What's your experience with jail or prison?

What's your experience with jail or prison?

How much gay stuff actually goes on?

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Are you asking because you're looking for gay sex or looking to avoid gay sex?

If a man ever tried to rape me I'd bite his dick and tear it down with my bare teeth and eat it

I spent a month in juvenile detention when I was 12 and was ass fucked every day in the showers by 16 and 17 year olds, when I told the supervising officer he just said I shouldn't have done whatever I had done to get put in there in the first place.
I imagine prison is as bad.

Did they make you suck dick too?

I was locked up at 16 and some boys who were called "night crawlers" would sneak around the 8 man cell and hold me down and fuck my ass. They would use packets of mayonnaise as lube. I never told anyone but I believe somebody else did and I was moved to a single cell.

I am sorry that happened. The whole system needs to be turned on its head.

Been in county plenty of times and served 4 years in south michigan pen. No faggotry witnessed. Jail is way worse imo than the pen ever tho. Always some drunk/high asshole who gets their shit fucked up because they can't shut up in county. Last time some dudes got into to it, one guy ending up sitting on the other dudes back and broke his fingers 1 by 1 folding them backwards. Took atleast 3-4 minutes before a guard showed up, and by them he was working on his second hand. Another time a guy forced his thumb into the eye socket of a guy ect ect. Jail is fucking disturbing.. In the pen only gangs rape,kill,torture each other for the most part. If you keep your mouth shut, don't associate with other races and mind yourself, you never see or know of that shit. Standing up for yourself is obvious tho. If you let people walk all over you, you got yourself to blame. Not being tough or "badass", having a spine is enough to make it through in peace.

no, just soapy anal sex

Imagine the smell

So you or no one in there does anything while someone is torturing a man breaking his bones?? Cowards

Correctional officer here. AMA


Not my business. Taking a wild guess that you've never been arrested in your life? Superman's have a short lifespan in county and pen.

Any video? (asking for a friend)

If an inmate has done something really bad, do you sort of look the other way if he gets his ass fucked against his will?

Why stand up for a stranger, you don't know what bad shit he's done to get himself locked up

Honestly depends on the inmate. More often then not you dont know what the inmate did in the world, so you treat them all as if they raped kids or some shit. Now it they piss me off? Yeah I'll look the other way. General rule with a CO is to stay out of their way or face the consequences. There's a lot of shady shit with my job.

Do inmates ever sell their ass to fund a drug habit? I imagine most guys who go to jail have basicly no money, and with supply and demand being what it is....

Cute.. it's about being a humanbeing. If you saw someone raping someone at the side of the road, would you simply go "uuh not my business" and do nothing? No I havn't been arrested or incarcerated. I still wouldn't sit and watch someone being tourtured because it wasn't "my business"

Average salary, state, and do you think the job is worth it

You mind your business in prison/jail.

You get involved in other people's business, then you might get a knife in the back.

Most fights are about money owed over drugs. Also saving a pedophile is like admitting you're a pedophile.

Honestly inmates have a lot of money, and if they dont they know people who do have money. But yes, there are some known to do that, at certain units they have transgender wings to seperate transgender offenders from the Male population to prevent this exact thing.

30k starting.Texas. For someone young, yes. You can retire at 40 with 94% of your paycheck if you start at 20.

CO here. I can confirm this, the only ones who can get involved are Officers, and their only goal is to stop it. Inmates playing superman outside of helping their gang members does and will get you either hurt or killed.

You don't get it and I'm not gonna break it down for you either. You wouldn't last long Superman that's all I'll say.

Is stuff like this actually common?

I work I'm a gang unit and can confirm this level of stuff does not happen anymore. Gangs co-exist through the hierarchy communicating with one another, and even when fights do break out between others it's mostly fist fights, if you're going to kill someone you'll either use a fan motor in a sock or a shank. Theres no reason to poke an eye out.

>when fights do break out between others it's mostly fist fights
absolute bullshit buddy

I was a prison guard in Texas for a little while. For the most part the worst shit I saw was mental cases trying to kill themselves or pulling veins outa their arm for fun. Other than that people got along with the usual biweekly offender fist fight. The trannies were the most disgusting thing I ever had to deal with though. One kept constantly passing gas so they sent him to the medical building, the guard they sent in with him came out looking like he had been through vietnam, apparently this faggot had been shoving so many things up it's diseased hole that it could no longer close and just hung open 24/7.

Shoulda just executed the filthy thing that day.

Can confirm.

> Thinks Jails are used to lock up human beings.

Worked at county for 5 years. They didn't end up in jail because theyre angels. Yeah, sometimes you get dudes in there who really just fucked up, we try to keep them seperate from the usual trash as best as we can.

But if you see a pedophile awaiting conviction on sexual assault of a child under 2 getting his ass beat by a guy who doused his wife in gasoline and then threw a lit road flare at her, then that guy gets beaten silly and tased by CERT...

