So apparently...

So apparently, the stock market is right back where it was two years ago because your faggot president is unable to just agree with the scientists at the CDC. Making America great again.

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don't worry, he's going to do some more tax breaks to try to contain the fallout

That's O'bomba stock market

Oh thank God. Tax cuts always pay for themselves, too.

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Are you retarded? Trump is doing fine, this thing is going to hit anyways. Trump banned travel from China early on, that's the most he can do plus not causing a panic. He's doing fine

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>Trump is doing fine

He gutted the CDC two years ago.
Apparently he thought Disease Control was an unwanted expense.

Now he's put Pence in charge of the corona response.
Pence who doesn't accept science to be real.

How much you gettin paid for this shill? Hope your $2k 1bed in the cities are treating you well. I'm 22 with my own fucking house

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That's literally the media lying, literally. He didn't gut anything, the CDC budget is never better. Pence is a bible banger for sure, but doesn't believe in science? You must be some retarded soiboy. Kys, you're a fucking loser. Ask yourself who actually loves you in your life. I bet no one. You're some loser posting on a Mongolian knitting website for what? You are a waste of space and the sooner you end your existence the better for yourself

Nah, I'm your average chad. I'd curb stomp your cuck ass if we ever met. Probably one of those weak twigs, hoping by white knighting he'd get pussy

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Imagine believing something that biden and bloomberg tell you lol

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>I'm your average chad

Sure thing bud

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He literally passed every budget increase.
That includes the CDC and NIH.
Pls kys

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And you're an idiot that doesnt understand how global markets work.

news flash: the stock market has its ups and downs.

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Panicked liberals who cannot into economics ran for the exits, I bought up all their panic selling shares, and ended up +32k for the day.

It was the plan all along. A foolish liberal and their money are soon parted.

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>gets info about corona virus from right wing propaganda sources
>dies of corona virus

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And I say you touch little kids. Honestly after those losers with the Ukraine shit, I won't trust them worth shit
Project harder. Aryan stud here

Obama’s economy. Remember?

Did you read what it said? Trump literally wants to cut both of their budgets, but congress didn't approve it. This guy would bleed the whole country dry so him and his cronies can save a few bucks while blaming poor people so the middle class feels better


>boohoo facts are real sux to be u

It's stupid to blame trumps inability to handle a virus epidemic properly on the DOW sliding. Factories are closing down in China, supply is down, spending is going down, investors are taking their money out until the virus dies down.

But goddamn it is he stupid. Saying it'll miraculously go away, vaccine is only a few days away, only for the next guy to literally contradict everything because he's a "stable genius". Definitely didn't instill confidence to anyone

Facts don't care about your feelings


Complete lie. Bullshit propaganda you swallowed faster than your sons semen.

1) Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines announce they're going to cancel flights to mainland china
2) Hours laters, pic related

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Dis not the orange moron twitter that the virus hype is fake (and that it won’t matter when thousands die)?

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Those are other countries not the US retard
2.5k sqft ain't a shed
You're retarded. Never said what he would cut or how much. We should cut a lot, gov is a waste
Thanks for proving my point retard

insecurities are showing, calm down bro

>I bought up all their panic selling shares
Congratulations on your acquisition of 1.8 billion shares.

you're point was that they have done everything in their power. After declining to stop flights for over a week, it took pilots suing airline companies to get them to stop travel there. then, only after that telling people who went to china, to just self-monitor, and say your going to quarantine people who arrive after 2 days isn't doing everything you can.

When did the left start deep throating corporate dick so hard?

Haha, how? Are you that retarded of reading?
Your* confirmed retarded zoomed or pajeet

i missed your* and you're* btw. still doesn't defeat the point, if it was serious enough to quarantine people, it should have been serious enough to start immediately.

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Ok buddy