & Soda and Kicken Chicken Old fashions

How is a beer that sponsered one of the biggest names in NASCAR for niggers?

bud is white trash beer, blacks drink malt liquor. Either you are an underage fag, or a potato

>they’re forcing me to go tomorrow
No they're not, unless they're holding a gun to your fucking head or forcibly kidnapping you beyond your maximum physical ability to resist. You're /choosing/ to go. If you really didn't want to, you'd tell them to fuck off and respect your fucking boundaries.

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>for niggers

You sure you're not thinking of Olde Enlgish? Maybe Colt 45?

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More busch

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nothing like a cold Busch in one hand and a warm bush in the other


NASCAR's for niggers

Last summer one of my old air force buddies was getting married and we decided for his bachelor party we were going to get wasted on 151 and play Halo 2 all night like we did back when we werr all stationed in Korea together. While we were hunting liqour stores we learned the old girl had been put out to pasture.

GARHARHARHAR OMG SO FUNNY LARLARLAR fucking seriously did your mullet and your fucking 80s mustache just grow a bit longer when you said that?

>NASCAR's for niggers
White niggers aka Floridians.

this user is right, this kind of "oh no im being forced into shit life happens to me and i have no control over the situation" is how you end up sitting on the edge of your bed with a .45 in your mouth.

No wonder the world's turned into such a shit hole when fully matured males play video games.

Room temp for easier access

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It was a glory days type situation. A feeling you could probably empathize with if you had accomplished literally anything in your life you could look back on fondly.

Ha ha. Yeah true. Thanks.

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Im glad someone else thinks Bud is sweet to the taste. Cant even mention it around IPA swilling niggers but I'll be god damned if Bud doesn't taste sweet.

This is because the mash bill includes corn, you can even smell the corn when you crack a cold one

Get Monkey shoulder and mix it with coca cola. Trust me on this one ;)

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Dude i was forced to put that .45 in my mouth

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>implying boomers drink Busch and not Milwaukee's Best

How embarrassing.

nothing, i'll just get even more depressed and have a migraine

I drink busch cause its 16 bucks for 30

A nice mix of JD mixed with coke. Afterwards, I have a bottle of Smirnoff vodka with applejuice. Shit is delicious

Don't fall off the wagon, I remember when some tardo was on here and was 6 months sober with a daughter to take care of but he needed to drink because 'muh freedom'. He then fucked with his ankle monitor, got wasted and was probably arrested the next day.

JD in coke is definite delicious,. vodka and apple juice sounds good to but shit is not delicious, shit tastes like, well, shit

I usually do jack and coke zero because my old ass will absolutely get pounded by the hangover from the extra sugar in regular coke. I would also reccomend tequilla and oj in a 1:1 mix. That shit can ruin your life.

Water. I'm drinking water, because I want to experience the sensation of putting my hands down a new girls pants for the first time again. Do you know what that's like? When you have a new girl, and you put your hands down her open pants, into her panties, and your fingers slide through a thick snail trail? And she let's out a tiny little moan into your ear, and says "You got me so wet right now". You know what that's like? Well if you did, you'd be drinking water tonight too. Trust me.

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I do scotch and soda ( no sugar )
or Bourbon old fashion, but you a drop of liquid splenda instead of sugar and forgo the garnish

Tequilla and OJ was my drink for years. I would get them with olives in there to balance out the sweetness. Some bartenders looked at me like I was crazy

I'm going to be blasted back to the stoneage for posting thins, but check out r/ketodrunk

Fresh pint of plain, best a man can get

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Whiskey single malt and Dr pepper. Like most Fridays.

>raiding BWL tonight
>pic related

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Good shit! What year you get?

people still play that

>I would get them with olives
That actually makes a surprising amount of sense. Its like salting the rim but more concentrated.

Got some red label to celebrate my graduation
>inb4 poorfag
Yes I am that's why I went to school. Hopefully will be able to afford something better in a years time
what's up fellow wisco bro

It's best you get over your anxiety of the situation.

Here is the autists guide to order a fucking drink at a bar.

Generally, you look at whats on tap (menu or placed somewhere obvious to see), or if its a shit bar you just gotta guess what pisswater they have. Look at what bottles people have, or you can usually see the tap handles.

Tell the bartender "I want a sierra nevada" or whatever the name of the beer or drink you want is (if they have beer on tap, get that over bottles. Tap is fresher beer, generally better tasting).

