Billie Eilish worship thread

Billie Eilish worship thread

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How can the worship of a goddess in the flesh be heinous

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name one good track by her
pro tip you can't.
all her tracks or just above basic but nothing i would say "hey you have to listen to this"

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I'll be more interested once she gets rid of the 35 year old jewish aunt hair

None can deny she has a beautiful voice


She doesn’t even use it though. She whispers everything.

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Her hair is unique and beautiful

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Ok bud

Disagree. Good shit.

y tho

Some ugly skank with terrible music

Because a goddess needs to be worshipped

I'm sorry to hear you're blind and deaf

ugly pretentious human. Also she kinda reminds me of a pac man frog her mouth it fucking huge.

she looks like a 17yo boy

on that i agree she has a great voice.
tracks umm i heard better.

example :

Didn't know 17 yo boys had big ol tits like that

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paid astroturfers to keep this spotlight fading bitch relevant the is the most obvious forced industry plant in a while and people are noticing and getting sick of pedowoods shit
why is her brother dating a clone of her its fucking weird hollywood families are usually in cults or satanic covens its all coming out and fuck this fish lipped ugly coal burning dyke

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She does seem to like niggers

I don't know how you can hate such a sweet innocent woman, what's wrong with you

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please stop equating satan with moloch

The resting bitch face is the best thing about her

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nothing worth worshiping. nothing special or consequential about her. let's see if she's even remembered or making music 2 years from now.

She is beautiful and one of the best artists alive today, and she has the awards to prove it

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rolling for quads

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How is this not beautiful

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It was unique in 2005, lol

How many people do you see with hair like that

>unique in 2005
>wondering why nobody else has it

Where is the video of her in bed with two black guys and someone kicks them all out of the room calling her Billy bop

Someone want to x-ray the cover away?

If it was unique in 2005, it wouldn't be now retard

this is my kind of thread :)

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What does quads get us?

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Check em

Quads is four of the same number.

Hell yeah :p

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I would do anything to see a video of her getting fucked by the black dudes she hangs out with.

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I have only heard bits of that Bad boy song... is she any good? or is the rest of her song as bad as that bad boy one?

To many i's in her name, I'm not a fan.

who the fuck is she, and why would we worship someone that looks like a crack whore

whos this guy?

ITT: billie worshipers and faggots that like men

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unnoticed trips fuck you. nah im genuinely serious on who this guy is ive never seen or heard of him

I'd worship her if she wasn't so fucking ugly, depressed and to top that, she got the IQ of an average E-girl

Trips have spoken

Look at that dumb fucking face, looks like a fish

for those interest and or have the docs please share

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>faggots like men
karen likes talking to the manager

apparently never seen or heard of google either

as someone who has a tongue fetish, i have to say, she's quite the talent.

ultra based

Would deffo lick her feet, fresh out them boots and shit

But she's a really mediocre musician to be fair, I'm just glad the fame hasn't gotten to her head more than it's gone to people's heads whom hate her. I don't get the hype behind her whispertalking her way through an album to standing ovations, but whatever. It's not my bag, so I don't pay her that much attention. Unless she's barefoot.

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She's one of those "I was born in the wrong generation xDDD" girls

no i am asking what does quads get us, no need to try and roll them if it gets us nothing

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that is all. clearly see it in the little bitches eyes. pilled up by niggers, ganged by niggers, but protects niggers. shes gotta go.

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she looks like a middle-aged american mom here, gross

She looks so fucking old

you might have brain damage..js

Get out of here newfag

when did billy idol go from blonde to dark/brunette? he's really lookin worn nowadays.

na that would be u while ur stroking ur dick to this mummy looking hoe

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HAHAHA I can't unsee it

She looks like a corpse lol

nope. definitely a mom of some type who goes to football or hockey games. soccer moms have to much of a karen vibe.

lmao im havin fun over here dog ur the one spending your free time in a thread of a girl you supposedly 'hate'

not a newfag but enjoy the thread mate

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literally who

That's right brother! if you don't like the things i like then fuck you

I rather laugh at this drug addicted corpse looking failure of a singer, than post pics of her here like a simp. You're the one who's worshipping this thing, it doesn't get any sadder than that lmao

Sometimes google helps, and if its not worth your time then why post anything in this thread?

im sure you know why, Eric.

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Yeah but you really should be doing your homework and studying.


Due to the fact that she's a coal burning, nigger cum drinking whore who wouldn't have any fucking value if it weren't for her shit music and the #metoo movement. GTFO of my Cred Forums with this trash

Hi guys, this is my fan art of Billie Eilish, I think it came out pretty good!

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> white dicks
Confirmed fake.