Ylyl trips gets coronavirus

ylyl trips gets coronavirus

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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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more like trips doesnt get it


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Shit thread

Definitely looks like a bag of weed


This thread is a fucking travesty and op should khs

youve been quarantined bro

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whats wrong buddy

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I just told you your thread is shit faggot
And so did this faggot

Pasta this stale should come with free unlimited salad and breadsticks.

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Well, the cat says the transmission is fucked and the head gasket is cracked.

so why are you here faggot

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start crying you fucking moralfags :)


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Her 12 years later
Feel old now

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I tip my fedora to you neckbeard the edgelord

I love tiny little negro strippers - where can I rent one of my own?

>shit thread
>why are you here
>to tell you it's shit
I didn't expect you to be smart but holy hell are you dumb

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the triumph of man

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corona chan trips get

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wht from

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Some asshole killed his cute neighbor. Can't remember his name, was in some college town.

edgekiddy detected

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>Jewish one

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you must be suffering a lot, do you?
your life can only be the shittiest ever...

Goddamn it, I lose to this one every damn time. It's just too perfect.

were they trying to coax a false confession out of this poor guy? had a couple of detectives try to do that to me once when they arrested me at a party and found a pipe there. I was 21, so it was a wrongful arrest, so they were just trying to get me for any kind of charge

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Juggalos are christian, they'll watch the shitty movie by mel gibson

nice method!

Fucking brilliant

So you don't know what a wrongful arrest is then?

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They are SJWs. In other words, they are complete fucking faggots.

I wonder if she wants to eat popcorn in my van

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Give me those trips

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Who is this bitch and why does she keep getting posted here?

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Lmao he killed and dismembered his neighbor

The webm taking the world by storm


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Fuck it. I want to die. Hoping for trips

You just got away that time you fucking crackhead

That could have ended badly

this is nauseating, I wouldn't feel any remorse about murdering both of them in cold blood

Fuck that poofy haired faggot. He got exactly what he had coming to him.

Russell Brand

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Pls give

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when you're arrested and you haven't committed a crime

what crime do you think I committed? I was at my friend's apartment, drinking alcohol, while over the age of 21

Kek, how does this make you feel?

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May you get anal fissures and be eternally ass-raped in a third world jail

you cropped out the best part. that little girl at the bottom making some tough life decisions

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I can't make out between it's legs in the thumbnail so, I'm going to just tell myself it's a woman with a hairy cooch and I'm not opening that picture

I didn't crop it. I just ganked it from the web. I love loose bat pix.

that pathetic fucking dad pulling away and letting his daughter be vulnerable to a bat

what a fucking loser

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The fact that it slows down kills me. Lost.

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it's reversed you retards

Nuthin wrong, just said that the bag of popcorn looks like a bag of weed to me.

I want to fuck a pregnant woman.


if it makes you feel any better, I click this one someone should have warned a guy. I'm eating yogurt

Coons gonna coon

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Fuck the child, you can always make another

Why is this so funny

looks like a fun night with the lads

Last time i got a suspension for that pic, sexualizing a child, bullshit mods.

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Wow, that guy has retard strength. Not sure why he had his boat parked on the street like that in the beginning. It really makes you think, yes it does.

Fukken lost. FUK YU~!

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Shit he was born that way but he is at least saying fuck the haters and doing something, while the unemployable boifats sit and chuckle at him.

That's what you get for stealing electricity

but she not holding popcorn?

When something is helicoptering at your face at 150mph you generally don't get the chance to be brave. Your body just flinches. BUt you probably forget all that mortal shit, being a twelfth degree blackbelt with a reaction speed of .001 seconds.

This is hilarious because we here at Cred Forums like to joke and laugh about little kids being fucked. Get it?

What movie is this?

Yeah that shit ain't going 150 mph.

yeah no fucking shit

Are you her dad? I mean he's really the one at fault

>Not having the official version.


The Core.

the plant and the writing didn't give it away?

What happen to it?

I actually know that family. They are good folk, just the father had a fucked up idea for a joke. Got a few questions when he posted it on facebook. Took it down soon after.