They'll walk away, grab it, and put the beer down in front of you, then look at you expectantly. You give them your card and they'll ask "keep it open or closed?" If you're only wanting one drink the whole night, just say "closed". They'll ring you up like at the grocery store, and give you your card/reciept. General tip is $1 a beer. If cash, it's obviously just a one-off transaction. If you're doing multiple drinks, say "keep it open". Some places keep your card, some places don't need to keep your card, they just swipe it and hand it back. If you keep it open, they'll either tell you they're returning it, or that they have to keep it; if they don't say anything and walk away with your card, that generally means they're keeping it.

Drink, be merry. If your tab is open, then repeat as above, and just tell them you have a tab open when they ask for payment; they'll ask your name, and you tell them, they run it on your card.

When you're done for the night, just go back up, and when they look at you expectantly, just tell them you want to close out (or just tell them you want to close out when you get your last drink). They'll run all your transactions and give you your card/reciept.

As a pro-tip, if its crowded as hell and the bartender is legit and not a glossy-eyed shitstain, if you tip them big your first drink (like a 5 for a 5 dollar drink), you generally get preferential treatment when you go back up.

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The Champagne of Beer

A lot of cheap gin

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I have tried so many times to like gin. To me it just tastes like rubbing alcohol and dirt.

Try one my time, but this time, try New Amsterdam gin

I like brandy too but I don't/can't mix it.
I like cheap brandy, st remys.
I like to take a large sip and hold it in my mouth until the taste starts to acidify
I do this every 10 minutes or so whenever I am awake

I mean it doesn't taste good to me. I'm drinking to get drunk. Clear liquor is less likely to bring hangovers and at least gin has more flavor than vodka.

It tastes like bug spray to me. I can tolerate a tangueray and tonic, but thats about it


Classic, brah. We came back.


gin + soda water + juice of a lemon + sugar/spledna

Basic beers, Stella and Moretti

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This is good advice user. I hope people read this.

Jack Daniels and jizz

Order a rum and coke, tip a dollar and walk away
ffs it isn't that fucking hard autists

there IS a drink called a ginfizz so why not a JackJizz

Looking for a new drink. What ratio?

People like you aren't helping him, I'm sure of that. Personally, I find acting like a smug douche bag because you know something someone else doesn't generally doesn't fix their problem or help anyone out. Maybe that's just me.

with coke and two extra tall cans to top it off

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Nah i feel unclean visiting reddit

fucking cheap skate. Enjoy your watered down 2nd drink

Only posting because this is a criminally underappreciated beer. I drink a handful of these and get shithouse drunk. Its a little weird that its a mexican beer that's main focus is on imperial Russia but still. Awesome.

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>tldr; user likes taking advantage of drunk women while sober

>dollar tip on a five dollar cocktail is cheap

Coyote ugly cunt confirmed.

Well drinks are pretty shitty

>Maybe that's just me
It is, you're a faggot

Oh yeah because your $25 per drink cocktail is so superior

>is poor
>blames user

water. perhaps it will be a daring day which i have 3 ice cubes in my water after a shower

cheap on the tip you fucking buttpirate

Its a 20% tip, user. Its basic math.

>tipping is just a retard appreciation award for people who can't have real jobs

prove me wrong

Drink while playing psychonauts for true Rasputin immersion

rum and coke costs more than $5 around here. Must be nice

>hurray heres 15% of the bill in "tip" for doing your basic fucking job of mixing two liquids or writing down an order and wiping off the table after

A fucking chimp can do it. Tipping in America is fucking retarded and is more of a "status" level.

Where the fuck do you drink that well rum and cokes are over $5?

I'm sorry you are so poor. Would you like me to start a collection?

It really depends on the quality of the jizz, but it's usually a 15% Jack Daniels and 85% cum. Not a strong drink ,very sweet and enjoyable.

clearly yout don't know how to bar. Bartenders that get good tips tend to long pour and give free shots.

Sounds delicious. Would it be gay if I put an umbrella in it?

>very sweet

Imagine being a grown ass adult and believing the pineapple meme.

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Finally an experienced cum connosieur. Please give these idiots a lesson

I like the cut of your jib

Actually, the sweetness is from the Jack Daniels

Is Daniel hung, did he jack to back

Been a long week. Gettong ready to butt chug some boones farm.

vodka rockstar

Kokanee beer

Regardless I still pay my 15-20% for those retards . Just leaving a reminder. Would you like for me to schedule an appointment for your Butthurt level this week? Its all on your daddys credit card.