Well. Its pretty fuckin hard to feel bad for either of them. Also, 90% of the people in jail, even the quiet ones, are some form of sociopath pr psychopath. Theyd step over your still cooling corpse to gain access to the snickers bar you bought from canteen if they had even the slightest chance to get away with it.

Jail isn't where we keep normal people. Its where our societey isolates our most dangerous, heartless assholes.

Staff included. If you ever end up in jail, sit down, shut the fuck up, and mind yer own fuckin buisiness until you can post bond, get the charges dissmissed, or finish your time.


fellow CO. I'd say like 90% of gay shit in prison and jail is consentual, but even then, it rape doesn't happen very often. In a pod with 200 guys maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Then the rest is just the wierdos doing wierd butt stuff an blowin eachother.

I don't even really wanna call is gay, its more like, idk, theres just guys who are opportunists who take whenever they can get it from whomever they can get it from. If theyre on the outside theyre chasin pussy, if theyre on the inside theyre clappin cheeks.

This is a 100% accurate. 90% of them are quietly awaiting their judgement. The other 10% are the bottom of the barrel of humanity and they inflict whatever cruelty they can imagine onto each other.

Kek, I bet you loved it.

I don't understand Polish and there are no subtitles.

Would you mind quickly typing up an English transcript for me? Thanks.

Can confirm, will trade commissary for cheek.

So he is right then, you don't care basically? What a fucked up system you have

Absolutley. Advice to anybody who ends up in jail or prison, if a fight breaks out, go back to your cell and close the door, or if not in a pod, back off and stay outta the way. The CO's will handle it, you getting involved just means the next guy swallowing his own teeth while everybody clears off and waits the 3 or 4 minutes for the COs to show up will be you.

90-95% of guys in jail or prison are just doing that. Keeping thier heads down, doin thier time, not causin trouble. Don't tangle your ass up with that other 10-5% of lunatics who don't give a fuck cuz theyre never getting out anyways. The only two outcomes is they kill you, or you become one of them.


Gangs don't normally go to war in prison.

It's usually addicts owing money that get their noggins knocked on. Pedophiles also get raped, robbed, extorted, and murdered often as well simply because everyone knows they will receive 0 protection.

Even guards might look away from a pedophile getting killed.

I approve of this thread.

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Not if 3 of them are holding you down tough guy

no, australia

He's probably in the US, maybe Australia or Canada.

You said yourself you have never even seen the inside of a cell first-hand. It's very easy to imagine you would stand up for someone else in county, but I would bet anything you would sit quiet as a mouse closing your eyes hoping it to be over soon if push came to shove.

Our system? Take a look at South American prisons. You'd be wearing a thong and sucking dick first day in.

>Trying to be big for attention

Added to the ban archive.

"Hi, I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about and no direct or indirect experience with prison violence or sexual abuse, but here's my uninformed opinion condemning all of you as cowards."

Fucking retarded asshole, do five years in prison then come back here and tell us who the cowards are, you fucking retarded asshole. You probably piss your panties through the pee hole of the chastity cage your cucking wife has you locked in since your wedding 12 years ago, every time you see a police car, you fucking ignorant asshole.

>having to compare yourself to the third world to look good

So does that mean it’s not an instrument?

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Check out Larry, his story is pretty crazy, lets you know alot of the fucked up shit that goes on.

Man.. your bussi would be so sweet

I was arrested for deviant sexual misconduct with a minor. Spent the next two days in county lockup waiting to see a judge monday morning. Judge dismissed my charges when I told him that the girl (15) and I (18) had been dating for over a year and her parents came and vouched for me.

Easily the highlight for me was that the guy who brought me my lunch and dinner tray was a guy in my senior class. He was the captain of the football team and prom king but he was arrested for molesting a seven year old.

Serves that fucker right for trying to embarass me for still liking pokemon in the seventh grade.

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Nigga you gay

>the parents vouched for me
what the fuck and how do I find a teen girl who's parents are okay with me dating them

Move to a small town in bumfuck nowhere, middle America.

US. And its mostly due to two factors:

Staffing and the fact we in the US try to lock up any and all criminals. The reality is that theres about 10% of societey who will NEVER contribute anything, and who thrive on inflicting violence, pain, and misery on thier fellow humans. They don't deserve to be locked up, they deserve a fuckin bullet. But we're "civilized" now so we can't just hang the bastards and be done with it. So on one hand we're a hyper-legal societey terrified of crime in any form, but on the other we're too humane to just really deal with the worst and ignore the petty shit.

So what we end up doing is locking up some guy who got caught bouncing checks a few too many times, weed dealers, and assorted petty guys whose only crime is really just being stupid in with that 10% of violent sadistic animals.