Faggots fall for this shit.

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I'm a jew because i don't fall for a basic psychologic jewish beggar tactic. Faggot.

You're distracting from the fact that the jew bowl was empty. kikefaggot

Perfect circle!! His final masterpiece.

Who cares? Maybe the jews aren't retarded. Everyone giving money to him gets literally scammed. It's more funny so much people are being tricked into giving him money for free just because they want to prove that their belief is the best.

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Pic unrelated?

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Why do you lie to strangers on the internet?

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Implying trump isn't going to remove term limits in his second term.

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Oh great now the TDS crew is here.

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Exaggeration. Hold the radar gun while I throw a bat at your face, we'll determine the exact speed.

Just goog'd it. A swung bat travels at 80 mph. I imagine a loose bat has the same basic speed.

Haha, jokes oh you, here in Italy we already got trips
(Coronavirus cases FYI)

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eat actual shit you little bitch

This is why I'm solely attracted to men.

Who is diamond princess? Is she a hidden boss?

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this is you..

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But you’re not denying the .001 second reaction time? Damn man. Surely you’re famous and not just a fuckin loser lying on the internet!

Oh, I thought it said Irish.

Plus, he's jacked.

No u

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that dumb asshole probably spent more on bowls, signs, tape, and markers than he made

looks like a good "exit thread" gif

why is he so fucking sill?!?!

>No u
No u

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That's not funny:(

Nobody laughed. Really?

Ha! Fag!

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who the fuck cares about dumb animals?
yeah sure they're cute but not capable of higher thought so pretty much useless, especially in modern era

Looks like an old cat, it's a shame.
The microwave cat is amusing most.

Lost with pride

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Hey guys if you ever find yourself in a situation like that should you even talk to the police or just insist to get you a lawyer?

Same could be said about jews and shitskins

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Moonman speaks the truth


Never talk to the police without a lawyer. Ever.

good girl

This was the lamest story on earth.

make sure it's not live before you try to steal the copper

Fuck I accidentally watched this for like 12 minutes

Why not just make one pregnant

At the start, but it will slow down significantly. Im just laughing at your 150 mph, got nothing to do with the rest.


Damn how did he pull that up hill like that


>Ha! Fag!
Your Daddy loved it..son of a fag

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>Never talk to the police without a lawyer. Ever.
Never talk....

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Based Chad Jews too smart to fall for this shit while the other virgin religions are so insecure they feel pressured to prove something.


i don't get it

Sorry, my father isn't a nigger so your jewish obsession with bbc means youre lying.

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Dafuq dude

Based daughter saw through the PC shit but still smart enough not to show her disgust on camera. 9/10 would adopt.

Where can I buy a pygmy?

I loved that show when I was a kid. They didn't have to try to fit in black characters into a white show or some bullshit. The did it right in my opinion. They did their own thing that actually worked cause they weren't being faggots about it

Oh no

y tho

Look at the Jewish bowl

Sdrater uoy drawkcab

Moonman moonman black lives matter

I am.....PANTYMAN!!!!!!!

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I would eat the fuck out of her popcorn

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Sure thing nigga cracks a hell of a drug..

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Her pussy got creamy at the end

Ah yes, the very famous religion, "Irish"

that's pretty good
Then post better stuff instead of complaining

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The Core was fucking sweet

Foh kike.


found the jew

Needs Initial D music.

Irish is a religion in Boston.

And how does a president just remove a constitutional amendment?

please leave the internets and then kys

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What's this from?

Wholesome as all hell I needed that. Thanks

By declaring himself dicktastor and nullifying the constitution.

lol jew

new vegas feels

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one day you should try eating that, female discharge is so tasty man

Sons of Anarchy. They actually did that. Its not a mash-up of two different things.


roll again

Didn't know s/shota had irl counterpart

y not

Sauce !

That hemorrhoid

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when you're a parent, your instincts change from your own survival to your offspring

why do you think the armbar move in a car is popular by dads?

Sage your shitty ylyl

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Did she finally get deported?

I kek everytime

This looks like a fucking renaissance painting

You fucking retard. He killed his neighbor who he was spying on, chopped her up, and threw away her body parts in different dumpsters.

