Does DMT open the door to Demons? Is that true...

Does DMT open the door to Demons? Is that true? I have often heard that the entities you meet will FLEE the MOMENT you say Christs name and become very angry you are mentioning christ. Anyone with any experience in this topic, is this a true fact?

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Treu fact vs DMT
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i have done psyhcs, they are strange for sure. But the calling out to Jesus makes these entities mad and vanish, why would this happen if they were not unholy?

This is relevant to my interests. Is this a common thing?

apparently so, this happens a lot. but why? why do they flee when you say this.

Yes same thing happened to me during astral walking

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You fixation of meeting a demon or as you picture suggest some elf or jester is truly a fictional imagination of what rumors are spread of how a DMT trip should be like, you could actually unconsciously fake the experience by fixating your mind on what a DMT trip should be like compered to what they truly are.

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this is true but they were experiencing these jesters way back before they ever heard about it from others. The fact of the matter is that everybody sees similar entities and imagery in DMT trips, without necessarily being told what they should expect to experience prior to the trip like i have been spoiled on by figures like joe rogan as of recent times, which is certainly strange.

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ask anyone who has actually done the drugs, you start to question whether these things are actually happening in some sort of manner or not. Hell, respectable scientists as well as half schizo loons both start questioning things after DMT trips. You could always be reductionist about it, like you, and that is a fair take on the subject, maybe even the most probably correct, but it's still far from a certainty as of current times, our understanding of the brain and dimensions and all that stuff is still in its infancy. Go do the drugs, get your hands dirty, then decide. Though I do think I agree with you in that it most likely is in your head, but....most likely in a 60/40 or 70/30 sense, not 99/1. It's truly some extrodinary stuff combined with the fact that you see the same things as someone else did 10,000 years ago who took it despite all the cultural and background differences.

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Do they disappear if you're a Hindu ?

i don't know, I've just heard of multiple times a person has tripped on DMT, met entities and evoked christ. The entities instantly become upset and run away, almost like their cover has been blown or something. at least that seems to be the implication to me.

I would like to believe that a "per-medietive" mind a mind that has purified itself maybe temporary from the society and it's habits to be forgotten just for the experience, is truly something else.

Your mind your subconscious is forming itself on what you are exposed to in your daily life, not to go to far ;) , but a clean mind before doing DMT could change the experience drastically compered to if you did it in a rush hour of NYC in the middle of the public ( hope it makes sense ) :)

I have not done DMT but have tried other psychedelics. What you are saying is true about us tapping in to the same sort of primal energy/entities/memories our ancestors did. Jordan Peterson has some interesting takes on that in his Maps of Meaning lectures. I have not read the book, just listened to the lectures on podcast. I believe we have memories or profound experiences written in to our DNA and passed on by our ancestors. That is why you see very similar characters and stories throughout the worlds different religions and ancient tales. We KNOW that there are instincts that are passed on through DNA like the lion instinctively knowing to hunt or us being afraid of the dark. Not much of a stretch to think other profound experiences or events are passed on as well, we just do not know how to access them completely. Might not help that we are brought up in a system that actively tries to calcify our pineal gland which seems to connect us to the "source" or whatever.

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Maybe I didnt have enough but dmt didnt do much more than acid for me

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