Also, paradoxically, despite our societey placing a huge value on locking up criminals, we don't want to spend very much money to do it. So you end up with 400 guys, 360 of which are just some form of idiot, mixed in with about 40 guys who just want to fuck, fight, murder, or steal anything in arms reach.

This will be supervised by 5 guys who get paid $16.50 an hour who have been working 12 hours on 12 hours off for 6 months without a day off.

So yeah, it IS a fucked up system we have.


I was never raped but they stripped us together and made us line up naked.

There's not that much gay shit going on. Even the gay sex offenders getting celled up with a straight dude don't usually push their boundaries.

I remember two incidences though. Once a guy was trying to finger their cellmates ass while they were asleep. Cellmate woke up and gave them a decking.
The other, two cellmates consented to fucking then got caught by a screw, and decided to both snitch on each other saying it was rape. Nothing really happened after that besides being separated and nobody wanting to cell with them. Was fucking dumb since one of them had HIV and was open about it yet the other guy still decided to go there.

I had the cleaner in my unit touch my ass a couple times trying to 'turn me gay'. He was a bit of a clown though so I didn't take it too seriously.

The real monsters seem to be less than 10% of society. More like 1% are chaotic evil. I'd argue that a bigger percent would gladly support or participate in violence or cruelty if told to by authorities (see: Mao's China) but are otherwise "normal" people.

The U.S. prison system is far from perfect! Yet you could consider yourself lucky to be incarcerated here over a lot of places. This guys argument is about helping your fellow man. That wouldn't work in any country without getting abused himself. Jail/Prison isn't nice places regardless of where you live.

In psychology they call it male situational homosexuality. When you're isolated from women for years and years your celly might start lookin' kinda thick. But like you said, soon as they're on the outside it's 100% women. Really weird honestly.

>Jail/Prison isn't nice places regardless of where you live.

>>Laughs in Norwegian

In parts of Europe they're at least humane. In Germany the constitution says in the 1st article that human dignity is inviolable and the government must protect it. So their prisons are more like modest motels that inmates can't leave (except for furlough).

Depends what you make of it. Some people think of prison as an improvement in life, especially when the outside wasn't too great for them. Hence why gate fever and institutionalisation are a thing.

Heck, even I've had moments where I've thought "Damn, life would be so much easier if I was behind bars and getting fed every day again" and my life has turned around and is fucking fantastic now.

Lived in germany and other parts of europe myself. What Europe has is a functioning mental health system. The United states decided the solution to mental asylums being horrible dungeons was to totally dismantle them, while europe chose to reform them.

Consequently, the USA waits for it's mentally ill to hurt somebody before locking them up as criminals. In Germany they identify such people early and give them life long treatment and mild supervision geared towards living independantly and holding what work they can.

Councidentally thier prison systems arent filled to bursting with junkies, borderline mental patients, and untreated undiagnosed psychopaths.

(Also it helps that NATO countries can rely on the USA to foot the defense spending bill so they can afford to have such systems more easily).

>(Also it helps that NATO countries can rely on the USA to foot the defense spending bill so they can afford to have such systems more easily).
Some of Europe pays for its own defense. Others don't really need much defense in the first place.

Never been in prison, only worked in em. But I've had similar feelings towards military service. "Damn, life was so much simpler when I was literal government property!"

Wierdly enough theres days I actually MISS afghanistan and Iraq. It was a hard, brutal life, but a simple one. There really is something attractive about not having responsibility for your actions or having to make your own decisions.

Spent 6 month in military jail, not too much gay stuff, unless you want it

I believe what we all strive for is humane treatment of people. At the end of day, no one wants to see people getting mutilated, raped or murdered; regardless or their crimes. Like I said, I think we have a lot of improvement to be had here. Although I don't think inmates should have modest hotel like accommodations. Everyone is entitled to some kind of dignity, but is you're being punished, you should also feel that punishment.

The US has more troops in Germany than Germany does. If you guys had to replace that, I garuntee you that suddenly your guy's welfare system would expierience a very sudden, very painful contraction.

Is what it is, point being, you guys take better care of your mentally ill and it means you have a smaller prison system.

In more human places the punishment is not being able to leave, not living in a nightmare.

It's all what you make of it. I've been to prison and it can be the time of your life if you don't make yourself a victim. The littlest things become treasures.

Yeah mental health care is a big part of their functioning system. They do have official policies on running institutions like prisons though. Someone like Joe Arpaio would probably wind up in serious legal hot water there.

Be fair, what was he supposed to do?

The solution?

It's a three year difference in age. Don't get too excited half wit

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grow some balls?

The bigger your balls the easier they are to cut off.

You're like a typical Scared Straight kid.

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im 32 fag

Then you absolutely were forced to watch scared straight type bullshit in middle school DARE assemblies.

I haven't been in jail but a friend of mine has and said I'd probably do rather well since I'm apathetic af and wouldn't have a problem selling my ass

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