She had that shit covered

In a car, the danger is more expected than in a ball park. I've wrecked cars at 80 mph, you don't get a chance to armbar the passenger.

Is that Mayor Pete???

Every reaction in that picture is gold. Love accidentally beautiful photos.

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Because he is going to live forever?

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Oh fuck you I almost made it out without losing. One more for the collection, though - cheers!

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What's the joke?


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>accidentally beautiful photos.

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You are doing drugs you idiot, that is illegal. No wonder why you think that that guy in the webm is a poor innocent guy who is getting pushed into a fake confession, faggot

Joker was a wake up call, EAT THE RICH

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Cause he fucking murdered someone, he thinks that not giving away any signals helps him, not realizing that being so still is a signal.

hahahaha she got raped by her father

I was completely unaware that playing baseball involved chucking bats into the crowd.

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Are you a bot or actually this dedicated?

You have a choice. Go for a homerun or go for a headrun.

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he didn't still anything that's why.

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I ain't scared of no fucking coronavirus, I already got cancer from this place

He would simply be removed from office if he tried that.

Kek got me

i'm giving my best

lmfao, took me a while

how old was your friend?

This looks like a wet dream of mine when I was a kid

>Imaim U


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You beautiful bastard.

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Costanza Never Shiggied for this Diggy

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When you trippin your balls off on acid and your leg looks like a spoon

I have it saved on a word document so when I see these threads I can easily post it

Almost lost

should be retitled "No vietnamese ever called me a nigger"


can u guys laugh at my post please

Mayne he love dat fry chikkun so much he tried to fry himself so he could look like frychikkan
Colonel Sanders would be prow a that boi

shut up racist, we don't tolerate racism here nigger

Americans have the nigger up everything. Nothing is safe from these beasts' negrification

who the fuck is filming him rather than helping that, bike stealing, violent monkey nugget?


Attached: A8C39014-72F7-45A3-8ED4-05C8C1F8DBD6.jpg (1261x996, 547K)

go away you loony lefty pervert
i bet you jizzed in your pink panties wishing what you wrote was true

can you guys help me on this I can't figure it out. i looked for a little over 17 minutes but I can't get it

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So funny! It ate her!


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is that the woman from mythbusters?

thanks brother i was about to invite some friends over to help me work on it

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no she's from methbusters

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for the longest time I never did the credit check, always either did the kings quest our made sure my int was high enough. When I finally rolled in with like 12k once and figure "fuck it I can spare 2k" and found out it doesn't actually take your caps I felt like a dumb little faggot

>impossible whopper estrogen
>birth control pill estrogen

i mean holy shit

This is literally the most unfunny image ive seen in my life

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Off by one. Watch and learn.

>quads get

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Hehehe XD so funny amrite niggers?!

Attached: Kill_me_please_porgnut.png (1024x1024, 562K)

This meme brings to mind an alternative version of the "bag of dicks" I'm often told to eat.
I always pictured this....

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Dat reaction is gold

Sweet mother of god

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Kings and sheit and stealing cooper wires for 25 bucks.

Attached: 1565827794843.jpg (673x412, 36K)

Why... why?
You just soiled our christian thread

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hunting dogs are nice

>Cred Forums race

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Attached: 1467858310212.jpg (175x207, 14K)

Attached: 1564086738229m.jpg (1024x1024, 123K)

Ha ha it's funny because Garglefield is fat.

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Attached: a02.png (600x600, 201K)

Attached: 1560668966689.gif (460x418, 186K)

Attached: YFV88x0.jpg (488x639, 73K)

Attached: 1562536356116.jpg (389x363, 9K)

Attached: 1563741424714.gif (400x225, 890K)

Attached: 1582946671673.jpg (690x514, 87K)

Attached: 1562204326885.jpg (640x492, 51K)

Attached: 1563741101555.jpg (888x499, 101K)

Attached: G-G-09.png (500x145, 71K)

Attached: 1559960384848.jpg (318x376, 22K)

Attached: hot chocolate.jpg (1054x1201, 427K)